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7 12 2009


I’m liking 90210 again. Any scoop? — Mitchell
MICKEY: Keep the Kleenex on standby, Mitchell, because we’re going to have ourselves a good old-fashioned suicide attempt in the zip code! Without sounding morbid, the offing method is pretty cool, and while it won’t be successful, it will spell the end of one main character’s time on the show.

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7 12 2009

Hmmm, any idea who this main character is TDW?! Kind of scares me when it says it will be the end of them. I like all the main characters, I don’t want anyone to leave!

7 12 2009

Nope, no idea. This the first I’m hearing of it. I tend to think, though, they use the “main character” phrase loosely, though. I could be wrong. We’ll see!

7 12 2009


It’s Jasper. I can tell you what happens if you want.

7 12 2009

Sure! This is a spoiler post, afterall. But please give your source as well!

And I thought it might be Jasper and, as I said, they were misusing the “main character” term.

8 12 2009

I have read the casting sides for the upcoming episodes. They usually just have the lines of the new characters being casted, but since they are pages of the script you sometimes get lucky and there are bits and pieces of other scenes.

Jasper tries to commit suicide by jumping from the Hollywood sign and then his parents put him in a mental hospital.

8 12 2009

Thank for the info, bec. I think it’s quite interesting for two reasons. First, the Hollywood sign has already played a decent role in his storyline so I think it’s really smart to go back there for this. But second, the storyline now has a lot of echoes to the Brandon-Emily storyline of the original show and, you can even argue, the Kelly-Tara one. Some of the specifics are, of course, different, but it does still sort of feel like a copy-cat thing and, seeing as it’s not the first time that’s happened, it’s a bit bothersome.

9 12 2009

TDW, I wonder if the producers even know that a lot of their material is similar to the original. As you have said before, it doesn’t seem like they watched the original or atleast not to the extent that they should have.

9 12 2009

That’s a good point, Alyssa. So I guess I should blame them for their ignorance, instead of their flat-out copying! 😉

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