Introducing Trivia Night!

13 07 2009

I’ve been inspired by my friend Christy-Anne, who runs OTH Twitter Bugs.

Each week, Christy-Anne hosts a One Tree Hill trivia competition via Twitter.

I’m going to do the same–but for each of the teen dramas.

One week it will all be about Beverly Hills 90210, the next Dawson’s Creek, etc.

We’ll start as soon as you guys reply in the comments that a) you’re interested in this and b) what your weeknight availability is.

I’ve already got HUNDREDS of questions ready to go.  I’m so excited!



9 responses

13 07 2009

Im glad Ive been your inspiration… hehehehe, have fun!!! Ill TRY 2 join!!! See ya tonight?!?

13 07 2009

This sounds like it could be fun 😉

13 07 2009

Do you have a preference on night?

13 07 2009

That sound really fun!!!
I would love to join!

13 07 2009

oh yay! you will do an OTH night, right?

& i say tuesday nights.

13 07 2009

Yep, OTH for sure. But that will be the fourth week–going in chronological order of shows.

13 07 2009

i like that idea. any night

13 07 2009

Any night is fine 😉

14 07 2009
Brittany Lites

I’m very interested anynight works. I have a baby so It is best atnight!!

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