Live-Blog: One Tree Hill 7.12 and Gossip Girl 3.12

7 12 2009

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EPISODE 7.12: Some Roads Lead Nowhere

  • No previously on!
  • This is the last new episode until January 18.
  • Clay is sitting by a fire. He doesn’t look happy.
  • He gets a message on his phone and throws it into the water without checking it.
  • Cut to Alex’s phone in the water. Then we get the same aerial shot last week ended on as the blood filters through the water.
  • Rachel tells Dan’s they’re going to have a good show.
  • Jamie, dressed like a bullfighter (I forget the exact name) says moving to Spain is “bullshit”! Cut to him with soap in his mouth! LOL
  • Julian finds Alex in the tub and tries to lift her out. Did he listen to her message? How he’d get into her room?
  • Skills tells Lauren he got the job. She seems shocked, but didn’t she know it was coming?
  • Millicent walks into the bathroom and sees the blood filled tub with more blood dripping on the sides…but no Alex. She starts crying hysterically.
  • Julian is sitting somewhere distressed. I imagine the hospital.
  • Mouth comes into the bathroom and Millicent cries in his arms.
  • Brooke sits next to Julian at the hospital.
  • 90210 promo
  • Haley is yelling at Jamie, saying they don’t use that language and Spain will be great.
  • Q1: Forgiveness is love, you know.–Jamie
  • Q2: “How is it my fault?” “He’s quoting your father!”–Naley
  • Nathan says he goes to the bar when he has a bad day. Jamie’s excited! LOl
  • Quinn comes to Clay’s. He’s still packing.
  • She says what’s going on “sucks turtle eggs.”
  • Q3: “Turtle eggs, really?” “I don’t know. It sucks something.”
  • Quinn says she heard from his assistant that Joe Turner’s mom is sick. Apparently he plays for some team and this sickness is good news for Clay. I imagine for Nate.
  • Nathan brings Jamie to Tric, where Nate tells Grubbs Jamie is his old college roommate.
  • LOL! Jamie just make a joke about his birthday month always changes! That was priceless!
  • Jamie is served beer…root beer. Two cherries.
  • That was a really cute scene. Wish I had all the dialogue.
  • The SportsArc peeps want Skills in L.A. on Monday.
  • Lauren tells him he’s going to do great but says she’s hurt he didn’t ask her to go with him.
  • So then he asks and she says she can’t but it was nice to be asked.
  • Alex wakes up in a hospital bed to see Julian by her side.
  • Q4: “I can’t believe I made it to heaven.” “I can’t believe you put me through hell.”–Alex and Julian
  • Q5: “You came.” “Of course I came.” “That’s what she said.”–Alex and Julian
  • Um, I thought those were Brooke’s jokes?!
  • Julian says he got her voicemail and was going to see her to take back the mean things he said.
  • He explains the movie got financing and she needs to get better because he won’t make it without her.
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • Life UneXpected promo. LUX stars Kerr Smith (Jack, Dawson’s Creek).
  • LOL Jamie is venting to Grubbs as a drunk man would.
  • Q6: I bet they don’t even have recess.–Jamie
  • Miranda comes up and Nate says they haven’t told Jamie about the tour yet.
  • Grubbs’ psychic powers don’t work on Miranda. He keeps predicting her drinks incorrectly.
  • Interesting to see Miranda interacting with someone other than Lily.
  • Clay is with Joe Turner in the hospital. He admits he’s not with the agency anymore.
  • Joe says his mom has cancer and she has less than a year to leave. He doesn’t know what’s he going to do.
  • He asks Clay if he ever lost someone close to him. Jackpot?
  • Clay says yes but doesn’t say who. He recommends making the most of the time they have together and asks him if he wants to play closer to help.
  • Millicent tells Mouth she stole a dress from Brooke.
  • Mouth says she needs to tell Brooke the truth. She’s the one who trusted her and helped her all this time.
  • Mouth questions how Millie can’t see how special she is.
  • Q7: When I look at that mirror, I just want to cut a line on it and snort it. That’s what I see.–Millie
  • Brooke comes into CoB and tells her mom that Alex will be as OK as can be, given she just tried to kill herself.
  • Victoria is telling the press it was exhaustion.
  • Brooke says everything is a mess, citing Millie’s arrest, Alex, her fights with Julian, etc.
  • Victoria points out that Millie stole the red dress.
  • Julian is still by Alex’s bedside.
  • Q8: Do you know what happens when you die, Alex? You die. That’s what happens.–Julian
  • Clay and Quinn are in the car when he suddenly starts talking about Sara’s death and how he was talking to her about a pen right before she died.
  • Q9: I just think we waste our words and we waste our moments and we don’t take the time to say what’s really in our hearts.–Clay
  • Q10: You danced with her and you held her before she died. I can’t think of a better way to say goodbye.–Quinn
  • How about actually, you know, being able to *say* goodbye and profess your love one last time? That’s all I want.
  • Dan is in the hallway, filming the show live. He admits that it’s “malicious” towards the families of Keith and Jimmy.
  • He says he’s going to deviate from the teleprompter…
  • Q11: Because this is my final show. And nobody knew that until now. So…I suggest you stick around because with the look on my wife’s face, there’s going to be a few surprizes.
  • Promo for the Warriors in Pink campaign with 90210
  • Clay is the phone with an agent or coach or saying that, with Joe Turner, he can make the deal they want work.
  • Now they’re at the Bobcats gym, looking for the general manager. Quinn will pose as a cheerleader so Clay can get inside.
  • Nathan and Grubbs are throwing tomatoes at Jamie, who is wrapped in a garbage bag and wearing goggles.
  • Haley comes in and pretends to be alarmed until she throws one at Nate. Kind of funny.
  • Clay is talking to the manager, who is surprised Clay is there without an agency.
  • He explains that Joe Turner wants to play close to home and will sign a long-term deal. If they trade the guy they have now, they can get Joe. And presumable Nate.
  • Quinn is dressed in the cheerleader work-out clothes. She has to perform a panel of judges or coaches, I guess.
  • This is kind of gratuitous. Or at least pointless. Now it’s kind of funny.
  • Tthe manager spots Quinn doing hilarious, random moves. This is probably her best scene ever.
  • Clay and the manger are both amused.
  • Now this is intercut with the tomato fight. Kinda cute. It’s working well together and with this episode, unlike last week’s supposedly “funny” stuff.
  • Clay’s cheering for her was kind of adorable, too.
  • Q12: Yeah! Alright! Sucks to be next!–Clay
  • Brooke sits by Alex’s bed as she sleeps.
  • Rachel is POed as she watches Dan doing his show…on his terms.
  • Q13: I’m a wealthy man but let’s face it. You shouldn’t be able to murder a man in cold blood and profit from it.–Dan
  • He says he’s giving ALL of it back and eyes Rachel.
  • He says it’s time for him to go and shuts off the counter.
  • Haley and co. are covered in tomatoes. It’s pretty funny.
  • Haley says she’ll miss TRIC. Her first performance was there.
  • She also says she’ll miss the bathrooms. LOL Love the slutty wedding sex last season!
  • Jamie is eating cherries just as I did all last week! Funny!
  • Jamie says he’ll miss Grandpa Dan.
  • Dan is still filming. He says there’s no such thing as forgiveness.
  • Q14: There’s just what comes next…There’s only pain and guilt and the misery of knowing who you are and what you did. So don’t do it. Just stop before it’s too late.–Dan
  • Rachel storms off. She kinda looked like she had tears in her eyes.
  • A gun shot sounds and
  • Q15: I miss you, big brother. Every second of every day. It’s there. And that’s all there is.–Dan
  • Jamie is playing with Chester. I love seeing that bunny.
  • Nathan says the guys will be there soon for the contact signing.
  • Nate spots Jamie’s jersey in the garbage.
  • He says he knows Jamie isn’t thrilled about playing overseas.
  • Q16: “My agents did the best they could.” “So did Clay. But you fired him.”–Nathan and Jamie
  • Good point, Jamie!
  • Quinn and Clay are talking about her fear of the ocean.
  • She says it has to do with immensity and Clay says life is immense.
  • Quinn jokes that she’ll need an agent if she gets the job.
  • Clay says she’s a terrible dancer but he was turned on. LOL
  • Brooke is talking to Alex as she sleeps, saying it’s selfish to try suicide when there are other people who clamoring to live and they can’t.
  • Millie walks in and asks if everything’s okay.
  • Q17: She’s gonna live. It’s debatable with you.–Brooke
  • Millie apologizes and Brooke asks what happened.
  • She explains she was trying to lose weight and “it” was just there in Alex’s closet.
  • Brooke finally realizes that Millie’s been doing drugs.
  • Q18: You’re not my model anymore. But you’re still my friend. Just go get some help.–Brooke
  • Cut to Millie in a rehab.
  • Mouth says he’s proud of her and wishes he could stay.
  • She says she needs to do this alone.
  • But she adds how good they were together and they sadly agree that sometimes it doesn’t work out.
  • Q19: I will always be there for you, sweet girl.–Mouth
  • Brooke is drawing a sketch of Millie before she rips it up and throws towards the garbage can and misses.
  • Q20: That’s not a very good shooting percentage.–Julian
  • Julian tells her he loves her, misses her and wants to be with her. Then he says he’s going to make the movie with Alex.
  • She doesn’t look happy.
  • She asks when Julian when he first met Peyton.
  • He says she was crying in the copy room.
  • And then Brooke asks when they first starting dating.
  • He says when she needed help with Sam.
  • Brooke points out that now Alex needs help.
  • Julian talks about his mom. She was always trying to do stuff for everyone else but no one ever told her how special she was. She turned to pills and alcohol and “became the not so special person she thought she was all along.”
  • Brooke points out that fixing Alex won’t fix his mom.
  • Q21: Maybe I can help her before her fire burns out. And if not, at least I tried.–Julian
  • And we thought Lucas had a savior complex!
  • Brooke is not happy. I don’t blame her.
  • Those were a lot of sad, emotional scenes in a row. I kind of loved it.
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • Nate is getting $7 million for the deal!
  • Nathan is about to sign the contact when Clay and Quinn walk in.
  • Jamie calls him Uncle Clay. Hmmm.
  • Clay says he has something he can do for Nathan.
  • The agents say they don’t have time for this. Nathan looks at Jamie and says they do have time.
  • Clay admits he was was arrogant and aggressive and forgot about putting the client first.
  • He says the Sacramento Kings want Nathan for $15 million…with 3 conditions.
  • 1. Nathan signs with Clay. 2. The no-trade clause is waved…so Nathan and Joe Turner are immediately traded to the Bobcats! 3…
  • Q22: I plan on falling completely and insanely in love with Quinn.–Clay
  • Wow. That was quite moving, too.
  • Clay says he needs to get to work, turns and leaves with a big smile.
  • Quinn is smiling, too.
  • Naley is ecstatic.
  • Grubbs is playing the piano music that was in the promo.
  • Skills and Lauren are saying goobye. She’s crying.
  • He says he loves her and always will. She will, too.
  • Rachel is at the lawyer, confirming that all the money is gone.
  • All that’s left for her is divorce papers.
  • Dan is at a bus, getting ready to board when Nathan walks up.
  • He says he heard about the show. He says he’s going to resign with the Bobcats and thanks him (um, what?) for helping him get there.
  • He says Jamie wants to say goodbye.
  • Jamie runs up, asking him why he’s leaving.
  • Q23: “I’ve done a lot of bad things, Jamie. And I’m sorry.” “It’s okay. I forgive you.”–Dan and Jamie
  • Miranda watches Grubbs playing the piano and singing the music, like Mia does. This must be a WakeyWakey song. I really like it.
  • Millie is escaping from rehab via the fire escape.
  • Clay is on the beach. He starts to take off his jacket and walks to the water.
  • Nathan and Joe are doing a press conference.
  • They’re asked how it happened so far and Nate says they have a great agent.
  • Quinn sees Clay in the water. He says he’ll come out but she says she’ll come in.
  • She takes off her sweater and walks in.
  • Q24: “Did you mean what you said? About falling in love with me?” “Insanely in love. Yeah.”–Quinn and Clay
  • They kiss.
  • Haley is putting bags on her tour bus. Nathan and Jamie join her.
  • Julian is again by Alex’s bedside.
  • She apologizes again.
  • He says if she ever does this again, he won’t miss her and he won’t think of her. Reverse psychology, huh?
  • She promises and they hold hands as Brooke watches from the window.
  • Now Brooke’s in Clothes over Bros when a guy walks in.
  • It’s Alexander Coine (or something like that). He’s the Australian businessman we knew was coming. He says Victoria hired him as the new designer.
  • Fade to black.
  • Crap ending for a great episode and a long hiatus!
  • Preview: Alexander meets Julian, Millie is in court and Victoria tells the judge that Millie works for her, Jamie introduces Haley at a concert, Julian asks Alex how she is, Alex says everyone is staring at her scars, Nathan runs into Taylor


EPISODE 3.12: The Debarted

  • Previously on: Bart died in an accident, Chuck wants to make money by age 21, Jenny and Eric are feuding, Gabrielle knows Dan loves Vanessa, Serena finds the letter and tells Lily not to judge her, Nate tells Serena not to get in the car and Tripp beckons her to come.
  • This is the last new episode until March 8.
  • A car is driving at night in the rain.
  • Serena and Trip are in there. They don’t look happy.
  • They start to fight over the radio.
  • Tripp says he loves her but she says everything is ruined already and it’s too late and he says it doesn’t have to be.
  • Serena spots some wolves in the road. They swerve and crash.
  • It’s now 12 hours earlier.
  • Blair is trying to charm Chuck with food.
  • He’s being distant.
  • She accuses him of trying to avoid the day. I think it’s the anniversary of Bart’s death.
  • He says he has a meeting and Blair says she’s coming, too.
  • Lily is cleaning out the coat closest…again. She’s looking for the letter.
  • Rufus is perplexed, of course.
  • Lily admits she’s mad at Serena for covorting with a married politician.
  • Rufus says he can help her out because he’s “totally free.”
  • Lily says she expected him to say that, kind of nastily.
  • Rufus senses it and Lily apologizes and says she likes how he’s made family the priority.
  • Serena and Tripp appear to be in a cottage somewhere.
  • He’s getting on the commitee he wants.
  • Serena says everything will blow over but he says it will blow up first.
  • Q1: If getting together means everything will fall apart, so be it.–Serena
  • Does she really think she’s going to be a politican’s wife? Starting now? For the rest of her life? That’s so not Serena. She’s clearly not thinking about the future at al.
  • Blair is turned off when Chuck takes her to a homeless shelter.
  • Q2: This whole Scrooge act. You should be at home today or laying flowers on your father’s grave.–Blair
  • Chuck tells Blair to take the limo and leave.
  • Q3: Fine. Pretend you don’t get sad. But I know…You, Chuck Bass, are not your father.–Blair
  • Tripp is on the phone with someone, saying they should talk.
  • Q4: What better way to choose your path than making it your destiny?–Gossip Girl
  • Someone says “you did the right thing, son” and puts his arm on Chuck’s shoulder.
  • It’s Bart!
  • But I believe we know if it’s a ghost.
  • Chuck shrugs him off and walks in the building.
  • Jenny runs into the mean girls when another girl comes up and kind of fights with her over a designer bag.
  • The girl was sent by Eric and Kira. They are using her to take down Jenny.
  • Have we seen this girl before? I don’t remember.
  • Dan is telling Nate than Gabrielle was right: he is in love with Vanessa.
  • Surprised they’re talking about this given V and Nate’s past.
  • Nate says Dan can man up and go after his love or set his sights on someone else.
  • Enter Vanessa and a friend. They invite Dan to join them and Paul at the girl’s vacation house.
  • Dan turns them down. Nate yells at him, saying this is his chance to get V or at least the other girl, Willa.
  • Dan yells after them that he will in fact go.
  • Rufus goes to the condo association meeting, where the women are pleased to see Rufus.
  • They insinuate he has nothing to do so they always expected him to come at some point.
  • He pretends not to be insulted.
  • Serena is calling Tripp, wondering where he is.
  • Tripp claims he’s with his grandfather. I doubt it.
  • Serena says she came to be with him and she’s alone.
  • He apologizes and says he’s sorry he’s a mess and he’ll be home tonight.
  • Tripp is with Maureen. He tells to stick with their plan and they’ll get it all: his career, his relationship AND her marriage.
  • Maureen says Serena is just a phase but Tripp says “that’s where our opinions diverge.”
  • Maureen says she’s going to make a “personal, woman-to-woman” appeal to Serena.
  • Bart is telling Chuck he’s been working impressively but tells him just to sign the contact already.
  • Chuck says he doesn’t need his advice and that he’s been doing well without him.
  • Bart says he hasn’t seen anything this past year that shows he’s successful. In fact, he calls Chuck a “disappointment.”
  • Q5: You opened your heart to Blair and it made you weak. You can’t be one person at work and another person at home. When you’re soft, you’re sort. And let’s face it–your soft.–Bart.
  • Ouch.
  • Chuck storms off and Bart’s gone.
  • Serena is calling Nate.
  • I can’t believe he would even talk to her after she rejected him and left him!
  • She says she’s at the cottage but doesn’t know how to turn on the heat.
  • He doesn’t either, but leads her to his old pot stash in the meantime.
  • Nate asks where Tripp is and she says he’s with grandfather.
  • Nate looks uneasy.
  • She says they’re glad they can still talk and they hang up.
  • Maureen comes in.
  • Serena says she needs to leave or she’ll tell Tripp. Maureen says Tripp is the one who told her she was there.
  • She explains they are keeping their marriage and Serena can be the mistress.
  • Q6: You’re getting whatever you’re getting. Screwed. I think that’s what they call it.–Maureen
  • Q7: I’m Jackie. You’re Marilyn.–Maureen
  • Maureen says Tripp is skeptical but didn’t know she had the letter.
  • Maureen wonders what Rufus would say about the letter, which says Serena’s father and Lily were together in a hotel room and you can only imagine what they were doing!
  • She adds that, with what she knows, she could’ve forced her out altogether but she’s not.
  • 90210 promo
  • Promo for a fashion book by GG designer Eric Daman.
  • Blair finds Chuck drunk in bed.
  • He says she doesn’t need him take care of him.
  • Q8: I know how hard it was for you to let you guard down, to let me in. But you’ve changed.–Blair
  • He spies Bart peering in the windows.
  • Chuck says he’s buying the homeless building.
  • Q9: “Just tell me what you need me to do.” “I need you to get out of here now.”–Blair and Chuck
  • Blair leaves and Bart says there’s still hope for him.
  • Eric is with the mean girls and Jenny comes up, giving them matching bags to her own.
  • Eric is thrown for a loop and asks where they get the money.
  • Blair is with Lily, assuming she needs to be comforted.
  • But Lily has forgotten it is even the anniversary! She hides it well, though.
  • Blair says Chuck has never been to his mom’s grave and doesn’t even know where it is.
  • Rufus comes in and Blair explains the anniversary. Rufus comforts Lily saying he understands now why she was being distant.
  • She says she’s so grateful she has him and never wants to lose him. Hmm.
  • Serena is getting advice from Nate on Tripp and Maureen. Um, really? You’re going to the guy that’s in love with you? I guess he really will sacrifice anything for her, including his pride.
  • S says she’s just waiting for Tripp to get back from seeing grandfather.
  • Nate reveals that grandfather is in Bermuda! Serena is understandably shocked.
  • Nassau County! Nate is going to Nassau County! That’s where I live! =D
  • Dan goes to Willa’s room, ready to go on the trip.
  • She says she sent Vanessa and Paul on their way. She wants to show him something.
  • So…she shows him a video of a naked “performance piece.”
  • Lily comes to see Chuck and asks him to come to the cemetary.
  • He says he has business to do.
  • She says Bart was a person who liked to be alone but they aren’t like that. They need people and he needs her now to come with her and honor him.
  • He says to work is to honor him.
  • They are interrupted when Serena calls.
  • She apologizes for leaving with Tripp and not taking her advice. She says Maureen has the letter and Lily obviously understands the ramifications.
  • She says she knows Tripp is lying to him and can’t trust him.
  • Lily tells her to come home and she will tell Rufus and truth and Serena will be safer.
  • Serena is leaving as Tripp comes back. She calls him out on lying.
  • He says he wants to be with her more than anything and can explain.
  • She says she’ll get in the car but no talking allowed.
  • And now we have the car crash in pieces, intercut with Nate and Chuck in their respective vehicles.
  • Chuck ignores Blair’s call.
  • Tripp comes to first in the car and is shocked to see Serena with her head bloody and on the dashboard. Light echoes of Ryan and Marissa.
  • He calls Maureen and says he needs help.
  • Cops and medics are attending to the accident when Nate pulls up.
  • He runs out and sees Serena being wheeled into an ambulance.
  • She groggily asks for Tripp…who isn’t there!
  • Nate is clearly disgusted.
  • He calls Tripp and leaves a message saying to meet him at the hospital or he’s telling the cops he was driving.
  • Rufus is making comfort food for Lily.
  • She says, since the kids aren’t home, there’s something she needs to tell him.
  • Rufus says it sounds serious and she says it is.
  • Lily’s phone rings and she says it’s 516 and might be Serena.
  • 516 is my area code!
  • Dan is making out with Willa when he stops and says he can’t do this.
  • He gets a call and then knocks on Blair’s door, telling her Serena was in a car accident. She’s obviously upset.
  • Vanessa asks what’s going on and Dan says to just come with him.
  • Blair calls Chuck who, likewise, is upset and says he’s coming.
  • Tripp shows up at the hospital and Nate blasts him for leaving Serena and even moving her to make it look like she was driving.
  • Tripp is eager to see Serena but Nate says what he did is unforgivable.
  • Maureen comes up and says that Nate telling the truth won’t help since Serena has her own history of drinking, drugs and many men.
  • She turns to leave and Tripp is supposed to follow but he says he wants to see Serena.
  • And, finally, Nate decks him!
  • Q10: Spotted: the fall of a politician and the rise of a hero.–Gossip Girl
  • Lily is by Serena’s bedside. Serena says she had to learn the hard way and Lily says “like mother, like daughter.”
  • Serena concludes that Lily didn’t tell Rufus the truth. Lily makes up excuses and Serena says she just needs to rest.
  • Blair comes in. She’s in a robe and a jacket.
  • Q11: “Nice outfit.” “You too.”–Serena and Blair
  • It’s touching how upset Blair is.
  • Serena tells Blair she was right about Tripp.
  • Chuck is walking down the hall when it flashes back to last year. Serena is walking down the hall and tells Chuck to go into see his dad.
  • He does, and Lily is standing with Bart and the doctor. Lily says there’s nothing more they can do.
  • Chuck turns and leaves.
  • In the present day, Chuck crawls to the floor in the hospital, breathing deeply.
  • Blair comes over and Chuck asks how Serena is and if everyone is there.
  • Blair says Serena is fine and everyone here.
  • Q12: “My father always thought I was weak. And I was. I couldn’t be here when…I left right away. I’ve been pushing myself to prove him wrong and I’ve been pushing you away.” “I don’t think you ran away because you couldn’t handle death. I think because you couldn’t handle feelings. But you’re not like that anymore. You carry people and you carry me. You’re becoming a man in a way your father never was. Come. Let’s say goodbye.”–Chuck and Blair
  • Incredibly moving. Excellent work by Ed Westwick.
  • As Chuck passes by a hospital room, has a vision of a sheet being put over Bart’s dead body.
  • He thanks Blair and kisses her.
  • Jenny and Eric reconcile at the hospital, calling a truce.
  • But it can’t last if Jenny dosen’t change her ways.
  • Rufus is about to leave the penthouse when Maureen comes in.
  • She says she’s been having marriage problems and doesn’t want to see someone suffer the way she has.
  • Q13: Somehow this ended up in my pocket at Thanksgiving. Just read it.–Maureen
  • She gives him the letter and leaves.
  • Dan and Vanessa are at the hospital.
  • She’s wondering what could’ve happened with the car accident was different and the injuries were more serious.
  • Q14: Vanessa, I love you.–Dan
  • Vanessa doesn’t get the seriousness of it and thinks he saying it a family-friendly way but his look then says it all!
  • She talks it up to people making big declarations after something serious happens and says she’s going to go see Serena.
  • He’s clearly bummed.
  • Also surprised he’s not more concerned about Serena given their past.
  • Lily comes home and spots the letter sitting out and Rufus MIA.
  • Rufus is with the woman from the condo association meeting.
  • Serena turns over in her bed to see Nate sleeping in the chair besides it.
  • Q15: Only sleeping beauty finds her prince.–Gossip Girl
  • Jenny sneaks out and meets up with Damian. They are going to do more drug dealing.
  • Q16: Queen Bee likes a thrill, eh?–Damian
  • Q17: “It’s not easy being Queen or cheap.” “Well, stick with me, Jenny Humphrey, and you’ll have enough cash to underwrite your entire kingdom.”–Jenny and Damian
  • Chuck steps out of the car at the cometary and sees someone at his dad’s grave, with yellow roses just like he has.
  • He assumes it’s Lily.
  • The woman turns and says “Charles.”
  • Then she’s gone!
  • Left behind is a locket with an E on it and Bart’s picture.
  • Fade to black.
  • Now that’s a good ending for a great episode and a long break!
  • Preview: Blair pretends to be having sex with Chuck to avoid Serena coming in but she comes in anyway, Blair and Chuck kiss, Jenny and Damian kiss, Lily asks what’s going on, Blair says she loves surprises, Chuck says he has to know, Blair holds the locket, Nate says we’ve waited a long time for this.

Those are my thoughts. What’s yours?



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7 12 2009

Thank you for that! Clay and Quinn <3<3<3

8 12 2009

“Gossip Girl.. all new episodes coming soon.” My ass!

Okay, so it really was a good episode.. one of the better ones of the season.

First, Serena. I’ve been over this a million times.. I’m just so sick of her. Tremendously naive, childish, moronic, whore. Tripp is just as bad with this whole Serena obsession.. All politicians should be students of history! Does this whole plot line not remind ANYONE of Henry VIII (surely Blair would have seen the similarities)? She’ll be beheaded for witchcraft within a few months.. I don’t want to get into everything with his wife or the letter or any of that. Honestly, I’m not interested in anything that has to do with Serena. It’s all tired.

Hero Nate! Aww 🙂 he’s so friggin awesome right now.. from his guy chats with Dan (“Willa!”) to FINALLY handling Tripp the way a child needs to be handled (a little spanking never hurt anyone..), he is just full of win right now. But I wish he’d stop pining away for Serena.. she’s not worthy. And really, what’s there to love?

Dan – since season 2 I’ve always felt that while he IS super awkward, he’s best single and playing the field.. all this stuff with Vanessa strikes me as very odd. And by the way, I know she’s got this obsession with Paul Hoffman going on, but as Daily Intel at has pointed out SEVERAL times, he is gaaaayyy.

Lily seems like she’s never going to realize that she’ll never keep a man if she keeps keeping secrets! Oh my goodness. As if the fact that she can’t keep those secrets under the rug isn’t enough, she gets all robotic when she’s keeping one and suffocates her relationship. It should be OBVIOUS to Rufus that she is hiding something.. even despite her best efforts to make him think it’s about the anniversary of Bart’s death (which I’m pretty sure she forgot about lol). Isn’t Rufus such a sweetie though?? When Lily and Rufus got married, everyone thought they were finally going to be all happy and rainbows.. and the relationship is already drowning. Le sigh.

Chuck Chuck Chuck.. what can I say about Chuck (besides that I LOVE him)? He’s always been my favorite character and I maintain the position that he is the best and most mature character on the show right now. His scene near the end with his father’s death and with Blair was very touching and I was glad to see him get some closure. I hope I’m not jinxing anything when I say that Blair + Chuck is an absolutely *golden* relationship. I’ve always felt like every show needs an anchor relationship to keep things steady and these two are certainly it. (Either them or Eleanor and Cyrus LOL).

Jenny, Eric, and the Dan+Vanessa love thing are all really minor considering everything else that has been going on and they’re really not worth talking about at the moment.

I’m sure I missed something (or just chose to glaze over it in my mind so I can keep a good image of tonight’s episode) but all in all I enjoyed it and I almost feel as though this show is headed back in a good direction. Except for the lack of GOOD BLAIR STORY LINES – get it together, writers!

Okay, Jordan out ❤

8 12 2009

Nope, still not feeling Quinn and she’s still bringing my love for Clay down. I really hate that Brooke can’t stay happy for any substantial period of time. Obviously, the Australian is supposed to be the next love interest for her. I really wish they would just leave her and Julian alone and let Alex throw herself at the Australian. She does seem to fall in love almost immediately, so I don’t think it would be too hard for her to switch her focus.

8 12 2009

Jordan: LOL Yeah, I don’t think March qualifies as soon right now. I do agree it was a good episode and one of the better ones this season. I liked last week’s, too.

I hardly ever agree with Serena’s behavior but for some reason, I don’t get frustrated with her in the same way I do with Blair. I really don’t know why that is.

I, too, loved Nate last night (though I don’t get how he’s comfortable giving both Dan and Serena advice on their love lives). I am dying to see Serena and Nate given their relationship ago, something I’ve been wanting since the show first started.

Dan is definitely super awkward. I guess that’s part of his charm. While I’ve never been a Vanessa fan, I am a bit intrigued by this storyline (even though I have trouble with Dan, out of nowhere, thinking he’s in love with her). I do think it’s possible he’s gay as well but I can’t see them going there.

Now Lily is someone that’s frustrating me! There’s really nothing she does, nothing she is, that’s admirable. She’s full of bad choice after bad choice, secret after secret, etc. I can’t see why Rufus would want to be with her, except for the nostalgia/memory factor. Now we don’t have all the facts yet about Lily and Serena & Eric’s dad but obviously there’s something shady. Sigh. Yes, her relationship with Rufus is drowning and I can tell you it’s only going to get worse.

I mostly agree with you on Chuck. I thought Ed Westwick killed it in this episode (he usually does, anyway) and the storyline was great. I have a love-hate relationship with him & Blair but I liked it tonight. I wouldn’t mind seeing more Eleanor and Cyrus–they are always quite enjoyable.

I can almost always do without Jenny/Eric storylines.

And I completely agree with your overall thoughts! =)

sane85: I’ll admit Clay and Quinn had me AWing and LOLing but overall I’m still not feeling it or her. Your Brooke comment is one that is said by a lot of fans because it’s so true. I wouldn’t be surprised if, in the end of this next storyline, Brulian are solid again and Alex is with the Australian. It would be quite convenient and a nicely wrapped package and so predictable right now that it’s kind of bothersome.

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