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18 07 2009

I know I’ve touched on this before but it’s something I have trouble getting out of my mind when I watch certain One Tree Hill episodes.

I will never understand how Sophia Bush (Brooke) and Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) acted together after they divorced.

How do you pretend to be in love with someone when that someone broke your heart?

How do you kiss each other and not feel what you used to feel?

How do you fight with them and not feel there’s truth in what you’re saying?

Yes, it’s just “acting” and “pretend.”  And, yes, both Sophia and Chad have moved on. But everyone’s human with real emotions and something like this has got to mess with them.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but maybe for their sake, it’s best that CMM left the show?



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18 07 2009

It probably was difficult but it was a case of “you made your bed now u gotta lie in it” situation. They married too quickly and being co-stars on a popular show, things were bound to go sour. And Sophia Bush and James Lafferty are together now I read somewhere….so I’m sure she’s fine….it was probably his last straw and presumably one of the reasons he called it quits.

18 07 2009

Dawn, I agree with your assessment for the most part. But they did date for two years before they got married.Even still, I can’t think of one real-life TV couple from any show that got married and still are today. And, yes, James and Sophia are together now. CMM himself confirmed it.

19 07 2009

I could not agree more about how strange it must be to work together and that his departure must be freeing for Sophia. That kind of working environment is best if your really close friends because you have to spend so much time together and now she gets to just be around friends instead of her ex.

28 07 2009
Joao Santos

In my opinion things should be a lot cooler right now, as 3-4 years have passed by. So probably, by this time, the impact of it all should be marginal. Nevertheless, for Sophia (and for James, probably) it might make things easier CMM’s exit from the show. Professionally, it may be an altogether different thing as OTH without CMM and HB will be tested this coming season.

28 07 2009

Joao, thanks for your comment. I can never imagine it being better or easier–but perhaps that’s why I’m not an actor! They are able to just put real life aside, I guess. For me, my emotions are my emotions and if I kissed him for the show, I’d still feel what I felt for him in real life.

And yes, the show will definitely be tested this season!

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