Trivia Night Results!

5 08 2009

Thanks to everyone who participated in trivia night!

The theme was The O.C. and at our peak we had 12 players.


First Place: *First-ever Perfect Score* @totallyrosalie, 34/34

Second Place: *Three-way Tie* @naleymisafan, 28/34 (YouTube, YouTube2); @LuciCalegari, 28/34; @jeska777, 28/34

Third Place: @LissaLou30, 26/34 (MySpace)

Thanks again to everyone who played. I am grateful for every one of you!

Our next trivia night will be Tuesday (8/11/09) at 7pm with One Tree Hill as the theme.

Hope you’ll join us!



2 responses

5 08 2009

How do you participate in the trivia nights?

5 08 2009

You need to have a Twitter account. Specific instructions on how we play here:

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