Monday Night Reaction

17 03 2009

GOSSIP GIRL (The Age of Dissonance)

  • Return of Carter tonight, olayed by Sebastian Stan–Leighton Meester’s real-life boyfriend
  • Happy to know this school play business is just one episode, unlike 90210’s Spring Awakening disaster
  • Mercury poisoning/Jeremy Piven reference = funny
  • Blair has her own personalized chair. And Dorota as her stylist.  Why am I not surprised?
  • Q1: “He broods in the sexiest way.”–Serena
  • The director is very hot.  But does he have to be named Julian?
  • Why did Carter leave in the first place?  Don’t remember.
  • Q2: “They were like grown-up Mean Girls.”
  • Dan has very gross handwriting.
  • Why wasn’t Rachel fired after Blair proved something was up between her and Dan?
  • Q3: “Is today April Fools?”–Blair
  • Guess high school productions have open rehearsals?
  • Interesting that Dan and Serena had to play lovers but the show didn’t actually address this at all.
  • Nelly in a fat suit really is hysterical.
  • Q4: “People aren’t jealous of you, Blair.  They hate you…There’s about a thousand others who’d relish taking you down.”–Nelly
  • Giving the royal treatment is a great euphemism!
  • Q5: “Someone’s out to get you, Blair.”–Nelly
  • How old is Julian?  Think we’ve had enough older-younger relationships for now.
  • Q6: “What are you doing with her?  We hate her!…She will be destroyed and you don’t want to be collateral damage.”–Blair to Serena about Vanessa
  • They’re stealing a lot of the Elle storyline from Eyes Wide Shut.  Not the specifics, but just the feeling.
  • Something about Julian is very…weird.
  • I love when Rufus gets into hardcore father mode!
  • How many young viewers actually get the Mrs. Robinson reference?
  • Q7: “Looks like the teacher just got schooled.”–Gossip Girl
  • Serena with ear piece and Vanessa is pretty funny but not original at all
  • Figures Nate would overhear and get the wrong idea
  • Who really says ‘you’re quite extraordinary?’
  • Someone’s after Serena, too?
  • Wait a sec.  Could Rachel be behind all this?
  • Surprised Chuck is trusting Carter
  • The actress advice = very meta
  • Q8: “You’re a shameless bitch.”–Serena to Blair
  • Dortoa is acting suspicious.  No way she’s behind it?
  • Q9: “Betrayal’s in your nature.” Serena to Blair.
  • S is very right when she says Blair needs to grow up.  That really is the main problem, I think.
  • Q10: “Do you know how hard it is to get revenge when your enemy is changing every 5 minutes?”–Blair
  • Q11: “I want Dan Humprey’s head on a platter.”–Blair
  • Dan bought her a bracelet?  Really? Doesn’t seem like the best use of his little money.
  • Really hope Rachel skips town.
  • Wow, they’re really stupid enough not just to hook up right before the play but also on school property??
  • Commercial plugs a Chasing Dorota minseries for your phone or something.  Think it costs money.
  • Funny to see Nelly acting like the one with power and Penelope as the maid
  • Chuck is making a big mistake messing with people probably more powerful than him
  • Q12: “Give birth to the new person you are to become…You are still in labor.”–Julian
  • It’s the Isherwood (New York Times critic) cameo!  He is so obviously nervous!
  • Q13: “You’re as empty as the federal reserve.”–Julian
  • Convenient that the cast is mic-ed.
  • Fake makeout between Blair and Dan was quite funny
  • Does Rachel know all t heir secrets?
  • Love how actors are bad when they’re pretending to be actors
  • LOL Nate breaks character.  And then they all follow!
  • 90210 promo.  Includes Donna..and a baby carrier behind her?
  • Isherwood looks so unhappy to be there!
  • Love Serena’s face when Julian tells her he’s gay!
  • So Nate’s finally realizing the differences between him and Vanessa.  Guess this leads to getting back together with Blair?
  • Insecure really is a good word to describe Nate.
  • Not surprised that Elle used Chuck for money.
  • Q14: “You have a good heart.  You should give it to somebody who cares.”–Elle to Chuck
  • A ha!  I knew it was Rachel! (Dorota, I’m sorry I doubted you!)
  • Q15: “We had sex in the costume closet so you can do whatever you want with that.”–Dan
  • Q16: “How do I make your fate as bleak as mine?”–Blair to Rachel
  • Rachel genuinely upset with herself?
  • Glad Blair is starting to realize how messed up she is.
  • Nate and V back together?  I hate fake break-ups!
  • Just realized no Rufus and Lily this episode.
  • Was Dan accepted to Yale already?  Don’t remember.
  • Still don’t understand how Blair (and the others) get served in bars.
  • Blair is realizing her flaws–but definitely doesn’t deserve a pity party.
  • Rachel’s voiceover = very cheesy
  • Q17: “Sometimes fate throws two lovers together only to rip them apart.”  JUST LIKE THESE SHOWS!
  • Aw!  Chuck realizes Blair is the one that cares!  But timing is everything…
  • Dorota looks so cute in her PJs.
  • Weird for Leightont to act with her real-life boyfriend?  Or watch boyfriend act with other women?
  • Promo looks good.  Nate’s grandfather comes.  Something happens with Blair and, um, everyone??

ONE TREE HILL (You and Me and the Bottles Makes Three Tonight)

  • Julian looks quite sexy with that blanket.
  • Ummm…what are he and Brooke talking about?
  • Aw.  It’s all about those 3 magic words!  Very cute.  Good new way to introduce that for a couple.
  • Brooke DOES do I love you.  I guess just not in a while.
  • Skills smart setting Millie and Mouth up to run into each other.
  • Wouldn’t really mind if it was goodbye forever to Millie or Lisa Goldstein.  Doesn’t add anything to the show, IMO.
  • Funny Nathan saying how the Scott boys have bad hearts.
  • How long has it been since the last episode?
  • How are they in a random house?
  • And how is it their anniversary?  Naley got married in May. It’s only March!
  • Also doesn’t make sense that it’s their seventh anniversary.  The whole jumping ahead 5 years messed this up.
  • Good to see Deb again.
  • Q1: “I rather watch Gossip Girl.  It’s so bad for me.”–Jamie  (Very funny but must one CW show plug  another??)
  • Since when dose Jamie have an imaginary friend?
  • Excited to see Dan and Deb interact again.
  • Do you think they’d ever get baack together?
  • Not feeling Peyton’s hair color.
  • Here’s where the episode starts to do one story at a time.  Not original.  They did this in Dawson’s Creek in season 4.
  • First story: “The Surprise” featuring Peyton and Lucas
  • Knew Lucas’ surprise would be a baby room.  But how did he do that in one night?
  • Interesting choice not to actually show them with the doctor.  Stops us from actually knowing the doc exactly said.
  • Did Peyton say she’d want to name her daughter Anna?  For her mom?  Was her adopted mom named Anna?  I hear Anna and I think…Anna.  The season 2 character.
  • Okay, this is really heartbreaking.
  • Q2: “The universe doesn’t punish you for being afraid.”–Peyton
  • Has she only been pregnant for a month?
  • Okay, what exactly is wrong with her?
  • Each of their reasoning’s make sense.
  • Woah!  Peyton called Lucas a dick!
  • Guilting each other isn’t necessarily wrong.
  • Q3: “I will beat your ass.”–Peyton to Lucas
  • Like that she used his middle name!
  • When was the last time we saw Lucas cry?  This is so moving!
  • Aw!  They referenced how he always saves her.
  • Guiding Light is doing the same story right now.
  • Jake reference!
  • Does mentioning Brooke make Peyton cry because she realizes all that she’d leave behind–or because she thinks Lucas and Brooke would be together??
  • Q4: “I would haunt your ass to make sure you never have sex again.”
  • Comet reference!
  • Q5: “I can’t accept that your story doesn’t have a good ending.”  “Our story already has the greatest ending no matter want.”–Lucas and Peyton
  • The background song has the lyric: til death do we part.  I can’t handle this!
  • Did Peyton just call the baby a he?  As in, he’s kicking/
  • Q6: “It’s okay for you to love this baby.  It doesn’t mean you don’t love me.”–Peyton
  • Q7: “I can’t live without you, Peyton.”–Lucas
  • Q8: “We are going to live happily ever after.  All three of us.”–Peyton
  • Now “The Long Goodbye” with Millie and Mouth. Very common title.  Pretty sure 90210 used it.
  • Really could fast-forward through the Millie-Mouth stuff.
  • Were they amazing?  What was so amazing?
  • Millie is definitely the rational one.
  • Not sure if I agree or disagree with her decision.  Definitely don’t care.
  • Did Millie and Mouth get less time?  Not complaining, though.
  • Now “The Seven Year Itch” with Naley!
  • Q9: “I can’t believe you talked me into marrying you when I was 16!”  “I know!  What the hell was I thinking?”–Haley and Nathan
  • Adding ‘in bed’ to your fortune was done on 90210 circa 1993.
  • Commercial for the 10pm news promotes some story about Gossip Girl getting you free dinner.  Anyone catch it?
  • How far is Charleston from Tree Hill?
  • Q10: “Chester would love it.”  “I’m sure this place comes with things that could eat Chester.”–Haley and Nathan
  • Q11: “Whenever I need inspiration, I can watch you play.  Shirtless.”–Haley
  • Q12: “One attention whore per a family is enough, don’t ya think?”–Haley
  • Most kids dream of life on a tour bus?  I don’t think so…
  • Haley is definitely right about the risks involved, and how badly it didn’t work last time around.
  • Q13: “I couldn’t live with myself knowing my dream kept you from pursuing yours.”–Nathan
  • Now: “The Deleted Scene” with Brooke and Julian.  Wondering what it’s a reference to?
  • LOL  So meta with the Who’sDatedWho site.
  • Never occurred to me that Brooke might’ve fallen in love during the 5 years they skipped over.  But apparently she didn’t?
  • Ah!  Lucas references!  Lucas and Peyton references!  So much nostalgia this episode.  I love it!
  • Totally deja vu for Julian.  I feel bad for him.  Understand his concerns.
  • Q14: “I’m the girl who’s dating the guy who came to town to get Peyton back.”–Brooke
  • Q15: “Sucks always being the footnote in someone else’s love story.”–Brooke
  • Brooke and Peyton have very understated makeup this episode. I like it.
  • Q16: “Lucas and Peyton’s story is all about romance and destiny and fate, but you’re different.  Brooke Davis writes her owns story.”–Julian
  • Q17: “You can’t choose who you love.  But you choose whether or not you open your heart to love.”–Julian
  • How long have Brooke and Julian been together?  It does seem a little soon for I love you.
  • Julian is a romantic. I like that.
  • No Sam this episode.  Don’t mind.
  • Julian right on calling Brooke out on being scared and feeling unworthy.
  • What Molly Ringwald dance and when?
  • Maybe Brooke doesn’t love him.  That’s possible.
  • She agrees that it’s too soon!
  • And now The Deleted Scene title makes sense.  Clever.
  • Q18: “I’ll wait for you.”–Julian (Love the double meaning!)
  • Julian looks like he’s about to cry!  Sad!
  • Lastly: “The Cold War” with Dan and Deb
  • Really missed scenes with the two of them.
  • Q19: “He’s a great kid who unfortunately drank the Dan Scott KoolAid.”–Deb
  • Pretty sure they didn’t have a petting zoo at Disney back when they supposedly whent.
  • Jamie and his questions never stop being adorable.
  • Dan gave a good answer about some couples not being able to go all the way.
  • Left his beeper with Jamie.  Hmmm.
  • Look at that photo album!  Wish we could see more of that.
  • Keith photos!  So great.
  • Q20: “Whenever I think that the man I love is still in there, I remember you stood in that hallway and looked your brother in the eye and pulling the trigger.
  • Yes!  They’re finally discussing all of this!
  • Love all the references to things that happened in the earlier seasons.  A new viewer would probably be so confused right now!
  • Q21: “I pulled the trigger but you loaded the gun.”–Dan
  • Never thought of Deb feeling guilty.
  • Aw, Karen and Lily reference!
  • Jamie had to hear the fighting, no?
  • The pager!  Of course it would go off!
  • Promo for next week looks a little bizarre.



3 responses

17 03 2009

Not sure of the episode numbers but Haley mentions Orville and that he’s actually Chester’s imaginary friend in the episode with the USO show when Luke is over after punching Julian.

And Brooke doing the Molly Ringwald dance is in the episode where Julian asks her to design the wardrobe for the movie.

And yes Peyton’s adopted mom’s name is Anna Rebecca. It’s written on the tombstone she always visits.

Love the site, thanks for all the info you post. =)

17 03 2009

i only started watching oth at season 5, so it was only lately that i bought the earlier seasons and honestly i havent stopped watching them. so when dan and deb and peyton and lucas were talking about things in earlier seasons it was crazy cause i had just watched some of those episodes !

17 03 2009

I always agree with everything you say in these recaps. I loved both episodes so much.

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