Beverly Hills 90210 Season 7 DVD Out TODAY!

7 04 2009

Check back later today for more details.  I’ll be picking up my copy shortly!


Bought my copy at Barnes and Noble for $58.99, I think.  I already misplaced the receipt so I’m not sure if it was on sale but they’re usually 10 percent off when they first go on sale there.

The box set’s cover image is the first to include Kathleen Robertson (Clare) even though she was also a regular in seasons five and six, and had a large role in the fourth season.

The biggest disappointment is that there aren’t any special features.  There haven’t been, in fact, since the season four set.

The booklet with the little episode descriptions are accurate (haven’t always been in the past!) but also vague and sometimes leave out important storylines.  (Yes, Tracy and Brandon break up but more importantly Brandon and Kelly get back together!)

The individual discs don’t have images on them like the first two or so seasons did.  There are, however, images on the disc cases (Kelly, Steve, Valerie and Brandon) but they’re the same pictures as ones found on the box itself.

Still, if you’re a hardcore 90210 fan, season 7 is worth buying.  You’ll only regret it when they announce the complete series set a few years from now!  Sigh.



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