Monday Night Reaction

21 04 2009

GOSSIP GIRL (Seder Anything)

  • Woah!  The ‘previously on GG’ scenes include one from a super-early season 1 episode.  Random?  Probably not.
  • Love seeing the ending from the last ep again with Blair and Nate.
  • I don’t like when Blair has these dreams.  They’re pretty stupid.
  • But who knew Leighton could do accents?!
  • Yay! Cyrus is back!
  • Ummm…Passover ended almost a week ago.  Sucks that The CW scheduling screwed up the timing.
  • Q1: “Being a socialite was good enough for Jackie O.”–Blair
  • Boho Barista = Vanessa
  • Q2: “I am a 17-year-old billionaire with tremendous stamina.”–Chuck
  • Did Serena really even go to Spain?  Something fishy’s going on…
  • Plot twist!  Nate got in to Columbia!
  • Being on some socialite committee is NOT a life plan.
  • Who is this Wes kid?
  • Q3: “Apparently a tree does not grow in Brooklyn.”–Dan (Did younger viewers get the reference??)
  • Q4: “There’s gotta be a job on Craigslist that doesn’t involve dealing or nudity.”–Dan
  • Blair is resisting Vanderbilt’s hints.
  • Whoops, not anymore!  Figures he would bribe her.  Figures she would take it!
  • No Dorota this episode?  Sad!
  • Aaron conveniently missing from his father’s Passover seder.  Not even a mention!
  • Interesting that Serena called Cyrus.
  • Understand why Lily is “furious” with her.
  • Q5: “It seems the old Serena is back and I’m not very happy to see her.”–Lily
  • Q6: “I’m one of the chosen ones!”–Blair
  • I knew Dan would end up working the Waldorf dinner.
  • Like the Passover talk.  Let it be known, though, that The O.C. tackled Judaism first.  (Actually, you can argue that Beverly Hills 90210 did but that’s for another time.)
  • Does Nate know Blair was bribed?  He looks pissed about something.
  • I thought overseas marriages weren’t legal in the U.S. without filing a marriage license here.  So what’s the problem?
  • Also let it be know that The O.C. did the overseas marriage first with Taylor.
  • Q7: “How does one not know one is married?”–Dan
  • Ugh!  The promo was so misleading!  It spliced together dialogue to look like Dan was saying he was jealous of Serena getting  married.  In actuality, he was just insulted!  Big difference!
  • Figures Lily was invited to the seder.  Or she invited herself?  Why would she do that?  Did she know the art dealer would be there?
  • Oh, kosher wine.  We have a close relationship.
  • Interesting that Jenny went to Lily’s with Wes as if it were her house, too.
  • LOL Chuck and the girl interrupting Monopoly
  • Q8: “Dan, we need matzo!”–Eleanor
  • Woah!  Vanderbilt was responsible for Nate’s father going down!  Didn’t expect that!
  • How did Gabriel know where Serena was?  Chuck!  Why am I not surprised?
  • Q9: “Dan was my first love.  Nothing can change that.”–Serena (sort of lying to Gabriel)
  • Awkward using Dan to cover for her.  And not really fair, either.
  • Q10: “I will always love her.”–Dan (sort of lying to Gabriel)
  • Q11: “There’s even an empty seat.  It’s for Elijah but you can take it.”–Eleanor
  • Flo Rida “Right Round” song seems really random and un-GG-like.
  • Love how awkward the dinner was.
  • Why is Chuck bothered that he already slept with this girl before?  Surprised that he cares.
  • Woah!  Jenny and Chuck are having it out!  This came out of nowehere.  Really surprised Jenny brought it up.
  • Interesting explanation from Vanderbilt.  Not sure if I believe him.
  • Really awkward to sit there and hold hands with your ex.
  • Understand why Nate’s upset.  And I’m not sure if Blair’s more upset that her plan didn’t work or that she’s losing Nate.
  • Serena seems to forget that she’s only in high school.
  • Not surprising she got in to Brown considering she got in to Yale.
  • Q12: “Sometimes messes can be fun.”–Lily
  • Figures the marriage was just a misunderstanding.  Always is in GG land.
  • She’s kind of betraying Poppy, though, right?
  • Interesting Nate went to Chuck to talk about Blair.  Must be difficult for C.
  • So Rufus will sell the gallery and do what for income?  Kind of an irresponsible move when he can barely pay now for Dan’s tuition.
  • Q13: “I always pictured you as the next Hillary.”  “Except I’d win.”–Serena and Blair
  • Is Blair genuinely upset about Nate?
  • Why didn’t Nate say goodbye to Chuck?  Not nice.
  • Very nice and out-of-character for Chuck to apologize.  He seems so sad and lost.
  • Nice of Blair to apologize to Cyrus.  They have a very cute relationship.
  • Q14: “Can you forgive me?”  “That’s why God invented Yom Kippur!”–Blair and Cyrus
  • Blair stops Nate before he can speak.  What was he going to say?!
  • Really doubt that Gabriel came back just for Serena.
  • Ooh, Poppy does know!  Is this a set-up?
  • No Vanessa this episode.  Don’t mind that at all!
  • Promo: Poppy-Gabriel-Serena triangle, Chuck ends up with Blair, and Georgina is back!

ONE TREE HILL (I Would For You)

  • Preview thingie suggests we’re getting back to Nathan’s basketball storyline.
  • Really don’t want more Mouth and Millicent.
  • Ugh, Victoria!
  • Q1: “Oh, my eyes!”–Brooke about seeing Victoria
  • Brooke has a cute bedroom.
  • Q2: “She frightens me.”–Sam about Victoria
  • Nate’s coach is pretty cute.
  • What kind of name is Nino?
  • Not surprised Jamie’s a smartie.
  • Nice to see Lucas and Skills back on the River Court.
  • Lucas already knew about Skill’s breakup from the last episode.  Continuity error!
  • Cute that Mouth got Broadway tickets.  Let them stay in New York!
  • Is this the dreaded car scene?
  • Is Peyton looking at the mother and daughter and seeing her and her mom or her and her future child?
  • Guess it’s better that the accident was at the beginning of the episode rather than a cliffhanger.
  • Really thought it was going to be different–as if Peyton was seeing if she could survive how her mother died.
  • Peyton has placenta previa.  Never heard of it.
  • Q3: “We could lose her, Brooke.”–Lucas about Peyton
  • Not sure I see the point of Nathan and Nino playing 1-on-1.  Doesn’t seem the best way to “teach” him.
  • Woah!  Sam and Jack are kind of sharing a bed!
  • Q4: “I’m telling you that woman was like a zombie, a vampire and Principal Rumkus all rolled into one.”–Sam about Victoria
  • Cute and funny that they’re calling kissing gross.
  • That Burger King guy IS scary!
  • Aw, they’re holding hands now!
  • Smart of Sam to lock her out.  Figures she has a key.  So sneaky that one!
  • Nice to see Brooke upset for/about Peyton.
  • Q5: “How are we gonna get through this?”  “I dunno.  We just will.”  “You’re damn right we will.”–Brooke and Peyton
  • Was Peyton kept overnight?  Is it the next night?
  • I know I always can take a nap!
  • So many flowers!  Sent from whom?  Or just from Lucas?
  • Ack!  I forgot the car would be totaled!
  • Q6: “It’s worth more than you know.”–Lucas about The Comet
  • This private school looks so sterile and stuffy!  And Jamie looks so uncomfy.
  • Gotta admit it probably had to take a lot for Victoria to ask Brooke to come to the company.
  • True–they both did say and do things that were wrong.  But I understand why Brooke won’t help her.
  • Also, companies don’t go broke that quickly.
  • Not surprised Victoria is appealing to Brooke’s heart.
  • Jamie is cute trying his comedy routine.
  • Recess books!  WTF?!
  • And mathketball! And “mathholes”!
  • Why does Haley actually like this??
  • Was Peyton order to take it easy or be on bedrest?  There’s a big difference.
  • How’d Peyton get The Comet in the first place?
  • Really cute that Jamie talks about Skills to his teacher.
  • Q7: “You and Lucas always beat the odds.”–Haley to Peyton
  • Interesting that Sam is sad Jack is leaving when she willing to leave him in the last episode.  And Charlotte is a lot closer to Tree Hill than LA is!
  • I do like that Sam is still upset about Julian leaving.
  • Q8: “I know to follow my heart instead of locking it away.”–Sam to Brooke
  • Is Sam really Brooke’s excuse?  Though I do like how motherly she’s become.
  • Q9: “Just admit that Julian loved you and you were too scared or too stupid to love him back.”–Sam
  • Really really love seeing Skills with Jamie and the kids.
  • Interesting that Nate relates Jamie schooling to Dan.
  • Um…Coachella is over already.  Another problem with The CW scheduling!
  • Why would Sam open up to Victoria?
  • Victoria is kind of lying–or rewriting history.  She barely stuck around–she always left Brooke along!
  • Q10: “Hi Sawyer B E.”  “Hi Davis B P.”–Brooke and Peyton
  • Did they just say ‘Vicwhoria?’  Did I hear that right?
  • Looks like Jack’s getting some cool foster parents.
  • Not surprised Sam is kind of jealous.
  • Girlfriend exchange was cute!  And they kissed!
  • So random of Haley to use Jamie and Chuck as an example!
  • Surprised Brooke only asked for 51 percent of the company.  She should’ve done 60-40.
  • LOL Jamie giving his teacher followers on behalf of Skills.  He IS a genius!
  • Mouth and Millicent’s computer thing is kind of creepy.
  • Really cute that Haley and Mia came over with music equipment.
  • Woah!  Totally thought it was going to be Brooke comforting Sam!  But Victoria!
  • Will Victoria use Sam like a pawn?
  • No follow-up on the Haley teaching storyline.
  • Promo: Brooke and Victoria battle of Sam; cute Jamie and Skills stuff; Nick Lachey’s first appearance



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