Best Season-Ending Cliff-Hangers

11 02 2009

There’s one thing we simultaneously love and dread about our beloved teen dramas: the cliff-hanger.  While these plot twists guarantee drama to the nth degree, we’re left hanging–jaws dropped, hands in the air and heart palpitating–to see what will happen next.  And when the powers that be decide to use these cliff-hangers as season finales, we spend three months with baited breath, wondering how these stories will conclude.

Starting today I’ll take a look back at the most memorable season-ending cliff-hangers.  If these didn’t get you screaming at your TV, I don’t know what will!

5A. One Tree Hill: The Games That Play Us (Season 1)

5B. One Tree Hill: The Leavers Dance (Season 2)

5C. One Tree Hill: The Show Must Go On (Season 3)

Think I’m missing a very important OTH cliff-hanger?  Stay tuned!



3 responses

12 02 2009

ughh yeah your missing a HUGE oth cliffhanger ! the whole “I got two tickets to vegas, you wanna come?” one

12 02 2009

Patience, Becky! =)

14 02 2009

I’m expecting something BIG about the whole vegas cliffhanger

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