Spoiler: Mega Buzz

15 07 2009

Will there be any new ladies on 90210 this season? — Jamie
MICKEY: There will, Jamie! I have it on good authority that while Teddy is off reducing Silver and Annie’s self-esteem, Dixon will be enjoying the company of a new girl in town. There’s not much I can say about her just yet, except that she’s older, gorgeous and very gooooooal!-oriented.

Is it true that Michelle Trachtenberg has been promoted to series regular on Gossip Girl? — William
MICKEY: No, it’s not true, but I can understand why you might think that, since the Season 2 finale indicated that Georgina would be enrolling at NYU with the gang. Not only will Trachtenberg’s fall run on Gossip Girl be brief, but the actress’ other show, the NBC nursing drama Mercy, has just been moved up from midseason to allow for Maura Tierney’s breast tumor surgery. So with Mercy rushed into production, Trachtenberg will be otherwise occupied.



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