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26 02 2010

As of this post, we still don’t know whether One Tree Hill will be renewed or canceled.

We do seem to know the schedule for the rest of the season:

4/26/10: Episode 7.19

5/3/10: Episode 7.20

5/10/10: Episode 7.21

5/17/10: Episode 7.22

Of course this schedule is subject to change but if it stays and 7.22 is the series finale, One Tree Hill would have the same end date as Beverly Hills 90210.

Things to consider:

  • Beverly Hills 90210 aired its series finale on May 17, 2000. The One Tree Hill series finale would air exactly 10 years later, on a milestone anniversary for BH90210.
  • Beverly Hills 90210 was the first teen drama to air, the first one to finish airing and remains the longest-running teen drama.
  • One Tree Hill was the fourth teen drama to air, would be the fourth one to finish airing and is the second-longest-running teen drama.
  • The common end date (arguably) gives more meaning to a video I posted last April, in which the maker declared BH90210 and OTH to be “the two greatest television shows in history.”

Interesting, no?



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26 02 2010

Another random thought; if OTH does end on May 17th, it will end on it’s favorite number. (Not counting the ending zero) 5+17+1= 23. Good sign or bad? Or am I just looking to much into this? LOL

Either way, I will be so sad if OTH is cancelled, but in all reality, I’m thinking that’s what’s gonna happen. At least we’ll have our DVDs to keep the memories alive 🙂

26 02 2010

very interesting. and i love that video. if its cancelled this year(which is very likely it seems) i have no idea how they are gonna wrap it all up. they wrapped it up perfectly last season so idk how they are going to do it this year.

26 02 2010

Lexy, I agree with you. If it does end in May, I feel there are going to be a lot of loose ends that aren’t going to be properly addressed, which is something I think is def not okay! Maybe, ideally, they can have a ‘final season’ 8th season and bring back everyone, Whitey, Karen, Andy, Lily, Deb, Bevin, Rachel, Leyton!, I mean everyone, and just kind of have them in storylines that will work towards resolving everything. That would be perfect, to see everyone back together again before it ends. Ahh a girl can dream, right? haha

26 02 2010

I completely agree that One Tree Hill is one of the best teen dramas on TV to this day and so is BH 90210 and I hope OTH lasts for 10 seasons as well. But honestly OTH has kinda gone downhill after they graduated although season 5 was pretty good, I think it should have ended after graduation. Or after Leyton left.

27 02 2010

g90210th – do you want to just write the show? that sounds perfectttt to me.

27 02 2010

Lexy- Haha! I would LOVE to write the show LOL I am an aspiring writer, and would one day love to have a succesful teen drama like OTH, so watching the show now definetly keeps me motivated to aspire to that. However, as a fan, my passion for writing can get in the way because I’m always thinking ‘he should have said this instead’, ‘they should have written this scene that way’ etc etc lol But if they gave me a shot to write out the 8th season, I know I would do the true OTH fans proud :-p
But hopefully, the actual writers of the show will pay attention to what the fans want and bring us some real closure if the show truly does end. (Leyton + Sawyer cameo plzzzzzz!!!)

27 02 2010

For money reasons alone, I don’t think they’d be able to bring back Leyton and Sawyer… I know a lot of people wanted them to show up for Lydia’s funeral, but if we still don’t REALLY know why they left in the first place, there’s no way the CW would’ve brought them back just for one scene where they’d have no dialogue. Plus, with the whole contest to see the filming of the finale, I doubt Chad and Hilarie would come back; there’d have to be some serious confidentiality agreements involved, and Hilarie probably has her hands full with SoGoPro.

I really feel like things can’t be wrapped up in four more episodes, but maybe they will. My thought is that maybe Brulian will get a surprise pregnancy– her and Julian DID get it on at the end of the last episode, Brooke’s not using her birth control since the doctor told her she can’t have kids, which means Julian probably wasn’t using anything either… so I’m hoping maybe the writers will give them a little miracle and maybe a proposal by season’s end. That’ll at least bring some sort of closure to their unresolved storylines.

27 02 2010

I’ve honestly refrained from posting on this thread because I don’t want an 8th season and I don’t want to bring down the conversation. That said, I do want to add to what Trai said. There are no plans to bring CMM or HB back. HB has even said, more or less, that she will not return and people should stop asking her. Could something change? Absolutely. Never say never.

As far as being able to wrap things up, have a little faith. There are already spoilers out that there indicate they are on top of things. It may not be perfect. You may not be completely satisfied. But it is what it is and we can be grateful for what we’ve already gotten.

And I totally think what Trai said about Brulian is plausible, though I honestly haven’t read or heard anything about that. Also, the contest winners were in town this past week so it didn’t end up being for the finale or, at least, not all of the finale.

Lastly, g90210th, love that you found meaning in 5/17/10. While I’m sure it’s completely coincidental, it is a very nice thought.

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