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14 08 2009

I recently posted the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s You Belong to Me, saying they fit perfectly for Joey and Dawson from Dawson’s Creek.

Now, after watching this video for The O.C.’s Marissa and Ryan, I’ve come up with a task for all of you.

What would or should be the theme song for each of our teen drama couples?

Is there a song that fits overall or works for a particular storyline?

Feel free to post links to videos or lyrics.  For inspiration, check out the videos I used in my Essential Teen Drama Love Triangles posts and Favorite Couples posts.



11 responses

14 08 2009

A great song for Seth and Summer is Just the Girl, by the Click Five: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ID5hj5AYFqI

14 08 2009

Ang–love it! Big fan of that song. It works quite well for their relationship, particularly for the beginning of it. Great variety of clips from all the seasons. Thanks for sharing!

14 08 2009

heartbeats- jose gonzolez.

you know what couple.

OH! then-brad paisley. i DECLARE bp is an LP fan.

14 08 2009

Links to lyrics please, missy! Share the fun!

15 08 2009

oh WOW.. you said to post links.. yeah… its been that kinda day.


and ‘then’

15 08 2009

Pure amazingness. I think Paisley’s a love song genius. And it worked perfectly in the video. But my all-time favorite Leyton one is probably still this: https://teendramawhore.com/2009/01/25/youtube-video-of-the-week-4/

15 08 2009
stephanie hicklin

For me I would choose for lucas and peyton, you found me by the fray the words suit them perfectly “lost and insecure, you found me, you found me, lying on the floor” just reminds me of old leyton, brings back memories of school shootin and ellie etc


16 08 2009

Steph, those lines are perfect for the things you mentioned!

16 08 2009
steph hicklin

oops sorry forgot to add a link to the fray lyrics http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/fray/youfoundme.html

1 09 2009

Joey & Pacey – the best song for them is God Bless the Broken Road by the Rascal Flatts, or Everything by Lifehouse, or If by Dragmatic, or my last choice haha would be Have a Little Faith in Me – John Hiatt

2 09 2009

Those are great suggestions, Heather! (Though I do think they could apply to pretty much any couple.) I think the last one actually was used on Dawson’s Creek but I can’t remember when…

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