Fact or Fiction: CMM and Burton leaving OTH?

25 02 2009

Some sources say they are.

Some say they aren’t.

And some just don’t know.

With so little information out there, I really don’t know what to make of it. I’m hesitant to believe anything that doesn’t come from the network, the actors or Mark Schwahn.

It’s hard to believe Schwahn would be willing to, in good faith, continue the show without two of its leading characters.  He spent so much time building a show around Lucas and Peyton (as a couple and in their relationships with the other characters) that it doesn’t feel like it would still be One Tree Hill without them.

OTH defied the odds when it jumped ahead several years and managed not to get the death-sentence label of “jumping the shark.”  I don’t see them having that same kind of success if CMM and Burton leave.

What do you think?  Would it still be One Tree Hill without Lucas and Peyton?  If they are leaving, would you rather the series end with season 6?



One response

26 02 2009

honestly, i think i wouldnt mind it if cmm left the show (hes kind of annoyed me lately) ., obviously it would be different but if i had to choose cmm or hilarie to leave the show id choose him over her ! idk why but i think the show would be worse-off without hilarie

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