Monday Night Reaction

6 05 2009

GOSSIP GIRL (The Wrath of Con)

  • The four wisemen refers to the Beatles.
  • Picked up exactly where the last episode ended.  Same day and everything.
  • LOL Chuck in a cab.  He could’ve just called a limo company!
  • And I’m pretty sure he’s drank from a flask before.
  • So who took off with the money?  Gabriel?  Poppy?  Both?
  • LOL Didn’t realize Georgina was in the cab, too.
  • Q1: “The lord cannot enter a body sullied by alcohol.”  “Good, because I like being the one doing the entering.”–Georgina and Chuck
  • This Georgina kind of reminds me of Michelle Trachtenberg’s Pete & Pete character.
  • Wow, that is a diamond bracelet!
  • Eek, now Serena isn’t going to tell Lily the truth!  Bad move!
  • Blair doesn’t want to admit to Nate why she doesn’t want to live with him.  Is she lying to herself, too?
  • I can’t believe Rufus is stupid enough to rely on the stock market and investmetns to make money.
  • He’s going to propose to Lily!  And wants Eric’s permission!  Cute.
  • Don’t know why Blair is so against Nate coming along.  Not smart to keep pushing your boyfriend away.
  • Serena needs to focused on the money, not her broken heart.
  • Blair’s spiel on feelings is really her talking about herself.  And of course Nate realizes.
  • What is Serena’s plan?
  • Georgina needs to apologize to Blair AND Serena.
  • Q2: “Why when you say ritual, I think human sacrifice?”–Chuck to Georgina
  • Serena claiming she’s pregnant.  Kind of stupid.  Will he even call back if he’s left town?
  • Chuck is right!  Call the police!
  • Serena’s relationship with Lily shouldn’t be the priority now if she didn’t tell her before.  Now is the time to get the cops involved.
  • Nate and Chuck facing off again.
  • Dan shows up and now the gang’s all here.  Rare to have all of them interact in one scene like this.
  • How did Dan not see Georgina when he walked in?
  • Surprised Blair just blurted out the problem to him.  Figure she’d want to keep him in the dark.
  • Dan is understandably upset and right to want to tell Rufus.
  • LOL the music when Georgina enters
  • Love how shocked everyone is.
  • Q3: “Okay, we need to get the crazy girl outta here.”–Dan about Georgina
  • Q4: “Are you trying to have me killed, Bass?”–Blair about Georgina
  • LOL Everyone’s freaking out and talking at once
  • Georgina is very child-like now.  Innocent.
  • Okay, so Gabriel did call back.  And Serena meeting him.  Guess he didn’t flee all that far.
  • He’s surprisingly calm considering Serena might be pregnant (or so he’s supposed to think).
  • Serena comes clean right away.  But is she really giving him a chance to be honest or is this part of a plan?
  • Ah, here’s Chuck.
  • Wait, how is this HIS hotel?
  • Gabriel blaming Poppy.  Could be true, I think.
  • Q5: “Well, Serena asked me not to say anything.”  “That’s my least favorite sentence.  Start talking.”–Dan and Lily
  • Smart of Dan to go to Lily?
  • Smart of Lily to want to keep this a secret from Rufus?
  • Faux + socialite = fauxilite
  • Confused on whether Gabriel roped Poppy in or the other way around.  Maybe they were both evil from the start?
  • Gabriel is describing a Ponzi scheme.
  • Ha, even Chuck knows it!  (Thanks, Madoff!)
  • So Serena was Gabriel’s target from the start but claims he developed real feelings for her.  Don’t think she should tust him.
  • Okay, yes, Poppy did take all the money I guess.  But where is she now?
  • Blair’s right–who is everyone that forgave Georgina?  I don’t think Serena did.  But I also don’t understand why Blair’s so upset with her.  Georgina didn’t do anything to her directly.  Just Serena, really.
  • Chuck is right–Gabriel is a crook, too.  Can’t forget that.
  • Q6: “Looks like Georgina’s losing her religion.”–Gossip Girl
  • Lily acts fast! Then again, the investors did, too.
  • Lily’s right to be disappointed in Serena.  Serena never learns.
  • Her “mess” is affecting others.  Why can’t she see that?
  • Q7: “This goes far beyond bad taste in boyfriends.”–Lily to Serena
  • Serena IS naive!
  • Madoff reference.
  • Wow, does Lily really have so much money that she can personally pay back all the investors and still support herself?
  • Lily’s right.  It’s not about revenge.  And it is an “adult scandal.”
  • But of course Serena won’t listen.  Never does.  The whole thing really isn’t directly her fault, though.  She was merely the connector for Gabriel.  Unwittingly, too.
  • Guess Lily is planning to pay Rufus back more than he invested.
  • Eric looks different.  A good different.
  • Sweet that he’s concerned for Rufus.
  • Eek, now Rufus is freaked out about proposing!
  • Like the reference to all the things Georgina did last season.
  • Q8: “I gave up my old ways when I let Jesus take the wheel.”  “That’s a Carrie Underwood song, not a life choice!”–Georgina and Blair
  • Blair really is a master manipulator.
  • Q9: “It’s going to take days for Dorota to reorganize my closet.”–Blair
  • Wow, Serena actually trying to follow what her mom said.  Doubt Blair will listen.
  • Q10: “She’s so evil, she makes the new Georgina look like the old Georgina.”–Blair about Poppy
  • Woah!  Poppy is at Serena’s!  Is Lily falling into a trap or does she have one of her own?
  • Neither.  Lily is content to let Poppy get off.  I disagree with that choice.  Really, the adult thing would be to call the cops.
  • So Lily put her Rufus plan in motion but now Dan is finding out…
  • And Serena IS going to against her mom. This won’t end well.
  • What is the name of Georgina’s new identity?  Sherilyn?
  • How will she and Poppy meet?
  • Sleeping With the Enemy reference probably too old for younger viewers.
  • Really not smart to not to have this plot end with the cops.
  • Rufus going through with the proposal but now this will be really bad timing.
  • Excellent life lesson: the key really is loving someone for who they are.
  • This is the wrong time for Nate to confront Chuck.
  • Hmm.  Is Chuck lying to himself?  Or lying to others?
  • Nate’s right that Chuck blew it but Blair did, too, in her own way.
  • Surprised he’s telling Chuck to talk to Blair and make a decision.
  • Q11: “You gotta cut her loose…Because I want her.”–Nate
  • Wow, is Jenny really talking about Twilight?  Kind of funny.
  • Dan should be talking to Lily in person.  And Lily shouldn’t be lying.  And Lily should go in person to stop Serena.  Of course no one ever does the right thing.
  • Don’t understand how they got Poppy to come.
  • Who does Lily want to speak with?
  • Whoops, Rufus found the evidence of Lily’s plan.
  • Hmm.  Lily going to give him $5,000 a month.  Would that make enough of a difference?
  • Wait, is the name Sharilee?  Guess it doesn’t matter.
  • LOL Georgina says she’s a Charlotte.  She totally is now!
  • Yes! Blair and Chuck confessing to each other! Or at least Blair is…
  • Q12: “I can’t answer his question when I’m waiting for you to answer mine…What are we, Chuck?”–Blair
  • Q13: “Maybe you just want me to be as unhappy as you are.”  “I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.”–Blair and Chuck
  • Q14: “Look down deep into the soul I know you have and let me know if what you feel for me is real…If it’s real, we’ll figure it out.  But if it’s not, please Chuck, just let me go.”–Blair
  • So I guess Blair would be okay with leaving Nate?  Just with him since she can’t have Chuck?
  • Wow, she is being so heartbreakingly honest.  I love this version of her.  Leighton doing a really moving job.
  • Serena eavesdropping.  Hmm.
  • Chuck says it’s just a game!  Such a lie!  Maybe he is lying to himself…
  • Q15: “Chuck, why did you just do that?” “Because I love her.  I can’t make her happy.”–Serena and Chuck
  • But why can’t he make her happy?  People, this is high school!  Not the rest of your lives!
  • Ew, what are they eating? Caviar?
  • Kirk Cameron reference.  I used to love him!  Candace, too.
  • So Poppy is behind it all.  And of course she wants cash.
  • Guess Lily sent the cops.
  • LOL Georgina’s ringtone
  • Of course Poppy is leaving as soon as she gets the money.
  • Why is Georgina nervous?  That the plan won’t work?
  • WOAH!  Serena arrested!  Lily’s doing?
  • Serena wants to call Chuck?!  She never learns!
  • In the meantime, Poppy’s getting away of course.
  • Blair accusing Georgina of being behind all this.  Is she?
  • Q16: “You’re evil.  I know it.  You know it. And God knows it, too.”–Blair to Georgina
  • Georgina seems genuinely perplexed. I think I believe her.
  • I understand why Rufus is upset but I also understand Lily’s motive.  But people are sensitive about getting money help.  It’s a touchy issue.
  • Bracelet theft?  Really?!
  • Oh, so it was Lily!  Bet she’s trying to teach Serena a lesson.
  • Yup, that’s it.  But now Lily and Rufus are further clashing on their ideals.
  • Lily thinks she’s protecting Serena.  I’m not so sure.
  • Rufus is right–this is something Cici would do.
  • Guess Rufus won’t propose now.
  • Is Chuck technically Serena’s brother? I guess so if Lily adopted him?
  • Nate AND Blair don’t want to move in together!  Figures.
  • Q17: “Perhaps a more suitable step would be to ask me to the prom.”–Blair to Nate (Now that’s acting their age!)
  • There is a vocal difference in Georgina now.  Interesting.
  • Guess Georgina wants to go after Poppy.  No one messes with her bible money!
  • How can Georgina just be MIA from camp?
  • Q18: “You can tell Jesus that the bitch is back.”–Georgina
  • Surprised the episode didn’t end right there.
  • Rufus wants to return the ring!  Ack!
  • Chuck really going to take on an entire police precinct?
  • And Nate willing to get his grandather involved?
  • Love Serena’s mugshots.  Guess they’re designed to mimic the Lily promo poster that’s been circulating.
  • No Vanessa this episode.
  • That Chuck and Blair scene was definitely the best part.
  • Promo: Serena’s experience making Lily flashblack.  This is the “back-door pilot” for the spin-off.  Not sure how much of the regular characters we’ll see, or even if/when the Poppy story will be resolved.

ONE TREE HILL (Show Me How to Live)

  • Bands Peyton mentions as “music to set your life to”: The Honorary Title, The Cure, Matthew Ryan and Haley James Scott
  • Really like the playlist’s name–“100 Songs to Save Your Life”
  • Peyton filming a video for her unborn baby is very sweet.  Dawson’s Creek did a similar thing in the series finale with Jen filming a message for her infant daughter.
  • Mia performance.  Pretty over it.
  • Peyton really did get lucky with friends.  Not everyone does.
  • She gives really good words to describe Brooke but they also describe a lot of people.
  • Q1: “I can’t think of anyone Id rather have watching over you.”–Peyton about Brooke (I assume she means besides Lucas!)
  • Victoria suggests it’s been a month since the last episode. Good to know!
  • Q2: “Iced coffee.  Skim milk.  It’ll save your life.”–Victoria
  • Dunkin Donuts plug apparently.
  • Guess Sam and her mom did start some kind of relationship.
  • Q3: “If you ever need a mom and dad fix, you have Haley and Nathan for that.”–Peyton
  • Really do love seeing Naley as a family.
  • Thought Nick Lachey would be back this episode.  We’ll see…
  • Okay, so it’s not that I don’t like Mia’s singing.  But it takes valuable time away from the rest of the episode.
  • Would love to see everything in Peyton’s box.
  • So sad as she says to “take very special care of your father.”
  • Oops.  Caught by Lucas!
  • Q4: “What’s next?”  “I wanna get married.  Now.”–Lucas and Peyton
  • WOAH!  Luke says no!  But I really don’t think a wedding will infringe that much on her health…
  • Q5: “We’re not doing anything ‘just in case’.”–Lucas
  • Can understand her wanting to die knowing that she was married to her love, though.
  • Q6: “Thank you!  I love you, too, by the way!”–Peyton to Lucas
  • Q7: “Don’t hate because I’m resourceful.”–Victoria
  • Victoria really needs to mind her own business.
  • Lucas is right.  Jamie’s birth was very different than what Peyton will go through, though Haley did have some scares, too.
  • Karen and an HCM reference!  You know I love when they bring up the past!
  • Q8: “If you have one more day to spend with Peyon, would you rather spend it arguing or just being married?”–Nathan
  • Aw.  Totally understand why Brooke’s uncomfy: she feels like she’s Sam’s mom!  And now she feel like she needs to compete.
  • How would Sam get to Peyton’s on her own?  In fact, how does she get anywhere on her own?
  • Mouth is back to his old self–reporting at basketball games.
  • Wow.  Still don’t like Nino.
  • Why was Nathan late?
  • Don’t think the coach should’ve told them there’d be a scout watching.  Totally adds to the normal pressure of a game.
  • Where do the Clippers play, anyway?
  • Ugh, why is Sam with Victoria?!
  • Sam doesn’t need to dress up.  Everyone likes her as herself.
  • Interesting question: did her birth mom “leave” her or have no choice?
  • Sam obviously feels connected to her, regardless.  Does she want to go live with her?
  • Wonder if we’ll actually get to meet this “real mom.”
  • Victoria is kind of creepy and a little obsessed with “the Davis name.”
  • Junk and Fergie are back.  I kinda missed them.
  • Q9: “Okay, it’s official.  I look like a lemon meraingue pie.”–Peyton  (Actually, she looks adorable!)
  • Do pregnant women really glow?
  • Ah!  Brooke wants to adopt Sam!  So perfect.
  • Okay, so I believe Brooke genuinely wants Sam but is this really being brought on because she feels threatened by the “real mom”?
  • Aw, love how they both teared up!
  • Didn’t realize Lucas took the box with him.  Shouldn’t let Jamie mess with it.
  • Q10: “Do you know where you were that night?”  “In mama’s tummy!”–Lucas and Jamie
  • Q11: “It was the night I realized I wanted to marry Peyton.”–Lucas (That was such a good episode!)
  • So Millie and Mouth are still doing the long-distance thing.
  • And I guess Nate goes away for a week when he plays these games?
  • Love how the bridal shower party is just Peyton, Haley, Brooke and Mia.  Guess it’s true they don’t have any other friends!
  • So will the picture they just chose be on the cover of Kate Voegele’s album, too?
  • Sam looks great!  She cleans up well!
  • Woah, little Chuck is at Lauren’s house!
  • Never heard of a teacher babysitting a student, especially at her house.  Or taking him on a date!
  • LOL Chuck and his dummy
  • Forgot Skills does babyproofing.  So random!
  • Chuck is ridiculously funny.
  • Nice seeing Nate as team player but also miss seeing him dunk.
  • Interesting that Peyton put in a picture of Karen, Keith and Lucacs.
  • Q12: “You’re kinda my Uncle Keith, aren’t ya?”  “Well that’s exactly what I like to think I am.”–Jamie and Lucas
  • I agree–Peyton was a cool angel!
  • Jamie is so adorable…and so smart!
  • Haley’s present is pretty standard and sweet but I can see why it’s upsetting Peyton.
  • Ah, it’s so sad now seeing all three of them tear up!
  • That group picture is really cute.
  • See, the coach wants Nathan to shoot, too!
  • Okay, so now Brooke came home but where’s Sam?
  • Understand Brooke objecting to Victoria giving Sam the dress, but how about objecting that Victoria let herself in the house?!
  • Is Victoria trying to play both sides?  Messing with both Sam and Brooke’s heads?
  • Brooke’s right.  This isn’t any of Victoria’s business.
  • Q13: “You can’t do this.  Try to be the mother to her that you weren’t to me.”  “Last time I checked I was still your mo–”  “Don’t say it!”–Brooke and Victoria
  • It does seem like Victoria is trying to push Sam away from Brooke.  I just don’t get why she always does this.  Why does she want Brooke alone?
  • Not a smart move to let Victoria know about the adoption papers.
  • Brooke asks Sam very nicely but Sam seems unsure.
  • Okay, really hating the term “real mom.”
  • I knew Chuck was going to throw up!  Just didn’t guess it would be on Skills’ shoe!
  • Another Dunkin Donuts plug.  Guess this isn’t as bad as 90210.  Yet.
  • Seems like the box improved Luke’s mood.  But I guess they didn’t work on the car at all!
  • Q14: “Your whole life is in that box.  I wish I had one.”–Jamie
  • Jesus, where is Chuck’s mom?  Why is Skills still stuck with him??
  • What does Brooke mean that Sam should “go spend time” with her birth mom?  Like extended time?
  • WOAH!  Is Sam going to move?  Does the birth mom even want that?  I DID NOT EXPECT THIS!
  • Q15: “You’ll always be a Davis to me.”  “You’ll always be my first mom.”–Brooke and Sam
  • Not smart of Mouth to say something to the scout and unprofessional for the scout to comment.
  • Q16: “Let’s just say I got Chuck-ed.”–Skills (Has so many meanings because of Gossip Girl!)
  • Lauren came over!  Cute and sexy.
  • Sam is leaving already?!  This is a little fast!
  • Maybe it won’t work and Sam will come back?  This can’t be it, can it?
  • Q17: “Are you crying?” “No, it’s horrible mascara.  Remind me to sue the manufacturer.”  “It’s our mascara.”–Brooke and Victoria
  • Since when does Clothes Over Bros do makeup, too?
  • Was this Victoria’s plan all along?  Get rid of Sam so Brooke will focus only on the company again??
  • Why does Sam’s birth mom have such a nice house but work as a waitress?
  • Aw, Brooke has sketches of clothing based on Sam’s style.  Very sweet.
  • Who draws Brooke’s sketches?  Helen Ward?
  • They got that group photo developed pretty fast…
  • Aw, now Luke says he wants to get married now!
  • Q18: “I want you to be my wife because I love you.”
  • Promo: Leyton wedding.  Nick Lachey is back.



3 responses

7 05 2009

I don’t see it as Victoria trying to push Sam away at all. I see it as her trying to protect Brooke, keep Sam happy, and still be her bitchy old self at the same time.

7 05 2009

And, for Pete’s sake, can Brooke ever just have the happy ending. It’s like she’s the only one who is perpetually alone and crap keeps happening.

8 05 2009

About Sam leaving,

At the beginning of the show, they had a throwaway line about Sam seeing her mom for the last month. So I guess the episode takes place one month after the last one. And yeah I know what you mean about Mia, ok she can sing and ok she has an album. I dont need a commercial for her every episode lol. And yeah the dunkin donuts thing wasn’t nearly as bad as the sunkist thing back in season 3

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