Spoiler: Korbi TV

9 11 2009


What’s the big deal with this “Gossip Girl” threesome? Why is everyone making such a fuss? Can you say who the participating players are? -Michelle
I haven’t yet seen the episode, so I won’t offer my opinion on what goes down, but I will say that a little birdie told me Hilary Duff (aka Dan’s girlfriend Olivia) is definitely involved.

Didn’t you report that there’s still hope for Liam and Naomi on “90210” this season? Doesn’t it seem like the new surfer girl is going after him? -P
The new surf girl is absolutely making a play for Liam, but that doesn’t mean she’ll get what she wants. Actually, I know for a fact that Naomi will be the victor in this battle and be back with Liam before we know it… much to our new friend’s chagrin.

Actually, Naomi will reconcile with Annie as well, right around the same time.

I stopped by the set of “90210” to speak with Annalynne McCord on the subject…

Credit: Zap2it


“The new surf girl” refers to Ivy.



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