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22 03 2010



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23 03 2010
Brandon M

LOL… could these things be any cheesier?

23 03 2010

Okay, what the heck si going on with the CW’s PR department, this as well as Gossip Girl’s has got to be the worst set of promotional posters I’ve ever seen for the season.

I could even duplicate the poster above with some good ol Photoshop and check if my PC has a Futura font (the one used for 90210 and Melrose Place), being a design student myself.

I like the ones that were made last year so why can’t do something as equal or even greater to what they did last year?

23 03 2010

If it makes you guys feel any better, the ones they’ve sent out for Life Unexpected are worse. Much. Worse.

23 03 2010

Makes me feel a little better but it looks likev a child did these and I hate how the episode promos for 90210 look so happy and playful when the episodes are so dramatic. Season 1 had way better promos and now Gossip Girl has the good promos.

23 03 2010
Brandon M

I agree, I think whoever is in charge of doing promos for 90210 needs replaced. The promos don’t even make me excited for the next episode.

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