Get Ready for 90210 Season 2!

7 09 2009

We’re a day away from 90210’s season 2 premiere!

Here’s what you need to know about last season:

Annie and Dixon move to Beverly Hills, where father Harry is the principal of West Beverly High and mother Debbie is a photographer.

Popular girl Naomi loses longtime boyfriend Ethan when he decides to be with Annie instead.  When the relationship fails, Ethan falls for Silver.

Silver spends most of the season dating Dixon, though the relationship hits a rough spot when Silver struggles with bi-polar disorder.

Adrianna, Naomi’s best friend, recovers from a drug addiction only to find out she’s pregnant.  Boyfriend Navid, who isn’t the father, decides to stick by her side, though Adrianna ultimately gives the baby up for adoption.

Naomi’s attempt to win over the brooding Liam starts to work, until she finds out he slept with someone else.  Naomi assumes it’s Annie but it was actually her own sister, Jen.

Silver’s older sister and West Bev guidance counselor Kelly had a relationship with teacher Ryan, who started seeing Jen in the season finale.

Annie, disgusted by how everyone treats her, drives drunk and hits something…or someone!

Come back at noon tomorrow for an exclusive interview about the new season and then you’ll be all set for my live-blog of the premiere at 8pm eastern!



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