Live-Blog: 90210 2.09

10 11 2009

Last Week’s Live-Blog

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EPISODE 2.09: A Trip To The Moon

  • Previously on: Jackie has cancer, Annie accuses Jasper of being a drug dealer, Sasha is pregnant and keeping the baby, Liam and Ivy hook up, Debbie finds out Sasha isn’t pregnant, Dixon hears Sasha has a miscarriage, Teddy tells Silver his mom had cancer, Jen and Liam threaten each other, Adrianna goes back to drugs which are given to her by Jasper
  • This is the second episode of the sweeps period.
  • Harry tells Dixon he got him back on the surf team
  • Dixon says he won’t rejoin–he missed practices so he’ll face the consequences.
  • Dixon regrets fighting with Sasha instead of helping her.
  • Harry says she probably just wants to move on alone.
  • He’s tried calling her but she won’t respond. He assumes she’s devastated about the miscarriage.
  • He says he can’t go on with his life while she’s suffering.
  • Harry tells Debbie that Dixon seems miserable.
  • Debbie says he’ll be more miserable if he knew Sasha lied and manipulated him.
  • Debbie tells Harry to trust him–he’ll snap out of it soon and they can all move forward.
  • Apparently it’s been a few days since the last episode.
  • Silver is giving Jackie medication and going over her “schedule”–nurses, doctors, medical tests, etc.
  • Jackie looks a lot worse. Sad.
  • Silver has a binder organizing everything. Wonder if she made it.
  • Ha. Jackie asks her how she got so organized.
  • Silver says she was always organized, and recounts how in 5th grade, she set up a class trip to the zoo.
  • Jackie isn’t remembering.
  • Silver then says she’s organized in order to stage manager, which she’s done since like 7th grade.
  • Jackie still seems surprised.
  • I’d like to point out now before we go further that the original 90210 ended with Silver as 8 years old and Jackie being a great mother since the day she was born. So if they claim any badness happened before she was 8, that doesn’t work and would just piss me off.
  • Silver is now at school with Naomi.
  • I wish we got more history on those two.
  • It’s almost Silver’s half-birthday (?) but she doesn’t want to do anything because a lot is going on.
  • Jamie has asked Naomi on a date.
  • They are happy to see Adrianna in school.
  • She says she’s doing better and she’s sorry she’s such a mess.
  • Naomi says she understands why she was so upset and Silver says she’s glad to see her better.
  • Really, Adrianna just looks numb. Must be the drugs.
  • Silver leaves and Adrianna asks Naomi how she is.
  • Naomi says how Silver doesn’t want to celebrate but they’ll get her a gift anyway.
  • Adrianna says she’s “low on funds” so Naomi gives her $150 for the gift. But we know where that will go…
  • Liam tries to tell Ryan that Jen is psychotic but he won’t listen.
  • Ryan instead suggests that maybe Liam’s father was right–he’s just a bad kid.
  • Ivy comes up all happy and joking but Liam is brooding and tells her to “back off.”
  • Q1: You’re not my girlfriend.–Liam
  • Naomi is still trying to convince Silver to celebrate her half-birthday party.
  • Teddy comes up, as Naomi brags about the dress she got for the party.
  • She leaves and Teddy says Silver doesn’t seem the type to make a big deal about birthdays.
  • Silver says it’s a long story and Teddy says it’s a long walk to class.
  • She says it was her 10th birthday that was going to be in the backyard overnight with stars and a tent but Jackie got trashed and they couldn’t have the party.
  • 10th birthday–okay, that works. So sometime between ages 8 and 10, Jackie fell off the wagon. Hmm.
  • Ever since then, Silver says, she’s learned not to expect much.
  • Q2: If you don’t have high expecations, you can’t get let down.–Silver
  • Teddy jokes about what to get for a half-birthday gift: half-DVD, half bottle of champagnge, half-bikini.
  • Adrianna sees them together and is not happy.
  • Silver notices and becomes unhappy too.
  • Navid is watching footage of Gia doing the news report on drugs.
  • Jasper comes in, introduces himself, and then point-blank asks why he told Annie he was a drug dealer.
  • Navid explains he heard from a friend of a friend.
  • Jasper says he should’ve checked his sources, just like he does with his stories.
  • Jasper says he’s not a drug dealer–he’s just unpopular with no friends so people like to spread rumors and gossip.
  • He adds that it “feels crappy” and leaves.
  • Navid is speechless–because he believes him or because he doesn’t?
  • Annie happily goes over to Jasper, who is just as glad to see her.
  • He tells her he has big news: he showed his father clips of the movie who showed it to an industry guy who liked it.
  • Annie’s excited but there’s more.
  • There’s a Shia LaBeouf movie that his dad is producing and he got Annie an audition.
  • She freaks out–in a happy way.
  • Jasper makes her promise she won’t forget him when he’s famous.
  • She jokes that she’ll still need someone to get her coffee.
  • Ivy asks the guys if Liam is coming to lunch and Teddy says he’s in a bad mood and bit his head off earlier.
  • Ivy tries to smoothly ask what was wrong with Liam but the guys aren’t giving answers.
  • Dixon says Liam isn’t the type to talk about his feelings but Ivy questions if something is really wrong.
  • The guys continue to joke and Ivy accuses of them of not being good friends.
  • Silver mentions the Santa Anas affecting her. Interesting because Kelly always said the same thing. It was a big motif in the original for her and Dylan.
  • She’s having lunch with Adrianna and explains that she and Teddy are just being friends since they bonded over moms with cancer.
  • But she says she’ll end the friendship if it bothers her.
  • Adrianna said if this is what it takes to help her deal, then she’s fine with it.
  • Silver is thrilled.
  • Ade excuses herself to go the bathroom. While there, she’s takes a few pills and stares blankly into the mirror.
  • Silver is at home and on the phone, looking a bit stressed.
  • Teddy comes over, bringing her her homework and coffee.
  • Why doesn’t she have her homework?
  • Silver explains that someone needs to stay with Jackie but she needs to run an errand for Jackie.
  • Teddy says she’ll stay with her. He has experience.
  • She thanks him and leaves.
  • Dixon tells Navid he wishes Sasha knew how sorry he was.
  • Wasn’t sure Dixon was going to tell anyone what happened.
  • Navid sees Jasper and ditches Dixon.
  • He watches afar as Jasper gets into Adrianna’s car.
  • Adrianna wants to buy more drugs but she only has $20.
  • Jasper says she can’t buy some–she needs to buy old.
  • She takes the money meant for Silver’s gift and buys the drugs.
  • Navid watches as Jasper gets out of the car, counting the money, and Ade drives off.
  • And again we go into commercial with Navid scowling…
  • Silver comes home to see Teddy and Jackie laughing and having fun together.
  • They are playing cards together.
  • Aw, Teddy can be really charming sometimes.
  • Adrianna is her room, completely in a fog.
  • But she gets happy when she sees that Navid is calling.
  • She’s happy to hear from him and he cuts to the case.
  • Q4: Ade, I saw you buying drugs today.–Navid
  • He asks why she started using again and she denies it.
  • He says he saw her in the car with Jasper and she tells he’s wrong.
  • Q5: Why do you even care?–Adrianna
  • She hangs up on him.
  • Dixon tells his parents that he’s going to Sasha’s to apologize to her and make sure she’s okay.
  • Debbie is alarmed, of course, because she lied about the miscarriage.
  • She tries to cover by saying Sasha doesn’t want to him now.
  • And Dixon attributes that to his behavior and that’s why he wants to apologize.
  • Harry covers saying it’s dinnertime and Dixon says he’ll go later.
  • So Debbie says she has something to tell him.
  • Q6: Sasha didn’t have a miscarriage. She wasn’t pregnant.–Debbie
  • Dixon is, understandably, confused.
  • Debbie says she was suspicious, went to see Sasha, and caught her in lies. She then lied about the miscarriage to “save face.”
  • Dixon is shocked that she wasn’t pregnant and his parents knew all along.
  • Debbie says it’s her fault. Harry wanted to be honest but she didn’t.
  • Q7: I didn’t want you to get your heart broken and not trust women.–Debbie
  • Dixon has a good reply but I missed it.
  • Annie and Jasper are rehearsing for her audition.
  • It’s interesting that we have 2 characters that want to be actresses.
  • Jasper is complimenting her and says he’s so lucky to have found her.
  • He gets back to work and she blurts out…
  • Q8: “I love you.”  “That’s not your line.”  “I know.”–Annie and Jasper
  • She apologizes when Jasper is silent, saying she shouldn’t have seen it.
  • Q9: “No, Annie. It’s just that I wanted to be the one to say it first.”–Jasper
  • They start making out.
  • Promo for 90210’s partnership with Warriors in Pink, in honor of breast cancer.  They’re running a contest to win a car. Hmmm.
  • Back at school, Navid passes Jasper.
  • Q10: “You scumbag.” “Good morning to you, too.”–Navid and Jasper
  • Navid tells Jasper he saw them make a drug deal.
  • Jasper tells him he loaned her lunch money and she was paying him back.
  • Navid almost looks like he’s believing it but then tells him to stay away from her.
  • Jasper says again that he’s not a drug dealer and if he was, he wouldn’t be the type you want to mess with.
  • Liam is on the beach with Ivy and Teddy but is still all POed.
  • He’s not nice to Teddy so Teddy asks what’s wrong but he claims nothing and walks off.
  • Teddy shrugs and tells Ivy he tried.
  • Silver comes home and finds her mom in a room themed according to the planets.
  • Jackie say she wants to make up for the birthdays she missed.
  • This is supposed to be for her 7th birthday when she wants to be an astronaut. Um, THAT DOESN’T WORK PEOPLE!
  • Now they move to a different room that’s decorated like space.
  • Not quite sure how Jackie is well enough to be walking all around like this with enthusiasm.
  • Next room is 80s-themed for Silver’s 12th birthday. That I can (grudgingly) accept.
  • Silver asks Jackie how she did all this and she said Teddy was the biggest help.
  • Just occurred to me that this isn’t even the same house from the original show (I guess I can’t expect it to be) and they haven’t explained that.
  • Debbie apologizes to Dixon again. She says her intentions were gone but “obviously I was wrong.”
  • He walks out and she still tries to talk to him.
  • Harry steps in but Dixon isn’t having it.
  • Q11: Whatever. It’s not like she’s my real mom.–Dixon
  • Cut to a stunned Debbie and cue the commercial!
  • Silver and Jackie are now doing a “camping” party, roasting marshmellows in front of a tent.
  • Jackie now looks sick again and is back in her PJs and no wig.
  • Silver says she loves scary movies because it let her forget her problems.
  • Jackie realizes she means their relationship was the problem.
  • Silver says it was hard having her mom never there and never even knowing if she would come home at night.
  • Jackie apologizes but says she knows it doesn’t make up for anything.
  • Sorry, but this is exactly what happened with Kelly and Jackie in season 1.  And Jackie LEARNED from her mistakes. That’s why it would never happen again with Silver.
  • I can’t stand that they are doing this again!  It just doesn’t work and it’s not fair to the original fans, writers, etc.
  • Silver says that the apology doesn’t make up for anything but this (the birthday recreation) does.
  • She says she always afraid Jackie would binge and die without them having any memories but now they have memories. She starts to cry.
  • Jackie tells Silver to save her energy, since tomorrow is her actual half-birthday and all her friends are coming over.
  • Teddy is happy to see Dixon back on the beach.
  • They do a not-so-subtle plug for iPhone apps.
  • Teddy asks Dixon what’s been wrong and he reveals Sasha wasn’t pregnant.
  • So I guess Teddy did know. We never saw Dixon tell anyone, though. We saw him keeping it all a secret.
  • They share a light-hearted moment until…
  • They see Liam getting into a fight with another surfer and break it up.
  • Liam is even more POed and storms off.
  • They, with Ivy, catch up with him and demand to know what’s wrong.
  • They say they are his friends and friends tell each other what’s going on.
  • So Liam says someone (ahem, Jen) has been telling lies about him.
  • He walks off again and they follow, asking who.
  • He says Jen, Naomi’s sister is the one.
  • Teddy makes a comment about Jen being hot but it doesn’t help.
  • Liam says she told lies to Ryan, to his mom, etc.
  • They want to know what about but he refuses.
  • They say they’ll wait him out so he gives in.
  • He explains that Jen tricked him into having sex on prom night, saying he was Naomi’s neighbor and baiting him.
  • Dixon is shocked that it wasn’t actually Annie.
  • Liam reiterates that he told him a while ago it wasn’t Annie.
  • I hope Dixon apologizes to her.
  • They all vow to help Liam get revenge.
  • He’s pleasantly surprised.
  • Jasper is working on his footage when Annie comes in.
  • She’s upset because she didn’t get the part.
  • He calls his dad an idiot and tells her she’s better than the other girls.
  • He compares it to a guy losing the role of Tarzan to Clark Gable.
  • Q12: You’ll get your part, Jane.–Jasper
  • He calls her a star, “an old-fashioned star.”
  • He lays on all the compliments again. The last one:
  • Q13: And you’re Annie.–Jasper.
  • Wow.
  • I thought she was Jane? (Kidding.)
  • They kiss and she tells him again that she loves him.
  • Q14: I want my first time to be with you.–Annie
  • Oh, Ethan. Where are you right now?
  • He asks if she’s sure she’s ready and she says she’s “positive.”
  • So they go for it…even though she seems nervous.
  • But now she’s into it.
  • Liam catches up to Ivy and apologizes.
  • She say she understands now why he was in a bad mood.
  • He says he’s apologizing for what he said at school–about her not being his girlfriend.
  • She says it’s cool–she knows they’re just having fun.
  • He asks her to grab food but she says another time.
  • He leaves but then she calls after him.  She will go to eat with him.
  • Navid is doing a search on Jasper Herman and finds out, what he already knew, that he’s the nephew of the guy died in the hit-and-run.
  • Gia gets off the phone, saying her friend won’t help them nail Jasper.
  • Q15: We have to bring this dirtbag down.–Navid
  • Annie is her room, happily texting love notes with Jasper.
  • Dixon comes in and Annie’s smile is gone.
  • He immediately starts apologizing.
  • She asks if it’s about him calling Jasper “sketchy.”
  • And he says no, it’s not about that actually.
  • Annie says she’s not surprised since Dixon clearly isn’t a “good judge of character.”
  • Q16: “Your girlfriend faked a miscarriage. Sounds like a real winner.”  “Go to hell.”–Annie and Dixon
  • Naomi is at the beach club, when Ade comes up crying and sad (drugged out?).
  • She claims she was mugged–taking all her stuff and the money for Silver’s gift.
  • Naomi asks if she called the police and she said yes but they can’t do anything because she didn’t call the guy.
  • She breaks into tears and then Naomi hugs her. Great acting, Ade.
  • Debbie looks in on Dixon sleeping. She’s crying.
  • My heart is kind of breaking for her. And there’s tears in my eyes.
  • Anyway…
  • Silver and Jackie are sleeping in the tent when her phone rings. It’s Teddy.
  • He’s the first person to wish her a Happy Half-Birthday.
  • She thanks him “for everything.”
  • They hang up and she goes to wake up Jackie…who won’t wake up.
  • Okay, now I’m REALLY crying.  I knew it was coming but we know how I feel about this storyline–the character, the actor, the history.  It just SUCKS.
  • Silver calls 911 and we fade to black.
  • Preview: Annie tells her parents she’s seeing someone, Navid tells Dixon about Jasper being a drug dealer, Jasper comes over for dinner and meets Annie’s parents.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?



11 responses

10 11 2009

I really liked this episode. The Jackie/Silver scenes were so heartelt and sincere. Adrianna is one heck of an actress, she had me buying the story til I snapped out ot it LOL I’m glad Liam told the gang about Jenn. Hopefully they can bring her down so she can be off the show already. I was so sad for Debbie. I wish Dixon would just realize she was protecting him, it’s what mom’s do!

10 11 2009

NOOOO! they can’t do it, they can’t wrek what jackie built herself into in the original to break it all down and have he go back to square one with her addictions, etc! I can’t believe they killed her off!!! Can’t the writers have found one of their own to do this to?

10 11 2009

g90210th: The episode felt really short for some reason. Maybe it’s just in comparison to watching OTH/GG back-to-back that it all just feels so long. Yes, the Jackie/Silver scenes were heartfelt and sincere–even if they weren’t accurate (sorry, but I’ll never let this go.) I was *so* glad Liam finally told someone else about Jen. It’s about freakin’ time. I was also sad for Debbie but I understand why it’s hard for Dixon to see what she was doing. We’re all like that with our parents at some point.

Vegasgirl: Oh, Vegas, thank you for commenting but I wish it was under better circumstances! I know we’re on the page for this…but I wish we didn’t have to be. =(

10 11 2009

Sad. I’m crying… such a baby. But this episode was okay. I love liam!!! Even though it’s a lame name…jasper is so weird…in general ….I’m tired of Adrianna….so predictable….Naomi is becoming pointless to the sho….I really like Teddy and ivy…when I first saw ivy I thought she was 30 llol

10 11 2009

Alex, if you’re a baby for crying then what am I?! I think I agree with everything you said (for now, anyway) but I would change your “love” of Liam to “like” and remove the “really like Ivy” part. Funny that you thought she was 30 considering IRL, Trevor Donovan (Teddy) is 31 and Michael Steger (Navid) 29. Not sure how old Gillian Zinser (Ivy) is.

I must say, since I didn’t in the blog, that I loved that there was so little Naomi tonight. It was like that last week, too, and I found it to be very refreshing.

10 11 2009

I thought was a good episode, as all of this season’s have been. I felt like the whole thing with Dixon was somewhat unrealistic.. maybe it’s just me, but I would think he’d have been a little more understanding with his mother trying to protect him. Everyone’s always storming off on these shows but in the real world, not everything can be drama. Every now and then, you actually DO have to listen to the other person’s story. And I really wish he wouldn’t have said that line about Debbie not being his real mother. I’ve heard people saying Dixon has been a real jerk this season and as he’s my favorite character, I just kind of gave him the benefit of the doubt. But once you say things like that it’s hard to go back (at least for the fans).

The Jackie/Silver scenes were really good but it was SO predictable that she would die right before the party…

I really like the Navid defending Ade thing; I think it will make for some good scenes. Jasper is a total sleaze and of course only Annie wouldn’t see that. Honestly, I think she’s the most unstable character on the show, amidst all the dying moms and drug addictions. All it takes is a few compliments to make her forget that just a minute ago she was wondering if you’re a crazy drug dealer who pulls knives on people. But at least she finally lost her little V card because I’ve been getting whiplash from going back and forth.. first it was Ty, then it was Ethan, then we thought she lost it with Mark, then it was almost Mark again.. Although, it sucks that she lost it with a total psycho..

I’m also really excited about the Liam vs Jen deal to finally end. I’m really liking the whole friend dynamic between Liam, Dixon, Ivy, Teddie, and even Navid (who seems to have gotten over the whole deal with Ade?). Ivy is an awesome addition to the show – last weeks scenes with her, Liam, and Teddie (who has really grown on me and I’ve gotten used to) were my favorites. Don’t think I missed anything… 🙂

10 11 2009

Jordan: Thanks so much for the long and thorough comment! (I really mean it!)

I love your points about “the real world” and drama. I think there’s so many times, though, when parents are telling you they know what’s best for you and you just don’t understand it and get so mad at them for it. And that’s what I saw this as. You know in time he’ll come around. And though I was also shocked (and even hurt) by what he said to Debbie, it’s also a really cliche line from lots of shows (including other teen dramas) and movies. Very predictable. Not sure if I can hold it against him.

I’m going to skip over Jackie/Silver because we all know my feelings on that.

I think Navid/Ade has so much potential. It could be a really great love story–and many think it already is. I think some of what’s going on with Ade is realistic but also very predictable…but I love Navid’s role in it. I think that’s going great. I don’t think he’s over the whole deal with Ade and I think we see that in him struggling to help her. He’s hurt, yes, but he loves her and he rather hurt than see she hurt herself. I’m eager to see how the truth about Jasper comes out. To his credit (and I guess the actor’s), I think he does a really job of BSing people and covering his tracks. I think you’re dead-on about Annie, both in terms of personality and plot.

I am completely with you on Liam/Jen needing to end. It has dragged on for way too long. (It also reminds me that the storyline with Annie and Jasper’s uncle needs to be resolved but that doesn’t fee like it’s dragging–more like it’s being mistakenly overlooked.) The friend dynamic is interesting. At first, it seemed very overnight (both when the guys started and when Ivy joined the mix) but I’m getting used to it. An interesting contrast, though, between this show and the other teen dramas is that there’s no overall gang. Aside from Ivy, the guys and girls are very clearly defined. They may have occasional strings tying one or two of them together but they’re not altogether a group of friends. I’m not sure if it’s a flaw or or not, though. Anyway, I can’t say I agree with Ivy. I see how she works in the storyline but she doesn’t do anything for me personally. But I’m with you on Teddy.

Don’t think I missed anything either…=)

10 11 2009

I totally feel you on Dixon not seeing the situation clearly. I’ve had the same experiences with my parents.. they really do know best (most of the time..) Dixon will probably start trying to patch things up next week.. we just saw him talking to them in the preview.

I kind of forgot about Annie running over Jasper’s uncle.. which speaks to your point. I wonder if they’re leaving it alone right now so they can bring it back up for a more dramatic climax later, or if they’re just glazing it over and letting people forget about it. Speaking of which, do you find it odd that Annie has escaped from social hell so quickly? I know they like to pretend that you can just get your man and then go off into your own little world.. but that’s not how things really work in high school. I didn’t LIKE that whole “teen angst Annie” from the beginning of the season but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t entirely realistic. She’s still going to be in something of a foul mood from having to deal with people at school every day.

And I agree that the friendship between the guys (including Ivy) did seem kind of overnight. But I look back at Season 1 when Dixon knocked off that kids mirror and then they went to a Lakers game together like a week later.. “guys don’t hold grudges, life is too short.” While I don’t see total truth in that statement, it at least gives explanation for why Navid and Teddy aren’t at each other’s throats. Personally, I like the way their are dividing lines between the cast. I think there need to be factions for a show to last.. it keeps things interesting.

11 11 2009

Regarding Dixon…well, if you want to know which way it goes, spoilers are out there.

I’m wondering the exact same thing regarding Annie and the hit-run. I want to hope they are just being clever about it and haven’t really forgotten but will instead bring it out again at the exact right time but I don’t have much faith. I see your point about Annie and “social hell” but I don’t really have a problem that.

Thanks for the reminder about the season 1 connection to the guys. Navid and Teddy also had a short talk last week about what happened and how they were going to be friends. I think the cast can still be a group and still have factions and dividing lines within it. Being in a group or social circle doesn’t always mean things are well between all the people in it. All the teen dramas have had a core group of friends but tons of drama and conflict within it. So it’s striking to me that this show hasn’t really brought them together as a bigger unit but at this point, I hope it stays that way because I think any attempt to make them seem like a gang will just seem contrived.

11 11 2009

So here are my predictions first!
Do not tell me Jackie shall die in this episode! Silver shall be devastated I wouldnt be surprised if some of her bipolar symptoms start showing up again! Also more predictions by me, that Kelly may not take her in this time so maybe Teddy will and soon they will realize that they are more than just friends! If so, this may ruin Adrianna and Silvers friendship!
Here is what I thought of the latest episode!
All Drama Adrianna is back and kicking making her first debut of this season in lying to Naomi! Naomi and Navid on the sidelines! I honestly dont know how hard can it POSSIBLY be for Dixon to apologize to Annie, but I cant blame his everytime he tries, Annie makes him mad! I LOVE Jaspers lines for Annie, though he is way too creepy! Poor Silver as I said before, this could break her and she was just starting a bond! I honestly dont know why Liam is trying to resist Ivy, I mean is he still into Naomi or something! Teddy is finally being portrayed as a good guy! Dont know how long that can last! Navid needs to do better than that if he wants Adrianna to be well, at the same time not trying to even break her down more! and which character is left to comment on…. oh yeah! Jen better come down fast! i would love to see that!
hmmm I think thats pretty much all

11 11 2009

Interesting predictions, demon! There’s spoilers out there that confirm or refute your ideas so if you want to know, you can find out or, of course, you can just wait til it airs!

All Drama Adrianna is definitely back. And I think Jessica Lowndes does it really well. I enjoy Naomi on the sidelines and I’m liking the amount of Navid we’re getting. I’m sad for Dixon and Annie’s relationship. Neither one of them is completely right or being fair to the other. I just want them to work it out. Jasper is just such an interesting character to me. The actor does a great job of pulling off the two sides of him. As a viewer, we see both so I know he’s really a drug dealer and shady but he convinces me every time he says otherwise. This could break Silver but I also think she’s strengthened a lot where she may be able to just work through it. I think Liam is trying to deny his long-held feelings for Naomi and his growing appreciation for Ivy. I don’t know how long Good Teddy can last either but I’m liking it a lot. I’m not sure what else Navid can do–he did the right thing by trying to talk to Adrianna about what’s going on. He’s trying to help her, not make it worse but it’s obviously not working. And lastly, yes, I would love to see Jen come down fast, too!

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