Fun Fact

10 09 2009

Did you know Penn Badgley (Dan, Gossip Girl) played Brittany Snow’s love interest in John Tucker Must Die?

What I find particularly humorous about this is that on Gossip Girl, Snow played the young version of Lily–aka, the mother to Dan’s on-again, off-again girlfriend!

And, of course, Sophia Bush (Brooke, One Tree Hill) also starred in John Tucker.

To top it all off, Badgley also starred in The Bedford Diaries, where Ernest Waddell, who played Peyton’s brother Derek on One Tree Hill, was his co-star.

Yet another tangled teen drama web of connections!



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10 09 2009

i acutually knew that but he looks extremly different in the movie with his long hair !
also i thought of some more actors on two different teen dramas, but i can only remember one now at the moment,
Paula Trickley played Veronica Townsend on the OC and appeared as carry in an episode of one tree hill in season 1. i cant find the episode now at the moment

10 09 2009

It’s amazing to me how different he looks. A hairstyle like that changes everything!

Paula appeared on OTH as a the woman on the beach who flirts with Dan. She later comes over, and Deb catches them preparing for dinner. This was before her appearances on The O.C. There’s a handful of minor actors that have appeared on more than one teen drama, but really only 2 or 3 (depending on who you count) that had significant recurring roles on more than one. My favorite example is probably James Van Der Beek and Chad Michael Murray because they starred together on Dawson’s Creek and then on One Tree Hill.

10 09 2009

Strange, I was just put that Penn Badgely-Brittany Snow connection together the other day when JTMD was on TV.

10 09 2009

Funny. I actually wrote this post a while ago but published it now.

10 09 2009

Speaking of young Lily, “Valley Girls” is definitely not being done, right?

10 09 2009

Right. The Gossip Girl spin-off is *not* happening. At least no time soon.

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