Spoiler: The Big Tease

24 11 2009


Your frenemy Kristin reported on an upcoming ‘One Tree Hill‘ suicide. Do you have details on who? – Cory
Only that this person has shown hints of being emotionally unstable and, if successful, the suicide would impact several characters on the show. Speaking of ‘Tree Hill,’ did you also hear that someone might be leaving us in a non-fatal manner? And that he might not making the move alone?

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24 11 2009

Hmmm this is the first that I’m hearing about people leaving Tree Hill. I heard about the suicide, and my guess is Alex, but we’ll have to watch and see. As for the others leaving, I’m guessing Dan & Rachel? Maybe Clay?

24 11 2009

It’s been suggested in other spoilers and in the episodes themselves that Skills will take a job in Los Angeles. With Antwon Tanner’s personal issues (he has yet to be sentenced after he plead guilty to fraud charges in August but will likely get some jail time), it’s entirely possible that it’s him they are talking about. I know he’s in at least the next 2 episodes but I don’t know about beyond that. Nathan and Haley are also technically “leaving” for Haley’s tour and Nathan to play basketball (this will happen off-screen during the hiatus, I believe) so they could just be referring to that as well. I know other upcoming clips have suggested Clay wanting to leave town. So, really, I have no idea.

Regarding the attempted suicide, my guess is Alex, too. Interestingly enough, the article had a picture of Brooke. Interpret as you wish!

24 11 2009

I agree it’s probably Skills and Lauren would go with him maybe. And I actually think that the suicide would be interesting to see if it was Alex. She’s really not a big character at all, but it would create drama for the rest of the main characters. I HIGHLY doubt it would be anyone else.

24 11 2009

Keep in mind that Alex/Jana Kramer is a regular now, not just a guest-star or even recurring. So if it is her–or almost anyone else, really–it will not be a successful suicide. That doesn’t mean, of course, that it won’t have ramifications. I can see this being what it takes to get Brooke to believe Alex does truly have issues and hasn’t been completely lying and, therefore, perhaps Brooke will start to have some sympathy and kindness for her.

25 11 2009

I didn’t know that Alex was a regular. I knew she was in the promotional pics, but she doesn’t seem that important on the show for regular status. I guess I thought this because I’m not a fan of her character at all, nothing really against the actress.

25 11 2009

She wasn’t, actually, at the time they did the promo pics but there were hopes and expectations that she would be in time. It’s only relatively recently that she was actually bumped up. I agree she doesn’t seem that important–or that liked–to have regular status but I guess they have plans for her. Mark really likes her and I guess that’s what matters. I started out unable to stand the character but she’s sloooooooooooowly growing on me and I’m enjoying the different sides to Jana’s acting.

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