Tuesday Night Reaction

20 05 2009

90210 (One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer)

  • Previously on features a lot: Kelly threatening Liam, Jen/Naomi, Annie accused of ruing prom party, Silver rejected prom queen, Liam/Naomi, Adrianna in labor
  • Naomi filling Jen in on what Liam shared with her.  Guess she never learned not to kiss and tell.
  • Q1: “Oh, Jen’s not a grown up. She’s my sister.”–Naomi
  • Jen refuses party but Naomi reminds her that it’s actually her house.  This won’t end well, I’m sure.
  • Q2: “Benedict Annie is right there.”–Some girl
  • Gotta love Naomi’s back-handed compliments.
  • Who texted Naomi about Adrianna?
  • So now Annie’s in charge of the party. Again, this won’t end well.
  • LOL They’re trapped in a sea of limos
  • Wow, this Phoebe girl is an annoying bitch!
  • Liam is still being kind of sweet.  How long will it last?
  • Of course Naomi doesn’t tell Liam that she already shared his secrets.  Will come back to haunt her.
  • LOL This nurse is hysterically ridiculous.
  • Why didn’t they just go to the ER?
  • A capella at prom.  Wow.
  • Kelly and Harry still kind of flirting with each other.  But here’s Debbie.
  • That sundae bar looked amazing!
  • LOL Harry takes the brownies with him
  • The party is already in full swing and Annie’s already losing control
  • Ethan and Dixon both staring at Silver. If only they could see how awkward it is!
  • Dixon is venting to the wrong person.
  • Q3: “What can I do?  I love her, man.  When she’s across the room I miss her.”–Dixon about Silver
  • Wow.  Ethan’s is carrying around a picture of Silver.  CREEPY!
  • Surprised Harry left the prom to the go to the hospital.  Who is in charge now?
  • At least they’re wondering where Dixon and Annie are.
  • Q4: “Where did you get those, piglet?
  • Wow, Adrianna is giving birth 3 weeks only.  Are we just repeating the original’s Andrea storyline?
  • Surprised Ade is kind of thinking straight, and about important things.
  • Love that Navid is so on top of everything.
  • Why does Adrianna want Brenda so badly?  What difference does she make?
  • And since when is Brenda in China?
  • Promo for Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.  At least they know their audience!
  • Promo for Road to 90210 contest
  • Dixon and Ethan chugging wine or something.  But where’s Silver?
  • Wow, Liam sketching Annie from afar.  He’s so weird!
  • Whew, the baby is okay.  And it’s a girl!
  • Adrianna is okay, too.  Sort of.
  • Doesn’t want to get attached to the baby, which is understandable.  She’s being really brave.
  • Harry catches Navid lying about Dixon and Annie.  But how will he actually find them?
  • Okay, Debbie and Harry acting ridiculous.
  • Could really do without this pop brownie storyline.
  • Since when does Dixon DJ?
  • Silver is going to the wrong person for advice!
  • Mature of Ethan to speak in favor of her and Dixon.
  • Uht oh, Ethan has the wrong coat,which means Dixon has the one with the picture of Silver!
  • Really, Debbie and Harry are just wasting episode time.
  • Eek.  Debbie sees Kelly touch Harry and suspects crush.  Foreshadowing?
  • Figure Phoebe’s sick.
  • Annie should not be leaving the party to drive her home!  Stupid move!
  • Jen lying to Liam about who she is AND tells him what Naomi told her.
  • She really is going all-out on this revenge thing!
  • Liam kind of reminded me of The O.C’s Ryan in this scene.
  • Brenda!  As Cleopatra!
  • She actually looks kinda good.  LOL
  • Come to think of it, we never saw what happened with the school play.
  • Q5: “We both love drama, we both live pretty dramatic lives.”–Brenda to Adrianna
  • Okay, fine, so they’re kind of similar.
  • Come on, Brenda!  At least put Adrianna in wheelchair!
  • WTF?!  Jim Walsh CANNOT be dying.  Please tell me this is a dream sequence or something.  I AM NOT OKAY WITH THE NEW 90210  FUCKING WITH THE OLD ONE!!!
  • Okay, Brenda is acting really weird.
  • Teaching Adrianna a lesson–say goodbye to your baby!
  • Okay, so this is definitely a dream but SO NOT OKAY!
  • Plus, how would Adrianna even dream the correct name of Brenda’s father?
  • Wonder if Adrianna will keep the baby now.  Doubt the show wants that burden.
  • LOL Silver jumped in the pool in her prom dress!  Looks like a lot of fun.
  • Ack, Dixon is on to Ethan!
  • Q6: “So how long have you had a thing for my girlfriend?”–Dixon
  • Ethan covering really badly.
  • Ethan’s right. He didn’t DO anything.
  • Double ack!  Silver is interrupting at the worst moment!
  • Q7: “You’re king jock, right?  So man up. Admit it.”  “Fine!  I like you Silver.”–Dixon and Ethan
  • Q8: “I’ll be back here first thing tomorrow.  And by that I mean mid-afternoon.  Definitely before dinner.”–Naomi
  • Ty signed the form.  And gave Navid a cigar.  Kind of being mature, given the situation.
  • Debbie brings the “crush” up to Kelly!  Awkward!  But Kelly doesn’t deny it.  Hmmm…
  • Uht oh, Naomi s looking for Liam—>catches him getting dressed in her room!
  • Naomi determines it was Jen based on the clothes she finds.
  • Q9: “I don’t ever want to see you again.”–Naomi to Liam
  • Jen now says who she really is and Liam is PISSED!
  • Q10: “You are a bitch!”  “Don’t be vulgar.  And yes, I am.”–Liam and Jen
  • WOAH!  Naomi is accusing Annie!  Where is this coming from?
  • Oh, she founds Annie’s wrap.  Had to be coincidentally there, right?
  • Naomi throwing Ethan back in Annie’s face.  I guess it fits, given what Naomi thinks.
  • Q11: “She acts like this innocent girl from Kansas.  That’s not who she is!”–Naomi about annie
  • Everyone is turning on Annie!
  • OMG, this is so mean!!!!!!
  • Q12: “Screw you, Naomi.  Screw all of you!”–Annie
  • And the volcano finally erupts…
  • Wow, really can’t take Shenae’s acting.
  • Annie calling the cops on the party.  And leaves with a bottle of alcohol…
  • Okay, so now Brenda really IS there.
  • Uht oh, adoptive parents have arrived!  Adrianna is understandably upset.
  • Q13: “How am I going to say goodbye?”–Adrianna
  • Q14: “All I can say is adoption is a wonderful gift.  And I’m speaking from experience.  That’s why I was in China.  I adopted a little girl.”–Brenda
  • And that little girl is with Jim and Cindy right now!  Aw, wish we saw them!
  • Silver chasing after Ethan.  Why not Dixon??
  • Woah!  Ethan kisssed her!  Very intense!
  • Q15: “I don’t think we’re just friends.  And I don’t want to be just friends.  I want to be something more or I don’t want anything.  Just think about it, Silver.  Why are you outside with me indea of with your boyfriend?”–Ethan
  • He makes a good point, but ultimatums are never a good thing.
  • Ugh, I can’t stand seeing Jen comforting Naomi.  Makes me so bad.
  • Sara Foster is a wonderful actress, though.  Love how she plays the character.
  • Police sirens!
  • Adrianna does give up the baby.  I feel so bad for her.
  • What kind of name is Maisie/
  • Liam looks very sexy in bed!
  • He’s leaving a message for Naomi.  I think it’s going to take more than that to fix this.
  • Double woah!  Liam is being dragged off to “wilderness camp”!
  • And now it’s daytime.
  • And Annie’s driving drunk.
  • And, of course, she hits something…or someone.
  • Wow, she just committed a hit-and-run!
  • Someone with a West Bev bumper sticker pulled up to thing/body/whatever.
  • The end!
  • Decent cliffhanger.
  • Can’t believe they ended the Silver-Ethan storyline like this when Dustin Milligan won’t be back next season.  So unsatisfying.  This had a lot of potential!
  • And what happened with the sirens?  They didn’t follow up with that.
  • Come back tomorrow to participate in my 90210 season 1 evaluation!



3 responses

20 05 2009

i dont know if you read your comments or what but reading your recap theres one thing you missed JEN picked up annie’s wrap and put it on while annie was cleaning up the pretzels , foreshadowing + is jen really a coniving bitch? did she plan to blame it on annie?

20 05 2009

I didn’t even notice that, Beka! I guess that was foreshadowing. Definitely possible that it was what Jen planned for Annie to get the blame. She probably saw innocent, meek Annie and figured she was someone to take advantage of to help screw over Naomi. And, clearly, it worked.

24 05 2009
Jason the TVaholic

I agree with you on the Ethan/Silver/Dixon storyline, given Milligan won’t be back. Just a complete waste of what might have been an interesting storyline.

Plus, everyone thinking that Annie told about the first party even though she was at the second party was just dumb.

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