Gossip Girl: The Evaluation Results

25 05 2009

First off, I want to thank you all for encouraging me to do a poll for Gossip Girl (and One Tree Hill).  While the results weren’t surprising to me, it’s still interesting to know where you all stand.

Chuck and Blair pretty much dominated.  They’re your favorite characters and favorite couple, and their relationship won best storyline.  The percentages were pretty high, too, so no one else really stood a chance apparently.

Vanessa got the majority of votes for worst female character, while Dan won for worst male–though Nate was very close behind.

Nate and Vanessa were voted worst couple, with Nate and Blair in second.

Georgina ranked best supporting character, beating Dorota by only two votes.

There were single votes for the following as worst storyline: Georgina becoming religious, Nate and Jenny’s fling, Eleanor and Cyrus getting married, Nate and Blair reuniting, Chuck’s “Eyes Wide Shut” story and the Gabriel/Poppy scheme.

There were equal votes for best cliffhanger, both coming from the finale: Serena finding out about her dad, and Georgina requesting to room with Blair at NYU.

You rated the season an 8 overall and the show a 9.


One Tree Hill results will be posted tomorrow.



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