Jennie Garth on Leaving 90210

14 04 2010

“The show wasn’t really turning out to be something I wanted Kelly’s character to be a part of. It wasn’t appealing to me.”



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14 04 2010

Wow, that’s bold and direct. I was wondering if she would ever tell us how she really feels.

14 04 2010

And now the truth is coming out. For the sake of her fans and fans of the original I am proud that she is walking away.
I don’t like where the new show took characters of the original. They had something special and they quickly ruined it. It became clear to me that it is best for actors of the original to stay away.
Good Luck to Jennie where her career takes her.

14 04 2010

While I am glad she’s speaking a little, it’s a bit late, IMO. She should’ve walked away sooner. If she had, we would’ve have been left without injustices such as the Jackie storyline. But I guess better late than never. Sigh.

14 04 2010

I really respect the actors from the original 90210. I didn’t watch every episode every season its first airing, but I always kept up with what was going on. I gave the new batch a good, solid chance with little expectation and I could barely sit through the first few episodes since anyone younger than thirty just either drove me nuts or put me to sleep. I really wish they’d left 90210 and Melrose alone! Good for Jennie for making her exit, whether timely or not. She’s bound to be in bigger and better things!

14 04 2010

I guess I’m in the minority who feels that it was unneccessary for her to make this comment, especially with a show that’s still on the air. Last I checked, Jennie Garth isn’t some big name actress with a whole lot going on. It’s probably best not to show that you are willing to talk negatively about your projects.

15 04 2010

As an actor, she would still had to be professional when it comes to these matters. Whether there was bad blood or she was no longer satisfied with the material she’s been given, I don’t see it necessary for her to speak out against a show she was a part of for two seasons.

She should at least be grateful that she helped launched a youth-oriented series that she may be aware that she won’t exactly be staying long-term, given her past interview stating she cannot balance working in between acting , parenting, and charitable events.

We don’t know exactly what usually occurs behind the set but I think actors should also have a creative say on where they want their characters headed to since they also form a part of the creative process of breathing life from a script.

I’d like to think that she left 90210 with good terms with the cast, crew and the EP since nobody likes burning bridges.

With this development, there’s certainly a need for Rebecca Sinclair give us the low-down over these matters.

15 04 2010

Cheesy, I wish this show respected the original even half as much as you do. We’d be in much better shape! Needless to say, I too wish they left the show alone.

sane and James: I understand your points. It’s for those reasons I was surprised to read that comment. On the flipside, there was once or twice that she didn’t speak too highly of the show while she was still working on it so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. Something I learned from two people I interviewed–they will remain nameless–is that actors (though I would say people in general) do what they think is best for them at the moment. If they did something, at some point they thought it was a good idea. I guess Jennie thought at some point that it was a good idea to do this show. Similarly, I guess she thought it was a good idea to give these statements. Frankly, I understand why she is upset. She joined partially out of loyalty to the brand but they didn’t keep up their end of the bargain, both in regards to that and to specific things she was promised. But whether she should publicly voice her disdain, well, you guys have fair points. And not that this is an excuse or makes it right, but please keep in mind she’s not the first actress to ever do something like this.

15 04 2010

I think she stated her thoughts in a very tasteful way. I think she has the right to say whatever she wants about the show. She has been, in my eyes, the most loyal part of the show or more the 90210 brand in general. She tried to make this new show work, but it isn’t for her. I respect that. Besides, the character of Kelly is apart of her and she should be allowed to share her opinions on a project that she knows more about than the showsrunners, cast, and crew clearly do.

16 04 2010

oh! that’s not really great news! but i did expect it, sooner though! I think it’s a shame, I really liked her even though I never watched the previous show!

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