Let’s Compare Scenes…er…Photos

29 08 2009

Changing it up a bit…

1. Beverly Hills 90210 cast shot, circa 1991

(Though I recently learned this isn’t the original version of the picture)


2. One Tree Hill cast shot, circa 2003




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29 08 2009

“Talent borrows. Genius steals.” — Oscar Wilde

29 08 2009

theres actually a gossip girl one like that too

29 08 2009

Not sure I’m familiar with it, do you have a link?

29 08 2009

here’s the gossip girl

29 08 2009

Ah, right, I purposefully didn’t include that one because I don’t think it’s *that* similar and because it was from a series of shots done for a magazine spread/interview as opposed to being a specific promo shot for the show.

Thanks for the link!

29 08 2009

Oh, there’s also this version of the One Tree Hill one: http://www.wavplanet.com/one_tree_hill_48981.jpg

30 08 2009

I’ve always found this picture (one tree hill) weird because of the positioning of the stars- I guess because it was for the first season and relationships weren’t set out properly that it’s like that but still it sort of suggests that Haley and Lucas could be a couple and I always thought that Haley and Peyton should swap places in this photograph so that Peyton is on Lucas’ arm and Haley is holding onto Nathan and Lucas. I know it’s like that because of Peytons “relationship” with Nathan, but a lot of things changed in the first series, I mean Brooke wasn’t even in the pilot.

31 08 2009

I totally agree /\ i always thought that was really weird

31 08 2009

Sometimes we read too much into promo photographs. We think there’s a meaning behind the positionings but sometimes there’s not.

For instance, in the 90210 one above, you might want to say Brenda is lying on Dylan on purpose but it’s actually just a coincidence. That photo was originally taken with Douglas Emerson there–that’s Luke’s head photoshopped on top of Doug’s body. And they didn’t choose that spot because they wanted Dylan where Brenda was but because Douglas was being phased out from the main cast and all promotions, making room for Luke.

But, yes, there are some promos done where the positioning is reflective of the show. Just not always, so nothing seems that weird to me.

8 09 2009

Hand check!

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