Spoiler: Mega Buzz

1 07 2009


Is 90210 ever going to have a summer season like the original did? — Karen
MICKEY: Not this summer. But Season 2’s premiere episode (which is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 8th) will reintroduce us to the Beverly Hills Beach Club. As for the boys of summer, there will be plenty come fall. In addition to Teddy, both Annie and Naomi will have summer flings with which to deal, by which I mean “drop them like third-period French.” Their hastiness won’t be good for either of them.

I am super-excited (pun intended) about Brian Austin Green appearing on Smallville! Is there is any chance he will be on for more than two episodes? — Gabriela
MATT: At this juncture, BAG has been tagged for only the first two episodes of Season 9. But your query allows me to share this scooplet about Metallo’s small-screen origin tale: The producers tell me that soon after mild-mannered John Corben begins his “Daily Planet” gig, “his fate takes a horrific twist that will change his destiny forever.” Hmm, would that be Prof. Emmett Vale’s cue?

Are Gossip Girl‘s Serena and Nate going to hook up anytime soon? — Jennifer
MICKEY: Methinks someone — cough, Jennifer, cough — is getting a bit stalkery with this question. At least initially, the answer is (still) no, as Serena and Nate will both be getting BIZ-AY with new love interests in the fall: S. will be courted by a prince among men, while Nate will be busy wooing this lady. (In case you were wondering, JoAnna Garcia will be busy asking herself, “I got canceled for this?”)



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