Weekly Poll

3 03 2010

In the last Weekly Poll, most voters–56 percent–said the Victoria/Alexander pairing on One Tree Hill came out of nowhere, though 31 percent said they don’t know what to think while 13 percent said it makes sense. The second poll had similar numbers, with 53 percent saying seeing Georgina every now and then on Gossip Girl was fine, 34 percent saying she should be a main character and 14 percent saying it depends on the storyline. Forty-four percent prefer Harry to be written off 90210 via death, with “none of the above” getting the next highest result–24 percent–and then 15 percent for “combo of the above,” and 9 percent each for divorce and rehab.



3 responses

4 03 2010

Not feeling it and Gossip Girl. Oh and BTW I love the look of the polls.

4 03 2010

90210 all the way!!!

5 03 2010

Mouth is a nice guy and all, but Lauren’s completely one dimensional. The only reason I even look up if she’s on screen is to see what piece from J. Crew she’s wearing. I really like the Millicent character, and if she and Mouth don’t get back together I worry that there won’t be as much focus on her. Unless she steps in to fill Rachel/Alex’s shoes to become the next party hearty, troublemaking rowdy girl, that is! Which is what I hope, because as much as I love OT, that is some mopey business on there lately. Who has teeth anymore in Tree Hill? Certainly neither Mouth nor Lauren. If they get together, it’ll be (another) lackluster storyline. Together they have about as much chemistry as Mia and that dorky kid that was on Laguna Beach.

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