Teen Drama’s Best Episode Titles

8 06 2009

Almost all television series have creative titles for each of their episodes.  For the next few days, I’ll share with you some of my favorites from each of our beloved teen dramas.


Shooting Star/American in Paris, Episode 3.5: Really like the first part, particularly because it applies to Kelly and Dylan, my all-time all-series favorite couple.

The Time Has Come Today, 4.25: A retro line very fitting of this 1960s flashback episode

Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington, 4.31-32: A clever and fitting play on a classic movie title.

The Dreams of Dylan McKay, 5.10: Probably the most accurate episode title ever.

Hate is Just a Four-Letter Word, 5.11: I like it because it’s not true, and that’s exactly the point of the episode.

Unreal World, 5.24.: Another clever and fitting play on another classic piece of pop culture.

The Real McCoy, 5.29: Same as above.

P.S., I Love You, 5.31-32: Isn’t this what we all long to hear?

One Wedding and a Funeral, 6.10: Yet another clever and fitting play on a classic movie title.  Also probably the saddest 90210 episode ever, even if the title gives the whole plot away.

The Way We Weren’t, 8.4: Anddddd another clever and fitting play on a movie title.  Are you sensing a theme here?

The Morning After, 9.1: Is there a better title for the episode after Kelly and Brandon’s failed wedding?  I think not.

Doc Martin, 10.17: A fitting tribute.

Ever Hear the One About the Exploding Father?, 10.20: Perfect given the episode’s plot and since it’s a nod to longtime fans.

The Penultimate, 10.27: What else do you call the second to last episode of a series?

Tomorrow, on to Dawson’s Creek!



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