Weekly Poll

7 04 2010

As you may have noticed, there wasn’t a Weekly Poll last week. Since I had to do reaction posts, which weren’t completed til later in the week, I didn’t have poll questions based on that week’s episodes to use in time.

In the last Weekly Poll, fifty-two percent of voters said they would not be satisfied by a One Tree Hill series finale that didn’t include Lucas and Peyton. Still, 33 percent said they would be while 15 percent said they were torn. A bigger majority, 64 percent, think Jenny on Gossip Girl is totally annoying lately. Just 20 percent find her tolerable and only 16 percent say she’s totally awesome. Forty-six percent think 90210’s Annie should just confess but 5 percent think it will ruin her life even more. Twenty-six percent aren’t sure and are scared for her either while way 23 percent aren’t sure and don’t care either way.



3 responses

9 04 2010

I know that a ton of people disagree with me, but I’m getting a bit tired of people getting hung up on Lucas and Peyton not being there for the finale. Apparently Hilarie herself has asked people to stop asking. I understand people miss them, I do too, but I feel like every time I read about the finale, the first post is always, “Are Lucas and Peyton coming back?”

10 04 2010

OMG Tari i TOTALLY agree with you! I don’t like Leyton and i don’t miss them.

3 05 2010

I agree with you too even though i love them. They kinda cut them(the characters) out without any real good excuse & just for that i don’t wanna see them in the show ever again. It’s disrespectful for the fan that they didn’t even took the time to make up a real story line. Now we’re good without them , what good would it make to see them … ? none..

& BTW Jasper’s creepy. He’s sick .. he might be a little misunderstood too but who’s not ?

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