Let’s Compare Scenes

13 12 2009

1. Beverly Hills 90210: Episode 3.19, Back in the High Life Again

Dylan and Kelly tell Brenda about their relationship.

2. Dawson’s Creek: Episode 3.20, The Longest Day

Pacey and Joey tell Dawson about their relationship.



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13 12 2009

Those two scenes were both very intense and had some obvious similaries. Personally, I like the DC one better, because I think it was so well done. I think that entire episode was one of the greatest, because you got to see the problem from everyone’s pov and really hurt for each of them. BH’s I think was a little selfish because Dylan even said that they needed to tell Brenda the truth because *they* couldn’t stand to lie to her anymore.

I think on DC the most heartbreaking part was that in that triangle all of the realationships were broken and everyone got hurt in the process even Joey and Pacey’s realtionship, plus even some other characters i.e. Jen. … Although I’m no where near as familiar with BH’s episodes and storylines so I could be wrong.

14 12 2009

Alyssa, the contrasts you point out are interesting. First off, I definitely agree with you how well done that entire DC episode was. It’s creativity still blows me away every time I watch it and it remains one of my favorites. But both scenes are quite intense, particularly because they had been building for so long in their own way. In terms of actually telling the person about the relationship, there were definitely different motivating factors. And even Dylan was lying a bit himself when he said that line because it was Kelly who couldn’t stand to lie anymore because that meant hurting Brenda even more–he was pretty much OK with still keeping it a secret.

And you are right about the effects it had on DC vs. 90210. In fact, that was something I recently discussed elsewhere, that this major development had happen between Kelly-Dylan-Brenda but everyone else continued on like it was business as usual. The closest we get to seeing the impact on others is Dylan telling Brandon that things might change but things actually don’t. We actually see more of an effect earlier in the season when Brenda and Kelly are feuding over Dylan and Donna says how she can’t take being caught in the middle. In DC, there were other people involved and we saw it have lasting effects in the next few episodes, as Pacey and Joey aren’t together because of what went down (while Dylan and Kelly do continue their relationship), Andie makes an effort to get her first love back with Pacey, etc.

Another difference: for 90210, it was a turning point because it marked the end of one storyline–the triangle–and the start of another–Kelly and Dylan’s committed relationship. In contrast, on Dawson’s Creek, it more fully established the triangle but it wasn’t until a few episodes later, in the season finale when Joey makes her choice, that we get the same kind of “this is the end and the beginning” turning point. In that sense, then, this DC scene would then be more comparable to the “walk likes like a duck” scene I posted not too long ago (when we were talking about Gossip Girl). Like on DC, it’s the first time the odd person out finds out about the new couple and it sets up the feuding that will occur in the next several episodes (including where, as I mentioned above, Donna gets fed up).

14 12 2009

I love the Dawson’s Creek one wayyyyyy better! That is one of my favorite shows. I have all the season’s on dvd. 🙂

15 12 2009

TDW, you make very good points. And thanks for the BH backstory as I said before I’m not as familiar with it.

15 12 2009

I just got a reminder of why I still hate the Kelly Taylor character all these years later. She is without a doubt, no exaggeration, my most hated TV character ever. And, I’ve watched A LOT of TV.

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