Tuesday Night Reaction

23 04 2009

90210 (Between a Sign and a Hard Place)

  • This is Tori’s second episode and her last for at least this season.
  • Q1: “Those aren’t bugs; that’s pulp.”–Silver
  • Sammy is pretty cute.  Glad to see Ruby again.
  • Donna looks fantastic.  Like seeing her in the mom role.
  • How long has it been since the last episode?  Are Tori and Ruby still staying in Sammy’s room?
  • Silver seems like she’s hesitant to return to school.
  • Wonder if Harry and Debbie know Dixon sought out his birth mom.
  • It’s probably pretty uncommon to see a yard sale in Beverly Hills.
  • We know Annie and Naomi’s friendship won’t last.
  • Q2: “You’re ready to be a girl’s girl.”  “Bring on the Barbie dolls.”–Debbie and Annie
  • Annie and Naomi’s friendship seems kind of awkward.
  • Bella Cruise name-dropped.  Did viewers pick up on who that is?
  • Annie’s trying to hard.  Naomi isn’t even worth it.
  • OK, I’ll give you this: skipping class to go to the beach is something Dylan would do.
  • Like seeing Navid taking care of Adrianna.
  • Guess Donna’s moving forward with her store.
  • Or sabotaging it?  I’m confused.
  • How long ago did D & D move to Japan?  Dialogue suggests something like 4 years…
  • Q3: “I just miss it here.  I want to come home.”–Donna
  • Q4: “So if I move back here, what does that mean? Divorce?”–Donna
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • Back from the beach already?  Oh, apparently the school day is over.
  • This is an interesting new side of Ethan.
  • The Peach Pit is back!  Where’s Nat?
  • That scene with the mean girls was very GG-esque.
  • Silver not wanting to back to school where everyone will be talking about her reminds when Marissa (on The O.C.) didn’t want to go back after Trey’s shooting.
  • So Dixon and Silver are back together, right?
  • Really don’t need stupid Debbie and Harry scenes.
  • Guess Naomi’s dad will be back now that he has a sex scandal!
  • Funny that Donna is going to a psychic because, according to her book, Tori did too!
  • LOL Man with a sixpack!
  • GG promo
  • I like Naomi’s 80s look.
  • I’ve never been good at foosball.
  • Will Annie spill the beans about Naomi’s father?
  • Why are they so enthusiastic about foosball??
  • LOL Adrianna trying to play adoption matchmaker.
  • Distancing herself from the baby probably won’t work.
  • I like seeing Kelly and Donna chat like old times.
  • Why is Silver in a church?
  • Ah, so Annie isn’t the one who breaks the news.  Naomi’s father is so scummy!
  • Surprised that Kelly (I guess) is letting Silver watch Sammy and Ruby.
  • Accidentally ending up in a “gay place” has been done before on Beverly Hills 90210: in season 4 Steve and Brandon ended up in a gay cafe and in season 5 David and Clare mistakenly invited a lesbian group to a rave.
  • Wish Kelly and Donna had a Peach Pit scene.  With Nat, of course.
  • Guess Liam’s back to giving Naomi the cold shoulder.
  • Yikes!  Naomi knows Annie knew all along.  Annie made a bad choice.  A few bad choices, actually.
  • Kelly wants Donna to move back and leave David?
  • So Naomi IS moving.  But where?
  • Love how Annie just offers her house without even checking with her parents.
  • Annie and Naomi are kind of flirting.  Guess you can argue Donna and Kelly did, too.
  • Adrianna is visibly uncomfortable interviewing these prospective parents.
  • The dog question is pretty fair, IMO.
  • Why are they grunting in foosball?  And who plays to 70?  And why are they acting like little schoolgirls?
  • How is the store opening already?!
  • Donna could be in Japan and have a satellite store in LA.  Not unheard of.
  • Hate that this storyline is really based on the fact that Brian Austin Green couldn’t come on the show and represent David.
  • Surprised Kelly’s not talking to David herself.
  • Donna doesn’t seem too happy.
  • Brave of Silver to come to the opening.
  • But I really don’t understand how the story is ready practically overnight.
  • The flowers from David are a nice gesture.
  • Here’s Kelly’s awkward run-in with Ryan.
  • HA!  A man with a sixpack: Ryan with a sixpack of beer!
  • Why is she willing to try with him again?
  • Not right of Kel to ditch Donna.
  • Guess this is the start of Silver and Ethan’s “whatever”
  • Q5: “Two ex-girlfriends sounds a little claustrophic.”–Ethan
  • Naomi really gave it to Liam!  And then she caved!  Ugh.
  • Really don’t get why Liam goes back and forth.  This doesn’t make him likeable.
  • Silver wants to go to St. Claires.  Guess that explains the church.  How does Kelly not know about this?
  • Understanding her wanting a fresh start.  Again, Marissa-like.
  • Q6: “Think St. Claires has room for me?” “It’s an all-girls school.”  “It sounds better and better.”–Ethan and Silver
  • So there won’t be any “committment” between Ryan and Kelly.  Wonder where this is going…
  • That fish thing just got way too long of a scene.
  • Weird that Adrianna is referring to the baby as “the kid.”
  • Has Navid been wanting to raise the baby all along?
  • Q7: “The only thing that matters is that I’m in love wi th you.  I’ve loved you since I was 7.  And I love your baby, too.”–Navid
  • Q8: “I wanna be with you forever.”  “What are you saying, you want to get married?”  “Yes.”–Navid and Adrianna
  • Did they just get served burgers?  Should be MEGABURGERS!  AND WHERE THE HELL IS NAT?!
  • Can’t believe there wasn’t any follow-up with Dixon’s storyline.  I don’t like that.
  • Promo: all about the soon-to-be Naomi-Liam-Annie triangle.



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