News Roundup: 90210, Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill

1 11 2009
  • A U.K. paper says Beverly Hills 90210 is one of the “most shameless cultural franchises.”  The article also claims that 5 original stars have appeared on 90210 2.0 but I can only think of 4!
  • These are the first pictures I’ve seen of Greg Vaughan (Cliff, Beverly Hills 90210) filming 90210.  Not sure what his new character’s name is or how I’ll refer to him on here.
  • Kelly Lynch has been cast as mom to Ivy (Gillian Zinser, 90210). has a few more details on the role.
  • Michael Cudlitz (Tony, Beverly Hills 90210) was named “hot in Hollywood” in the current issue of USA Weekend.
  • Joanna Garcia (Bree, Gossip Girl) will appear on How I Met Your Mother.
  • Registration for the One Tree Hill Reunion trip to Wilmington will close at the end of this month, Nov. 30.
  • Hilarie Burton (Peyton, One Tree Hill) has a new blog post on the SoGoPro site.



6 responses

1 11 2009

I think the ‘5 originals that appeared in 90210 2.0’ that they were referring too were Nat, Kelly, Brenda, Donna, and Kelly’s mom Jackie. I didn’t watch the original BH90210 so I’m not sure what exactly an original would be classified as LOL

1 11 2009

I think you’re right, g90210th. My problem was that I was only thinking of regular characters, which just meant Nat, Kelly, Brenda and Donna–not Jackie. So that’s why I only came up with 4. But, I guess, technically, it would be 5–and even more if you add on the ones that have referenced but not seen.

2 11 2009

I don’t really remember right now..Who’s Nat?

2 11 2009

Nat was the owner of The Peach Pit, and very much a mentor/BFF to the gang.

2 11 2009

What ever happend to Nat? I hate how the new 90210 just brought him back then made him dissappear. I think it’d be cool to have him be the mentor-figure for the new generation.

2 11 2009

I agree, g90210th. It’s clear now that he was really just used to support their claim that they were going to make use of the original world. More insulting than anything, in my opinion.

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