Weekly Poll

10 12 2009

The last Weekly Poll was a while ago now, thanks to the week off that the shows had and then the week off that I had. In that set, a big chunk of you believed Lady Gaga’s appearance on Gossip Girl was a pointless ratings stunt and that Liam and Naomi belonged together. It was a lot closer on the question of where Quinn’s loyalties should lie. In the end, the belief that she should stay out of the Naley-Clay issue came out on top by just 10 votes.



2 responses

10 12 2009
Rinth de Shadley

Annie could not possibly have killed Jasper. Jasper probably didn’t do it either, unless they’re planning to have him go psycho on Annie and have someone rescue her, which I don’t expect.

Chuck’s mother showing up on GG would open up a lot of story possibilities. Chuck could be conflicted, Blair could feel threatened, and this time, Serena could come to Blair’s rescue. I can hardly wait for the new episodes!

10 12 2009

Annie is my favorite character so I hope think Annie didn’t kill him. I think it would be to hard to reedem her if she did. I want to see the new episode now, I can’t stand to wait 🙂

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