What’s YOUR Top 10?

11 07 2009

I frequently post my 5 or 10 favorite things in a particular teen drama category and now it’s your turn.

What do you think are the 10 best kisses from Beverly Hills 90210?

What are the best Sophia Bush scenes on One Tree Hill?

What are Seth’s funniest lines from The O.C.?

What are the best cross-over/mash-up videos?

What are the best alternate universe videos?

If you can list it, I want to see it.

Feel free to create your own text or video list or suggest someone else’s from YouTube.  Either way, post a link in the comments!

Here are some more suggestions based on what I’ve seen floating around YouTube: the best Brooke/Peyton moments, best music moments, best spoofs, favorite interviews, etc.



5 responses

11 07 2009

my number one tv moment ever would have to be when lucas say ‘peyton it’s you.’ etc after winning the championship

11 07 2009

I especially love that several episodes flashback to that scene. Thanks for commenting!

14 07 2009

My favourite Sophia Bush’s scenes on OTH are :
– “Why don’t you ever let me all the way in?” in 322
– The deleted scene on 316 ” Something tells me that you won’t air that”
– “I am one in a million”, in season 5
– “No company/ no daughter” from season 6

In fact I love all Brooke’s scenes… but especially all the Brokke/Julian scenes in season 6 …

14 07 2009

Those are great ones! Of those, I think I like the first one the most. There’s some YouTube vids with the same list more or less.

24 07 2009

I loved when Brooke slapped Peyton. Tramp deserved it!

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