Weekly Poll

27 01 2010

In the last Weekly Poll, 58 percent of voters said Taylor’s return lived up to the hype, with 20 percent disagreeing and another 22 percent said they needed to see the next episode first. The second poll had a tie with 41 percent saying they didn’t even know who Billy Baldwin was and 41 percent saying they needed to see him in the show before they could judge–but 17 percent already think it’s perfect casting. There was a clear majority in the last poll, where 64 percent were totally perplexed by a 90210 with no Harry, though 30 percent say they’re okay with it while 6 percent admit they’re thrilled.



5 responses

28 01 2010

I’m looking forward to meeting Liam’s dad but not Teddy’s. I just want Teddy to go away πŸ˜‰ I love Taylor so much more then Quinn because she’s an interesting character. Chuck and Blair I don’t care about πŸ˜‰

28 01 2010

I’m starting to like Quinn more, but I would still like a little more intrigue to her character. She seems kind of blah. She left David because he changed and whatnot, but what exactly is her life about? As far as I can tell, she doesn’t have a steady job or have her life altogether. Is she still living at casa de Naley? I get the feeling she is a little lost and trying to “find herself”, but the writers haven’t givien us a lot to go with. It’s difficult to explain what I would like to see from her, because we still don’t know a whole lot about her.

28 01 2010

I hear ya, Alyssa. While I can’t say I’m starting to like her more, I share the same gripes. She is still leaving at casa de Naley. I think they did try to make her seem lost and it seems now that they’re trying to make it like she has Clay so all her problems are solved. But I want to see a life of hers besides Clay, independent of him and independent from Haley/Taylor/family stuff. I think Shantel is aware, though, that not everyone is feeling Quinn (she said as much in two interviews I posted last week) and that she would like to see more of who the character is explored, especially the supposed photography talent.

29 01 2010

Exactly, we haven’t even seen her snap a pic in a few episodes. There’s not much direction with her character. What was her life like before she moved back to Tree Hill? Where were her and David living? Doesn’t she have friends that miss her? These are just a few of the questions they should be answering.

29 01 2010

Actually, your first 2 questions were more or less answered in all the flashbacks we saw in 7.07. But the third question is definitely something I still wonder about. I’m sure David wasn’t the only person in her life before. So where are those people, those relationships now?

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