YouTube Video of the Week

5 07 2009

Did you know the Twilight series features FOUR teen drama stars!  Three of them are even from the same show!

Kellan Lutz (George, 90210), Jackson Rathbone (Justin, The O.C.) and Nikki Reed (Sadie, The O.C.) appear in both Twilight and its sequel New Moon, while Cam Gigandet (Volchok, The O.C.) is just in the first film.

Enjoy the clips and pic below.

Kellan Lutz

Me and Kellan



4 responses

5 07 2009

why do i not remember justin ?

5 07 2009

Probably because he was just in 2 or 3 episodes as Kaitlin’s love interest.

5 07 2009

oh yeah ! i remember now, i just couldnt remember frist hearing the name

5 07 2009

also that second video wouldnt work first on my computer ! i feel like an idiot now, lol

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