Happy Birthday Trevor Donovan!

7 10 2009

Donovan (Teddy, 90210) turned 31 today!

Check out how amazing he still looks!

Trevor Donovan A



4 responses

8 10 2009

OMG! That is too strange. I really don’t like that these shows get people ten years older than their character.

8 10 2009

This is definitely one of those extreme examples. Usually the age disparity isn’t that great. Other noteworthy ones, though, include: Michael Steger, who plays Navid, is 29 and Gabrielle Cateris was 29 when BH90210 started.

8 10 2009

hes 31 ?!??!?! i agree with alyssa, if your playing a senior in high school you shouldnt get an actor whos like 13 years older than that. but i gotta say he definetly doesnt look 31 ;P

8 10 2009

No, he definitely doesn’t! Your point is definitely fair, Becky, but they apparently disagree in Hollywood!

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