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21 05 2009

Okay, so it’s actually not that random, but bear with me…

I cannot accept that the season finale of One Tree Hill was not the series finale.

It was the most perfect ending to six seasons of an amazing show.  I’m not the only one that feels this way, and I’ll be damned if I ever hear Mark Schwahn say otherwise.

Not only did the episode wrap up storylines, but it also circled back to so many things that made One Tree Hill what it was in the first place.

To continue next season without Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton is a travesty.  Yes, I understand they aren’t the only important cast members.  But you take away them and you take away a part of what makes One Tree Hill what it is.  And you do a disservice to the remaining cast, because you break apart so many relationships: Nathan and Lucas, Haley and Lucas, Brooke and Peyton, just to name a few.

I’ve respected Mark all throughout the series.  I think he’s the most brilliant and dedicated of all the teen drama show runners.  He has continually catered to the fans (more so than any other show has, as well) but now he’s doing something extremely out-of-character.  His willingness to continue the show without CMM and Burton just doesn’t add up.  I do believe there’s more to the story than what we know but I’m not even sure knowing what really happened would give me any satisfaction at this point.

I’m truly at a loss.  How do I give up on something that’s such a huge part of me?  Hell, I haven’t given up on Beverly Hills 90210 (and it’s been off the air for almost a decade!) or the current version despite how much I criticize it.

But how do I continue to remain dedicated to One Tree Hill when it isn’t One Tree Hill anymore?

It’s really sad that I’m actually hoping The CW will change its mind and cancel the show.  I truly think that’s the right way to go.

My only other hope is that next season, I fall in love with the show all over again, One Tree Hill version 2.0.



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22 05 2009

Wow! I completely Agree!!!!!!! I love Lucas and Peyton and without them its just not Tree Hill anymore and mean basically this show was about them and their epic love story thats what it was supposed to be when it was gonna be a movie! Im so sad to see them go! I wish it was the series finale too! I will give the new one a chance but who knows!

28 05 2009

OMG… Im so with you!!!!!! I dont know if I’ll be able to watch OTH 2.0 though! We’ll see 🙂

15 07 2009
Thing 3

i agree with everything you said… lucas and peyton were like the Main Main Characters, and when you take them away what is left?

-IMO they should have not did the time jump. I would loved to see how Haley and Nathan Struggled with the baby. How brooke rose to fame. How lucas and peyton brooke up. Alot of key moments and character development was gone.
-Now i hear that they are going to do another time jump i think a year after…its just insane.
– All of the good Teen Drama shows are gone and OTH was one of the last Ones left…and i think they are messing it up. I honestly see OTH ending at season 8
-Unless they have season 7 blow all the others out of the water…i cant see this show continuing

16 07 2009

While the time-jump was certainly interesting–it was neat to find out some of the things that happened via flashbacks–I too would’ve liked to see those missing years. To be fair, though, the flashbacks did give us the key Leyton stuff and the college years have been notoriously difficult for all teen dramas to do. The time-jump was a clever way to address that challenge, and who knows if the show would’ve survived if they didn’t do it?

Yes, there will be another time jump. This time of just one year, and it will potentially help explain where Leyton is and have fans “accept” it.

Agree, all the good teen dramas are gone (excluding OTH pre-season 7)! IMO, Gossip Girl and the new 90210 don’t hold a candle to what came before.

Not sure if the show will continue past this upcoming season. Definitely think season 6 should’ve been it. Creatively, the ending just worked. As much as we hate the idea of our shows ending, I fear this new season will ruin the legacy of the first 6. But if the ratings stay high enough, it’s likely The CW will renew it again and we’ll have a season 8.

Rumors/interviews say it will feel like a whole new show. Not sure if that’s good or bad at this point. We’ll have to wait and see!

16 07 2009
Thing 3

OMG i agree with you Gossip Girl isnt cutting it. Everybody saying its the best new show im sorry…GG isnt as good as the others.

On a Good Note all Teen Drama-Ness isnt somewhat over. We still have degrassi(which could end any day now.)
-The new Series, The Beautiful LIfe: Which features Mischa Barton(love her) so hopefully that will be good.
-Idky about Melrose Place…i have to see it first.
-90210, i havent seen that much of it but hopefully season 2 is better than the first, Most season 2’s are better than the firsts.

A new show? we shall see I mean if OTH does have good ratings and good storylines i can see it staying but if its not up to par, i think they should pull the plug. Because if it kept getting worse and worse then they would just lose fans period. IMO, the only way to save OTH would be to:
-Bring Rachel Back
-Bring Karen Back
-Have Felix Re-Appear
-Bring Haley’s other sister,Taylor, back as well, she was drama.

16 07 2009

1. For more of my thoughts on Gossip Girl, go to the About page and click the Josh Schwartz link

2. I don’t count Degrassi because it isn’t an American show. Melrose doesn’t count either because the characters are already 20-somethings. We’ll have to see how The Beautiful Life start. Not sure that will count either. The premise doesn’t exactly fit the teen drama category.

3. One example of season 2 not being better than the first: The O.C. Nothing matched the first season.

4. Yes, OTH stands to lose a lot of fans. But the head of The CW, Dawn Ostroff, has proved that doesn’t mean much to her. If it did, she would’ve made many different decisions over the years.

5. Rachel is coming back. Would be weird to have Karen back without Lucas. Can totally live without Felix. Do agree they should bring back Taylor, at least instead of introducing Haley’s other sister.

16 07 2009
Thing 3

I have a feeling that Quinn, haleys other sister, will be kinda like Taylor. Free Spirited, Promiscous Girl.
Im glad rachel is back, i didnt like her short lived plot on season 5. I know wiki isnt that reliable, but i read that Rachel will be hooking up with dan scott…how random is that

16 07 2009

I’ve heard that rumor, too, but let’s keep this area spoiler-free!

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