Monday Night Reaction Pt. 2

26 03 2009

ONE TREE HILL (Searching for a Former Clarity)

  • This Sims tie-in, clearly just an ad, is really weird and annoying.  I thought they were done with this crap since they hadn’t done a tie-in for a long time now.
  • Do like when they tie-in the audio singing and it turns out to be Mia or someone.
  • Q1: “I’m getting a heart.”  “It’s about time.”–Dan and Lucas
  • Ugh, Dixon is back and still sex-obsessed.  And there’s that “Peyton” girl.  Seems like an unnecessary waste of the show’s budget, no?
  • LOL Love Skills coaching the kids!  But why is there no kiddie-sized basket?
  • The principal looks familiar.  What else  has she been in?
  • There’s legal help out there specifically for school newspapers.  Haley should get that!  (That’s the journalist in me talking!)
  • Ew!  The dog actually ATE the heart!  Was that supposed to be comical or dramatic?
  • Yup, this is a total Sims sponsorship thing.  Check out
  • 90210 promo
  • Why doesn’t Sam tell Brooke the straight truth about the shoplifting?
  • Q2: “You are an unfixable smart ass!”–Brooke
  • How and why does Julian know about Peyton’s medical troubles?
  • Why was Julian’s dad fired?  The economy?  Now that’s a tie-in that would make sense!
  • Coach Uncle Skills!  Man, he is so cute with the kids!
  • Mad Haley is pretty funny.
  • Is it really appropriate for Jamie to visit Quentin’s grave?  Or roam around a cemetery?
  • Aw, Peyton is visiting her mom!
  • Q3: “This place is way too full with people I love and miss.  There’s not room for any more.”–Lucas
  • Aw, Jamie found Keith’s grave!
  • Really not mature or appropriate of Lucas to tell Jamie to ask Dan about Keith.
  • Don’t get why Dan still has a grave there.
  • Funny yet sad scene with Dan saying God sent only a “cranky bitch nanny and a dog” to try to kill him.
  • Q4: “I give up.”–Dan
  • Surprised Jamie wants that picture of Keith and that Lucas gave it to him.  That’s such a special picture!
  • I really liked Mia’s song.
  • Another Sims reference.
  • Deb doesn’t waste any time with the break-up, does she?
  • Aw, Skills still wants her!
  • Wonder what her real motive is…
  • Q5: “When I hang up, I’m going to kill you and then your dead body is grounded.”–Brooke to Sam
  • Julian should’ve told Brooke in person that he’s leaving.
  • Another 90210 promo.
  • Q6: “You’re evil, you know that?”  “What tipped you off?  Our miserable marriage or the prison term?”–Deb and Dan
  • If Dan is saying his goodbyes, how imminent is his death?
  • Do you think Dan still loves her?  Or just has a lot of regrets?
  • Q7: “I just lost $300,000.  And you lost DEB.  Dude, shut up!”-Lucas to Skills
  • Where’s Peyton during this whole bar scene?
  • Really like that Julian cares about Sam..
  • Sam cries a lot.  Is she the new Peyton?
  • Love that Sam thinks Julian and Brooke are “the only thing that does matter.”
  • Can’t believe Dan told Jamie the truth. Not sure how I feel about that.
  • Fifth 90210 promo of the night.
  • Aw, Julian called Sam and Brooke amazing!
  • Like that Julian and Lucas are kind of friends now.
  • Q8: “It’s Brooke Davis.  So if you don’t try, you’re an idiot.”  “Thank you.”–Lucas and Julian
  • Q9: “Peyton happened to love it along with other  big things I have.”  “You know, I’m really glad you’re leaving.”–Julian and Lucas
  • Lucas’ morals and dreamy nature reminds me of Dawson.
  • Hope this is the last we see of Dixon or Reese or whatever his name is!
  • This apology thing must be very embarrassing for Haley. Surprised she’s doing it.
  • And then she doesn’t!  Go Haley!
  • Q10: “Sometimes the beauty is in the attempt.”–Julian (?)
  • This is two heartbreaks in a row for Julian.
  • Q11: “I’m gonna miss you, Brooke Davis.”–Julian
  • Aw, I’ve really missed Luke and Nathan on the River Court.
  • Okay, so the dog eating the heart thing was definitely meant to be dramedy.
  • Good to see Luke and Nate addressing Dan and his death.
  • Yes!  A season four flashback!
  • Okay, so where is Dan going??  He’s all packed up.
  • How did Brooke find Jack?  Very sweet.
  • Peyton, Haley and Mia are very cute together.
  • How long is Jack going to stay with them?
  • Yes!  Luke and Nate are playing ball!  Ah, the memories!
  • Woah!  There’s Dan.
  • Dan is always complimenting them in his goodbyes, etc., instead of saying what they need to hear: that he screwed up and he’s sorry.
  • Damn Sims again!
  • Jamie’s fixation on Keith is cute but not healthy.
  • Q12: “Say goodnight to Tree Hill.”  “Goodnight Tree Hill.”–Haley and Jamie
  • Promo shows Keith’s autobody shop!

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