Tuesday Night Reaction

4 04 2009

90210 (Life’s a Drag)

  • Episode picks up right after the last one.  Always seems so strange when they air a month apart.
  • That is a ridiculous dream.  Would be just as ridiculous if it were real life, too.
  • Are they really having sex in school?  Dixon’s an idiot.  His dad is the principal!
  • Q1: “I had no idea who you were and that makes me wonder we who we are.”–Ethan to Annie
  • Computers in class.  Impressive.
  • Silver is going a mile a minute.  We all know what’s coming.
  • Q2: “Love is like a rose.  It is!”–Silver
  • I bet Liam doesn’t actually not know the answers. He’s just being unresponsive.
  • He looks quite pissed at Naomi.  Have we seen him smile yet?
  • Q3: “If it was Ethan, I’d just give him potstickers.  That always put him in a good mood.”–Naomi
  • Q4: “Did you Google him?”–Adrianna about Liam
  • Q5: “She also said she went on a date with Robert Pattison.  She’s so full of it.”–Naomi
  • Of course Liam has an old classic car.
  • Q6: “What can I get you?” “How bout an order of Dixon, dressing on the side?”  “I’m working!”  “You work int he service industry, right?”–Dixon and Silver
  • Annie looks very orange.
  • Why is Debbie freaking out so much?  Definitely overreacting.
  • Can see Silver as a filmmaker.  Definitely related to blogging.
  • Q7: “I’m gonna rock your world.”–Silver
  • You can watch 90210 and win a gift certificate or something to buy shoes.
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • How’d Silver get in to Dixon’s house/room?
  • Why are Debbie and Harry having such a serious conversation about their marriage in front of Dixon?
  • Whoops, guess he’s not there anymore!
  • Rhonda seems like such a little girl.
  • And Liam looks to old to be a high schooler.
  • Who tutors someone on the hood of a car?
  • Figures Liam is secretly good at math.
  • Since when are Annie and Adrianna friends or even friendly?
  • One Tree Hill promo
  • Some 90210 cast members doing a spot about going green.
  • Wow, is Annie really yelling at Rhonda in the hallway?!
  • Q8: “Little did I know expanding your horizons was code for being a lying, cheating whore!”–Annie
  • She probably should’ve talked to Ethan first.
  • See, Rhonda agrees!
  • Shenae really isn’t a good actress.
  • Good, Annie shouldn’t be allowed to rejoin the play.
  • LOL That guy called Adrianna Juno!
  • How’d Silver get posters and a theater so fast?  Kind of ridic.
  • Really doubt Naomi’s purse costs more than that car.  Any car.
  • Not a lot of people at the film viewing.
  • We all knew this was coming: the film would include Dixon and Silver having sex.  How/when did she film it, though?
  • The film wasn’t bad up until that part.
  • Original 90210 did drag racing like twice.
  • Understand why Dixon’s mad.  Silver is a bit messed up in the head.
  • Liam was a little over the top punching that guy AND breaking his car window.  Wonder what his true motive was.
  • Silver pulled her own little Emily Valentine!  Small little fire, though I supposed it could’ve gotten worse if it went unnoticed.
  • GG promo
  • Wow, Annie is already laying under the stars with this kid? And what is his name?
  • Q9: “Miss Casey is a Nazi.”–that kid
  • How did Ethan know she was there?
  • Why are Ethan’s eyebrows so dark?
  • Q10: “Let’s end this.”–Ethan to Annie
  • Will he go out with Rhonda?
  • Not sure I really believe that he just doesn’t want a girlfriend.
  • There’s the kiss Naomi wanted.  Pretty hot.
  • Is Ryan at the Melrose Place apartments?  Doesn’t look that much like them.  But it could be.  Then again, this was filmed way before he signed on to the show.
  • Once again, how did Silver get in to someone else’s home?
  • Can’t believe she actually thinks this was all a plan by Ryan. She really is messed up.
  • Can’t believe she connected to separate ‘are you out of your mind?’ comments.
  • So little Adrianna this episode after having so much of her!
  • Promo: All about Silver.  At least Kelly’s back.  And at least it will air next week.  This is the episode Jason Priestley directed.



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