Monday Night Reaction Pt. 2

3 04 2009

ONE TREE HILL (Letting Go)

  • That’s a pretty scary nightmare/flashback for Luke.
  • Q1: “I love you.”  “Yeah?  I sorta like you, too.”–Lucas and Peyton
  • Aw, Peyton’s coloring a sketch of scene from the pilot episode!
  • Skill seems so sad looking at the pic of him and Deb.
  • Q2: “Dude, you totally Thud-ed me!”–Haley to Peyton (Love the season 1 reference!)
  • Really like Haley and Peyton’s banter
  • Q3: “We need to teach [the principal] a lesson.  And by lesson, I don’t mean put on a skul cap and beat the crap out of her.”–Sam to Jack
  • Q4: “Where are we going?”  “To fix your broken heart.”–Mouth and Skills
  • Q5: “You said you didn’t want to be a footnote in someone else’s love story.  It’s time we wrote our own epic love story.”–Julian to Brooke
  • Love that Julian remembers word-for-word what Brooke said.
  • Aw, he has two tickets for Brooke and Sam!  Too sweet!
  • Q6: “I know you’re gonna come up with a million reasons why you shouldn’t.  But here’s one why you should: I love you, Brooke Davis.”–Julian
  • 90210 promo
  • Aw, now Peyton’s coloring a sketch of a season four scene!
  • Funny joke about Jake!
  • Q7: “We came back for each other, P. Sawyer.”–Brooke
  • Of course Peyton doesn’t tell Brooke about her baby problems.
  • Q8: “What if it doesn’t work out?”  “What if it does?”–Brooke and Peyton
  • Wow, never even thought the auto shop still existed.
  • Lucas has a key!  Very sweet.
  • What is Mouth’s alma mater?  UNC?
  • Texting Gigi probably won’t end well.  But his heart is in the right place.
  • Quentin mention!
  • How early in the day is it that they’re already having a huge house party??
  • Very cute to see Nate and Luke telling Jamie some of their memories
  • LOL Jamie asked about Lindsey!
  • Oh, beer pong!  Oh, drunk hallucinations!
  • Very sweet that Peyton is trying to protect Brooke.
  • Aw, Julian wants to be a family!!!!!
  • Chase is back!  And Owen is mentioned!
  • Q9: “Maybe you just didn’t let him in.”  “So he let himself in to my assistant.”–Chase and Brooke about Owen
  • Interesting that she’s getting advice from her ex-boyfriend, who even brings up their past.
  • Q10: “There are ghosts int eh eyes of all the boys you sent away.”–Bruce Springsteen
  • 90210 promo
  • Gigi is pretty pretty!
  • It’s really laughable to see Millie dance like that, even if it’s not actually her.
  • Sam and Jack are growing on me.
  • They should really be calling Haley MRS. Scott, not Miss.
  • Jamie looks hilariously cute dressed like Keith.
  • Really like that Lucas’ relationship with Jamie is a lot like his was with Keith.
  • Things are NOT less complicated in college!
  • Q11: “What, is your next line inspired by Twilight?”–Haley to Brooke
  • Have a feeling the ‘stable environment’ comment will make Brooke want to stay
  • 90210 promo
  • Q12: “You have what most writers would kill for.”  “A troubled childhood?”  “A voice.”–Julian and Sam
  • Sam sad because she doesn’t want to go?  Or she does?  Or thinks Brooke will leave her?
  • Another season four drawing!  Who really does these?  Not Hilarie Burton, right?
  • Peyton again hides her illness.
  • Q13: “I tell myself that if Deb is the one, she’ll come back.  And if she doesn’t it’s all cause she’s still out there.  The right one.”–Skills
  • Aw, Brooke with the wedding dress!
  • So Sam does want to go!  And Jack kissed her!  Actually thought they already did.
  • Jamie is cute about Keith and Dan.
  • No way they got to New York so fast.
  • Maybe Nate and Luke can learn from Jamie about forgiveness.  Then again, like they said, he is only 5.
  • Really like when Nate and Luke support each other.
  • Okay, so Millie and Mouth are reunited it seems.  Now what?  Will she move back to Tree Hill?
  • Yup, the stable environment comment got to Brooke.
  • Wow, it’s only been a month (TV time) that Brooke and Julian have been together.
  • And Brooke’s only 22?  Not 23 by now?  I think of her as older.
  • Aw, Julian’s waiting at the airport.
  • Q14: “If this were a movie, it would end different.  But life’s not a movie.  Guess that makes two films that didn’t work out.”–Julian
  • Brooke is the new crier.  She and Sam.
  • Q15: “Goodbye, Brooke Davis.”–Julian
  • Jack and Sam are pretty cute.
  • Feel so bad for Julian!
  • Peyton’s doing another sketch, this one from the season 6 premiere.
  • She’s making a box filled with mementos from her life and her relationship with Lucas!  And it’s for her baby!
  • Promo: Three week wait til the next episode.  Then it’s 5 in a row.  Montage of clips.  Gives away Peyton’s car crash.  A lot of people kissing.  Peyton in a bloody wedding dress–maybe a dream?



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