Let’s Compare Scenes

13 08 2009

Introducing a new semi-regular series.

Let’s Compare Scenes will take a specific topic or event and see how two different teen dramas portrayed it.

Here we go…

1. Dawson’s Creek, Episode 2.14, To Be Or Not To Be…

Pacey defends Jack after he is humiliated for his sexuality.

(Start at 21:50)

2. One Tree Hill, Episode 2.10, Don’t Take Me For Granted

Peyton, in defense of Anna, takes a stand against homophobia.



3 responses

13 08 2009

If it’s a vote mine goes to OTH. I loved Peyton’s character the most in season 2 and this scene is a big part of that. She can be fearless and yet vulnerable. She is not afraid to be who she is and really tries to make a difference whether it is through her art, the music she wants to produce, or the people that she befriends(i.e. Anna).

13 08 2009

I agree with Alyssa. The One Tree Hill scene has more impact and is more realistic. The Dawson’s Creek scene starts talky and ends so exaggerated that it distracts from the good message.

14 08 2009

Dawson’s Creek too “talky”? Never. Lol DC always had too much dialogue, but I love the show anyways. 😉

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