Six Degrees of Teen Dramas

31 10 2009

Last Week: Mel Gibson

This Week:

Elizabeth Taylor

Have at it!



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1 11 2009

Elizabeth Taylor was in the 1994 film ‘The Flinstones’, which Halle Berry acted in as well. Halle Berry was in ‘Perfect Stranger’ with Bruce Willis, who is the father of Rumer Willis, who is currently guest starring on ‘90210’!

1 11 2009

Nice, g90210th! I just thought of a shorter one, using yours. Elizabeth Taylor appeared in The Flintstones, which starred Rosie O’Donnell. O’Donnell guest-starred on Beverly Hills 90210. See:

1 11 2009

I forgot that she was in the Flinstones, ha. She also was the first big name actress to guest star on General Hospital, she played Helena Cassadine. Her guest starring role had a lot to do with the famous soap duo Luke & Laura, parents to Lucky Spencer. Lucky was played by Greg Vaughn, until recently, who guest starred on the original 90210 and will come back to the new 90210. Lucky was first played by, and is again being played by, Jonathon Jackson. Jonathon Jackson starred in the Terminator series with Brian Austin Green.

1 11 2009

Good job, Sane. We’ve been coming back to General Hospital a lot lately. One day I’d like to hammer out all the connections the daytime soaps have to the teen dramas. Could take a while.

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