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19 05 2009

GOSSIP GIRL (The Goodbye Gossip Girl)

  • The Goodbye Girl was the name of an episode of The O.C.  It’s also a movie.
  • Previously on hints that we’ll be dealing with Georgina again, Lily/Rufus, Blair/Chuck and that random girl Emma who Blair had to take care of or something.
  • Contrasting past and present graduations is kind of cliche.
  • Q1: “Who needs pomp and circumstance when you have paparazzi?”–Gossip Girl
  • Serena’s on the cover of the Daily News.  Headline is “Diamonds Are a Girls Worst Friend”–complete with grammar error!
  • Does the end of high school mean the end of Gossip Girl?  I doubt it.  It’s the core premise of the show…
  • So apparently Gossip Girl started her “blasts” when they were in the ninth grade.
  • Serena told Blair what Chuck said at prom!  Don’t know if I would’ve done that.
  • Blair’s right, though.  She needs to hear it from him.
  • She’s so funny mugging for the paps.
  • How long has it been since the last episode?  They haven’t made it clear.
  • Vanessa and Nate ready to be friends again?  They’re having a  pretty mature conversation.
  • V still planning on going to Europe and Nate will work in mayor’s office.
  • But first Nate will have an after-grad party.  We know something will undoubtedly go down there.
  • Okay, Penelope looks ridiculous.
  • And Jenny’s a bit overdressed for a graduation.
  • Q2: “What would high school be without hierarchy?”–Blair or Penelope??  “Bearable.”–Jenny
  • Blair says she gets to choose the next queen.  Did she only rule for two years?  Or whenever Serena left?  Or what?
  • This Emma girl is annoying me already.  Probably the point.
  • Jenny’s once again determined to bring the “mean girls” down.  This is getting old.
  • Dan left out of the graduation list reminds me of Brandon from Beverly Hills 90210 being left off the Washington trip list.
  • Well, that was resolved quick.  Thought it would be like a scandal or something.  Lame filler instead.
  • Blair having trouble talking to Chuck.  This is new.
  • Rufus and Lily stuck sitting together.
  • Q3: “We haven’t seen you since we broke matzo together!”–Cyrus
  • Awkward!  Cyrus is saying they should get married!
  • Good advice: Marry before it’s too late.
  • Surprised we’re seeing graduation this early int he episode.  Usually it’s the culmination.  Maybe there’ll be some sort of twist?
  • Convenient that Blair and Serena’s last names allow them to sit together.
  • Why is Serena not wearing the graduation cap?  That tassel just looks ridiculous!
  • Q4: “Who cares if I’m not going to Yale and you were recently incarcerated and I’m afraid to talk to Chuck because he might hurt me again.  This is our moment.  Nobody can take that from us.”
  • And Gossip Girl strikes again!  Is this the twist?
  • Also convenient that no one turned their cell phones off for the ceremony!
  • According to Gossip Girl, Nate=class whore, Dan=ultimate insider, Chuck=coward, Blair=weakling and Serena=officially irrelevant.
  • Serena looks pissed but isn’t that what she wanted?  To be free?
  • Q5: “Gossip Girl is goin’ down.”–Serena
  • And she’s recruiting people to help!
  • Is this Nate’s party?
  • At least Lily and Rufus are discussing their issues.  Kind of.
  • This is Lily’s place.  That’s what I thought.
  • Nate’s going to tell his grandfather he’s a slut??
  • Q6: “Last summer I had an affair with an older woman.”  “Oh, my boy.  Welcome to Washington.”–Nate and Mr. Vanderbilt
  • Oh, I guess the money exchange does make it even worse.
  • Ahhh!  Nate spills the break up beans to Chuck.  That’s perfect.
  • Q7: “The insider, what is that?!” “That’s a tabloid TV show.”–Serena and Dan
  • Yeah, I don’t get it.  How is Dan the insider??
  • Q8: “High school’s over but they’re still my friends.  You’re still my friend.”–Serena to Dan who doesn’t exactly agree…
  • Okay, so Gossip Girl posts on other schools as well but focuses on theirs.  So they conclude she must go to school with them.
  • We know they won’t figure it out, right?
  • You know, Gossip Girl could actually be a guy…
  • Surprising that all grads are at this one party.
  • Why did they never look into Gossip Girl’s identity before?
  • LOL Chuck using Facebook
  • Smart to try and set up the trap but they catch Jonathan??  Hmmm…
  • Okay, so apparently Jonathan just hacked into the account and now can read all posts, even the ones that aren’t published.  Why didn’t Eric share this advantage with Serena??
  • Jenny still set on beating the new girls and sees some gossip on her to do it?
  • Q9: “How am I going to get these doses of sage wisdom when I’m living in the dorms at NYU?”–Dan to Rufus
  • When did he decide to just go to NYU??
  • And it would be cheaper just to commute…
  • Lame Stars Wars reference!
  • Rufus calling Lily and she’s walking in to the loft.  Very cute.
  • Q10: “What’s in the bag?”  “Something I found in Chuck’s room.”  “Well then I bet it’s good.”–Rufus and Lily
  • Why is she snooping in Chuck’s room? And what is it?
  • Blair looks great in this outfit!
  • Nice to see her bonding with her mom for a change.
  • Her advice: Don’t let him get away with it.
  • Okay, so now we’re at Nate’s party, right?  Where is it being held, though?
  • Nelly is drunk!  Hilar!
  • What’s with Vanessa’s hair?
  • It gets funnier: Nelly was going to confess she likes Dan!
  • Gossip Girl knows something happened between Blair and Jack Bass on New Year’s.
  • And apparently this is what Jenny wants to spill.  So it wasn’t about Emma, after all.
  • At least she’s going to Blair about it first.  But Blair’s in fear/denial.
  • Q11: “Blair, wake up!  You’re not queen anymore.  You haven’t been for a while.”–Jenny
  • Blair’s going to talk to Chuck. Hmmm…
  • Okay, is she leading him on or what? ‘Cause he’s clearly still willing to have sex with her.
  • Ah, she’s trying to coax the ‘I love you’ out of him.
  • Ack!  Interrupted by Gossip Girl who wants revenge for Serena’s digging.  How did she even know Serena was trying to figure it out?!  The plot thickens!
  • Gossip Girl “spills all”: Dan and Rachel Carr relationship, Nate and Jenny’s fling, Dan being in jail, Blair and Jack, Chuck and Vanessa.
  • Well, the shit just hit the fan.  Everyone’s arguing.  Blaming Serena.  Not really her fault, though…
  • Actually, Blair’s reasons for Dan being called an “insider” makes sense.  Didn’t get to write them down, though.
  • Jenny’s plan ruined but Blair goes back to finish with Chuck.
  • Q12: “Chuck Bass, I love you.  I love you so much it consumes me.  I love you and I know you love me, too. Tell me you love me and everything we’ve done, all the gossip and the lies and the hurt will have been for something.  Tell me it was for something.”–Blair
  • Q13: “Maybe it was.  But it’s not anymore.”–Chuck
  • Sigh.  Typical Blair-Chuck cycle continues…
  • Rufus and Lily looking at mementos and discussing their relationship.  But what is in the bag?!
  • Rufus proposes!  With a concert wrist band made into a ring! LOL
  • Aw, she said yes.  At least one couple looks to be getting a happy ending…or season finale at the very least.
  • Aw, Nate’s comforting Serena.  I know people dislike him but I really think he’s a stand-up guy.
  • Serena telling Gossip Girl to meet her but how will S know her when she sees her??
  • Blair and Jenny having their own version of a heart to heart.
  • Q14: “Forget boys.  Keep your eye on the prize, Jenny Humphrey.  You can’t make people love you.  But you can make them fear you.”–Blair
  • Q15: “For what it’s worth, you’re my queen.  I choose you.”–Blair
  • Who texted Blair??
  • Serena and Nate waiting—>Dan shows up—>Nate thinks it’s him
  • Dan says he “looped” her or something.  WTF is that??
  • Q16: “Without Serena van der Woodsen, who would I have dreamt about?”–Dan
  • Q17: “I might’ve spent my whole life on the outside if you hadn’t let me in.  Which I’m holding against you.”–Dan to Serena
  • Glad they made peace.
  • And now Blair and Jenny arrive—>Nate thinks it’s them.  Is he drunk or something?!
  • Apparently everyone was texted.  But by who?
  • Gossip Girl, of course.  Vows to keep blogging about them in college.  Well, duh.
  • Blair apologizing to Serena.  They’re always apologizing to each other.
  • Yeah, where is Chuck?  He just didn’t come?
  • Oh, he’s watching from outside.  Part creepy, part melodramatic.
  • Lily now has a real engagement ring.  And it’s not the ugly one from past episodes.
  • Okay, was there a time lapse or something between the last scene and this one?  It didn’t say it but it sure feels/sounds like it.
  • Why would Blair and Jenny be having a meeting?
  • What is Serena packing for?
  • Okay, so time HAS passed.  Maybe I missed it?
  • Chuck is traveling around Europe, apparently.
  • Q18: “I hope he has so much fun that they have to quarantine him.”–Blair
  • LOL Blair gave Serena her mug shot in a frame as a parting gift.
  • Serena going to Europe, too.
  • Q19: “I just need to stop moving and contemplate the failure of my life.”–Blair
  • She needs to realize she has her whole life ahead of her still!
  • Aw, Dan is actually nostalgic for high school!
  • LOL Deputy mayor wants to get with Nate.  Join the club!
  • Nate now wants to go away with Vanessa?  Romantically?!
  • LOL Who is this kid?  What was that?  Did he just pop in randomly?  His name is Scott.
  • Okay, Nate says it won’t be romantic.  Whew. Vanessa agrees.  But knowing this show, who knows?  I am sick of everyone going back-and-forth though, especially so quickly.
  • Ah, I figured it out about the kid!  Muhahahaha!
  • Scott is…dun dun dun!
  • LOL Penelope “crowing” Emma as the new queen until Blair ruins it.
  • Jenny did spill to Gossip Girl after all…but about the rest of them.
  • Jenny gets the crown and is a “foreign queen.”
  • Q20: “Besides, her dad is marrying Lily Bass.  i think that makes her richer than all of you.”–Blair
  • But I thought Jenny didn’t want to be queen?  Maybe she’ll “reform” it??
  • Scott looking at news clip on Lily and Rufus’ engagement.  If you haven’t figured it out by now, then I just feel sorry for you.
  • Georgina calling Dan about the money that was lost.  Random!  Says she has it and Poppy is gone.  What does that mean?
  • And apparently Georgina is going to NYU now?!
  • LOL Georgina requests to live with Blair.  Doubt she has good intentions.
  • And Carter is back.  Random.
  • And they’re picking up a storyline from forever ago.  Apparently Carter found what Serena was “looking for” when they were away together.
  • And what was that?  Serena’s dad!
  • And according to Carter, he’s in Fiji.  Guess she’s changing her travel plans now!
  • They never mentioned Serena’s dad before.  Which is interesting, especially because of the rumored storyline for  the spin-off.  But who knows if that matters anymore?
  • Woah! Chuck is waiting for Blair with flowers and goodies!
  • Aw, he picked up her favorite things from the countries he visited.
  • Okay, he’s declaring his love in own warped way.  But Blair is right–why should she believe him? Because…
  • Q21: “I love you, too.”–Chuck
  • Q22: “Like, can you say it twice?  No, say it twice.”–Blair
  • Aw, and he does! Again and again!
  • And that’s all for season 2, folks.
  • Would’ve liked a bigger speech from Chuck.
  • Would’ve liked a cliffhanger ending.
  • Don’t see how Georgina will be back next season since Michelle Trachtenberg’s other show is a go.
  • Start speculating now, everyone!

ONE TREE HILL (Remember Me as a Time of Day)

  • The episode title is kind of foreboding…
  • And this opening is pretty ominous.  Slow motion, creepy song.
  • Picks up where last week left off.  Now Peyton in the hospital.
  • Nate not in bed, but on the River Court.  Figures.  But drinking?  Really?
  • Lucas is washing off a lot of blood.  And the wedding band!
  • Very cool transition from bathroom mirror to operating room window.
  • Still don’t get how you’re allowed to watch the procedures.
  • Showing part of the Julian-Victoria scene again.
  • Dan is back!  Where the hell has he been?
  • Once again contemplating his life as he looks as “grave.”
  • Not surprised Victoria isn’t telling Brooke that Julian came by.
  • Another cool transition with the doors.
  • Fitting song lyrics: “What will your legacy be?”
  • Aw, one by one, everyone joins Lucas.  Very moving.
  • But who called Julian to come?
  • Peyton wakes up!
  • And now there’s a baby!
  • But Peyton’s out again!
  • Q1: “Daddy’s here.”–Lucas to his baby girl
  • Since when does Peyton have a thing for root beer floats.
  • Q2: “She’s amazing, Peyton.  But she needs you.  So do I.  Come on.  You promised.”–Lucas
  • Love seeing Luke wearing a wedding ring.
  • Aw, Julian is taking care of Brooke.  Or trying to.
  • I love that he knows her so well!
  • Okay, so this is 4 days since the last episode now.  Good to know.
  • There’s been too many coma storylines on this show.
  • Q3: “Peyton’s a badass.  She’ll be okay.”–Chase
  • So sick of all the in-storyline promotion for Mia/Kate’s album.
  • Was it always called Red Bedroom Records?
  • Q4: “She needs her mom.  I need her mom.”–Lucas to Peyton
  • Figured the baby was unnamed.  Kind of awkward.
  • Lucas would make a great single dad once he got over his heartbreak.
  • Where is the baby right now?
  • Q5: “Sawyer.  Her name’s Sawyer, okay?”–Peyton
  • That was a great wake-up!
  • And that’s a perfect name!
  • Q6: “I’m about to be your second-best girl when you meet your new one.”–Brooke to Peyton
  • Oh, so the baby’s at the hospital, too.  I guess that makes sense.
  • Understand Peyton wants it to be the three of them but she really needs to see a doctor!
  • Karen walked in holding Sawyer!  And with short hair!
  • Did Lucas call her/
  • Nope, Luke is shocked (in a good way, of course) to her see.
  • Q7: “Well, well.  My baby had a baby.”–Karen
  • Q8: “Hi, Sawyer.  Do you remember me? I  missed you.  I’m gonna love you forever.”–Peyton
  • Such a beautiful moment!
  • LOL Jamie standing on his head.
  • Nathan’s clearly unhappy but also doesn’t realize Jamie is proud of him no matter what.
  • Postcard from Sam.  Bitttersweet.
  • Awkward/sad unsaid tension between Julian and Brooke.
  • But that hug spoke volumes!
  • And she kissed him!  Please be more than sex!
  • Q9: “I love you, Brooke Davis.  I love you so much.” “Don’t say it.  Just kiss me.”–Julian and Brooke  (Damn you, Brooke!)
  • Q10: “Thank you for the way you raised Lucas and the man you taught him how to be.”–Peyton to Karen
  • Where’s Lily?
  • Millie wants to stay in Tree Hill.  Grrreeeat.
  • Aw, Lucas joining the Ravens does feel like yesterday!
  • Lily mentioned but no explanation of where she is.  Or Andy.
  • Q11: “She’s writing already?  Wasn’t she born like four days ago?”  “No, that was your daughter, dad.”  “Whatever, Grandma Karen.”–Lucas and Karen
  • Really missed these talks between them.
  • But that magic trick was kind of lame.
  • Uht oh, where did Julian go?!
  • Double uht oh, Nate’s locker was cleaned out!
  • But it’s good!  Nathan will be the point guard for the Bobcats!
  • Love Haley’s reaction.  It’s perfect.
  • Q12: “Thank you for believing in me.”  “Thank you for being worth it.”–Nathan and Haley
  • Such a great scene!
  • Dan going back to his old house?
  • There’s Whitey!  And a horse!
  • Ooh, vienna fingers!  I love those!
  • What’s with the gun?!  Oh…
  • Q13: “I bought this gun hoping to see your face again.”–Whitey to Dan
  • Q14: “Heard you had a heart problem.  That’s not surprising. You always had a heart problem.”–Whitey
  • Dan really blaming everything on the state championship??
  • Q15: “In my dreams, I take it back.  All of it.”–Dan
  • Q16: “I’m sorry.  I’m sorry for that day and every day since.  I’m sorry for what I did for Keith and the people that love him.”–Dan
  • Q17: “Did you ever love him?” “Not enough.”–Whitey and Dan
  • Brooke calling Sam but of course we don’t get to see/hear her.
  • Aw, Brooke’s on Sam’s bed.
  • Really frustrated that just when I fell in love with that storyline, they completely ended it.
  • LOL Love Mouth’s reaction to the Nathan news.  It’s the broadcast he’s been waiting years to do.
  • Q18: “Jamie, sports is up next.”  “What’s the big deal? I got Wi-Fi on my phone.”–Nathan and Jamie
  • Aw, this is a great way for Jamie to find out.
  • Love how they’re sitting.
  • Q19: “Jamie Scott, hug your dad for all of us cause he just made it to the NBA and we couldn’t be more proud.”–Mouth
  • Too sweet! I love it!
  • So glad Lucas and Karen went to Keith’s grave.  Would’ve been such an oversight if they didn’t.  Glad they didn’t discuss it, though, because I think that would’ve been too obvious.
  • Dan should just kill himself.  I think that would be fitting.
  • How does Dan know about Luke’s wedding and the baby?
  • Q20: “I get to the see happiest moments of their lives but I don’t get to feel those moments.”–Dan to Whitey
  • Dan’s not even man enough to pull the trigger.
  • Whitey won’t because he’s too much of a man to do it.
  • Q21: “Maybe you’re still here for redemption.”
  • Nathan arrives to see Whitey.  Aw.
  • If Whitey has been living here all along, why couldn’t we have seen more of him??
  • God, just get rid of the Mia-Chase scenes!
  • Brooke tells Millie to stay.  Thanks, brooke.
  • Q22: “Somebody told me that this is the place where everything’s better and everything’s safe.”–plack on the wall
  • Dan coming to see Sawyer!  And wants to hold her!
  • Q23: “Because she’s the only one in my world who doesn’t know what I’ve done.”–Dan to Peyton
  • Smart of Peyton to let him?  I could totally see the evil Dan smashing Peyton to the ground.
  • Where the Wild Things Are reference
  • Q24: “I know you’re gonna have to tell her about me some day.  I’m sorry for that.”–Dan
  • Ack! Dan runs into Karen and Lucas!  Is this the first time she’s seeing him since he was in jail?
  • They kept walking.  Rightly so.
  • Quick scene, but very meaningful.
  • Lucas has a carseat in The Comet.  Cute.
  • Where did Julian go??
  • Aw, Nate at Quentin’s grave.
  • Q25: “I miss you, buddy.  Oh, and Q?  You were right.  It is a comeback.  Thank you.”–Nathan
  • Aw, he left a jersey there “for him.”
  • Q26: “It feels just like I dreamed it would.”–Peyton to Brooke about Sawyer and her life
  • Q27: “Hi, Sawyer.  I’m your Aunt Brooke and I’m going to spoil you.”–Sawyer
  • So weird to see Peyton as a mom!  I still can’t believe it.  She’s come so far!
  • OMG!  Sawyer Brooke Scott.  It’s PERFECT!
  • Yes, Victoria is leaving!
  • Plug for RED
  • Q28: “…And you need to fly to Los Angeles and tell that boy that you love him.”–Victoria to Brooke
  • Why does every mom have that boy from her past story?
  • Can’t believe Victoria is finally opening up to her.
  • Q29: “I’ve nearly broken her with my inability to open my heart.”–Victoria about Brooke
  • Q30: “If this boy Julian loves you, and you love him, that’s all that matters.”–Victoria
  • Wow!  Victoria is giving the whole company back to Brooke!
  • Q31: “I should’ve loved you more. The company less.  I just didn’t know how.”–Victoria
  • Wow, this is what Brooke has been waiting yearsssssss to hear!
  • And now she called Victoria mom! And Victoria hugged her! Awww.
  • I don’t think Victoria staying on with the company is a good idea.  I still don’t trust her.
  • Q32: “You made it!”  “We made it.”–Haley and Nathan
  • So surreal to see Nathan get an NBA welcome!  Finally!
  • Lucas is so cute with Sawyer!
  • Julian!  Guess he’s in LA…
  • And so is Brooke!  How’d she find him??
  • Q33: “You told me that some day I’d be ready to let somebody in.  I think today might be some day.”–Brooke to Julian
  • Q34: “If this was a movie, you’d kiss me right now.”  “No, I’d say I love you and then kiss you. (Pause) I love you.”–Julian and Brooke
  • Wow, just realized The CW had two shows with storylines about couples that couldn’t commit/say I love you.
  • Q35: “Take a ride with me, Peyton Sawyer?” “Don’t you mean Peyton Scott?”
  • Beautiful drive off with them and Sawyer transitions to a shot of the River Court.
  • Perfect ending.  Just perfect.
  • You can get the entire voiceover quote and others here.
  • Also: why do I feel like they’ve done a “look in the mirror” and ” is this who you want to be” voiceover before?  Was this hearkening back to an earlier episode?
  • No Skills in this episode.
  • Wish we saw Whitey interacting with Nathan and/or Lucas.
  • Wish we saw more of Whitey, period.
  • Wish we saw some resolution with Dan.
  • Wish Mouth-Millie and Chase-Mia were the ones leaving town and not Lucas-Peyton. Definitely the wrong choice.



12 responses

20 05 2009

Def!!! Should have been the series finale!!! It couldn’t end any better….what could they possibly think up for next season to top such an ending??

20 05 2009

they used the look in the mirror is ths you wanna be? voiceover in the season two finale with jake being put in jail and when they had to write an essay, it is when luke and brooke drive to see haley in nyc

20 05 2009

Ah, thanks Ari! I knew I recognized it from somewhere!

20 05 2009

Karen saw Dan when he brought Jamie home after he was kidnapped by the psycho nanny after the luke/lindsey failed wedding.

I do recall a peyton/haley scene with rootbeer floats in season 4. I think it was episode 420.

20 05 2009

as much as i love one tree hill and never want it to end that was the PERFECT ending for it all !

20 05 2009

Allison, you must have a good eye and a great memory!

21 05 2009

I love how every true OTH fan I know wanted the show to end this year. I think that says a lot that we are begging for the producers to let it go.

You asked if that was the first time Karen saw Dan since he was in prison and it’s not, she saw him last year after the LL almost wedding and Dan brought Jamie back home to everyone when he was kidnapped.

And you wanted to know what Lily took from Chuck’s room on GG … if I had to guess I would say she scored some pot and/or other substances. Chuck is known for that.

21 05 2009

I loved the finale! And I agree that this should be the end. Now my only gripes were the Mouth/Millie and Mia/Chase scenes. Who gives a crap about them? And why why why did everybody get some kind of closure but Haley? I mean, really all she has done is react to everyone else story? It’s a shame. Oh, well maybe she’ll finally have something to do in Season 7…yeah right lol

21 05 2009

i agree about hayley., she didnt get any closure and didnt really have that big of a part in the finale, its like she was just in nathans scenes . i think her and luke shouldve had a scene on top of the cafe/clothes over bros similar to in the first season or something to tie it all up

24 05 2009

with oth, Nathan went to see Whitey to tell him he made it to the NBA, cause he runs in to Dan in front of Whitey’s house and we see Whitey and Nathan go in to the house together, true we don’t get to see them hang out but he did go see him, i have to say i was waiting for Peyton and Whitey to be at the grave yard cause they are normally the ones we see there.

25 05 2009

thats true about peyton and whitey at the graveyard ! it was kinda expected

4 04 2012
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