Spoiler: Mega Buzz

30 09 2009


Are Navid and Adrianna really going to break up on 90210? I love them together! — Katelyn
MICKEY: Well, that’s hard to say. I wonder if it has to do with Teddy? I hope it doesn’t send Ade back to substance abuse.

I can’t wait to see Hilary Duff on Gossip Girl. Who will she have scenes with? — Andrea S.
MICKEY: Who won’t she have scenes with? I had heard that movie star Olivia Burke (Duff) would be rooming with Vanessa, but I had no idea she’d be romancing Dan and working with Serena. (Yes, you heard me right: working.) But forget all that, if you’re looking for an excuse to laugh louder than you ever have in your life honest human emotion, wait until you see Duff and fellow guest star Tyra Banks’ virtuoso performances in Fleur, the film-within-the-show about, of course, the French resistance during World War II. Talk about Les Miserables!

Credit: TVGuide.com



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