All-Time Favorite Couples Pt. 2

17 02 2009

Part One

4. Lucas and Peyton (One Tree Hill)

One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn once said ,”From the pilot we designed a world where Lucas and Peyton are meant to be together.”  Though they have spent much of the series’ 6 seasons apart, I believe the show still managed to be true to that world.  Watching them build a friendship and harbor crushes, getting closer only to get pushed apart, kept the emotions of both the characters and the fans raw and passionate.  Us Leyton fans seemed to get what we wanted, finally, at the middle of season 4…only to be shocked when we saw–four years into the future–they were no longer together.  But their history–as friends, lovers and more–kept the relationship alive whether they were together or apart.  When they were, it was total bliss.  When they weren’t, I yearned for them to be together, much like Peyton herself did.  When Lucas asks Peyton to marry him (the second time) and they resume their romantic relationship, it is a culmination of what the writers and characters worked towards for so many years.  I cannot imagine an ending to the show where they are not together and hopefully I won’t have to.

Its All Coming Back To Me Now–Leyton

Top 10 Lucas and Peyton Moments

Lucas and Peyton’s Top Ten Moments



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17 02 2009

Awe too bad my top Lucas and Peyton moments has the audio disabled. It would have fit perfectly. But so far I’m two for two, RM and LP are favs of mine 😉

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