90210: The Evaluation Results

24 05 2009

Thanks to everyone who voted in the polls.  If you read my reactions posts, you know where I stand on 90210 but I was curious to get all of your opinions as well, particularly because this was the show’s inaugural season.  And I have to admit, some of the results were surprising to me.

Most shocking? Liam won for favorite male character (with Navid one vote away!) but also came in second place for worst male (Ethan ranked first).  Not exactly sure how that happened–and not even sure why any of you like him to begin with!

Silver got your vote for favorite female, while worst female was a no-brainer: Annie!  Annie also got the (dis)honor of winning worst storyline for her performance in the season finale, as well as worst couple for her relationship with Ethan.

Adrianna came out on top in several categories.  Her relationship with Navid earned them favorite couple, as well as best storyline.  Additionally, Adrianna’s overdose early in the season was voted best cliffhanger.  Given these results, I was surprised she came in second for favorite female.

Kelly not only won favorite supporting character but beat out–with 71% of the vote!–Donna and Brenda, respectively, for favorite returning one.

As for rating the season/show overall, you guys gave it a 7.5 (since there was a tie for 7 and 8).

And much to my disappointment, you guys prefer 90210 to Beverly Hills 90210 54-46%.  Any particular reason why?

Come back tomorrow for the Gossip Girl results!



9 responses

24 05 2009

I think a lot of the reason the votes came out with the preference for 90210 and beverly hills 90210 is that i wasnt old enough to watch the first one and think that this could be the same for many young viewers.

24 05 2009

Jessica is right. I’m 16 and didn’t even know that this was a spin-off when I first watched it…

I’m glad Annie won the “Worst Female Character” award but I think this award is for Shenae’s acting.

24 05 2009

Ezequiel, you just made my heart stop for a minute!

24 05 2009

why? don’t you think am right?

24 05 2009

Yes, just can’t believe you didn’t know about the original 90210!

25 05 2009

Wait, understand, I’m not American, I’m Argentinian. My sister (24) used to watch it, but it was a long time ago (1993, according to IMDb).

Back then I didn’t know English, the first american series I started watching was OTH when I saw the 4×22, that was a few years ago (2007)…

25 05 2009

Oh, okay. Makes more sense now.

90210 started back in 1990, btw.

25 05 2009

Yes, but not here… Back then series started many years later, now it’s just months… (God bless Internet!!)

26 05 2009

Maybe Liam was voted favorite male character becuase he is sooooo hot? I didn’t vote for him, but who knows?

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