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13 11 2009

I saw these two questions posed on a message board and I thought it would be interesting to discuss them here.

1. Which two characters would you like to see together?

Example: Haley and Lucas (One Tree Hill), Ryan and Summer (The O.C.)

2. Which two characters would you never want to see together?

Example: Dawson and Andie (Dawson’s Creek), Jenny and Chuck (Gossip Girl)

Feel free to link to YouTube videos to support your arguments!



11 responses

13 11 2009
Manda :)

1) Jenny and Nate (Gossip Girl) 🙂
2) Nathan and Quinn (One Tree Hill)

13 11 2009

I don’t like Liam & Naomi (from 90210) together because I don’t really like Naomi and how desperate she acts around him. Therefore I would like to see Liam and Annie together because I really liked their chemistry in the few scenes they shared in season 1. I might change my mind later this season though who knows 🙂
I would also loove to see Dan & Blair from Gossip Girl. I love watching videos and reading fanfics about them. But they might be too different for it to work.

13 11 2009

I agree with Manda for 1) Jenny and Nate would work. They had good chemistry for the split second they did the whole Nate/Jenny thing and it would bring Nate back into the fold more with the rest of the cast.

2) Haley and Lucas. Because they’ve always said how gross/creepy it would be to kiss let alone do anything romantic.
Youtube link (Haley: That is sooo creepy on so many levels): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjNfAkLEGi0&feature=related

Ephram and Hannah-Seriously violation of the bro code between Bright and Ephram. Also, Ephram belongs with Amy, and I believe Hannah is out in the world and found some amazing guy who is less idiotic than Bright (as much as I love Bright).

14 11 2009

-brooke n mouth
-naiomi and dixon

-marissa and seth
-donna and dylan
-navid and annie
-andie and dawson

14 11 2009

Love to see:
Dan and Blair
Summer and Ryan
Naomi and Dixon

Hate to see:
Lucas and Haley
Liam and Annie

14 11 2009

Great choices, guys. A few of you have some in common.

Will people kill me if I say a teeny tiny part of me wants to see Haley and Clay?

14 11 2009

Love to see:
Nate and Serena in GG

Hate to see:
Alex and Julian in OTH
Dr Kristina Yang and Dr. Jackson Avery in GA

14 11 2009

a realationship Haley and Clay will naver happen 🙂 thank god!!!

14 11 2009

PS oh,and i would like to see vanessa and dan together:)
that olivia girl is annoying 🙂

14 11 2009
Manda :)

Even though I’m a Naley fan, i think the clay & haley would be kinda interesting. 😛 and unlike Milena, i WOULD like to see Alex and Julian in OTH together! but then i would kinda feel bad for Brooke 😦 &
i guess i wouldn’t mindddddd Dan and Vanessa together…but its a little to wannabe-dawson-and-joey for me.

17 11 2009

It depends on which show we’re talking about here, lol. I could go on for hours about all the shows I watch and which couples sound interesting and which ones would be completely awful. I’ll stick to GG just for this post lol

Love to see:
Dan and Blair
Serena and Nate (and it looks like a possiblity now 😉 )

Hate to see:
Dan and Vanessa
Nate and Vanessa

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