Live-Blog: One Tree Hill 7.20 and Gossip Girl 3.20

3 05 2010

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EPISODE 7.20: Learning to Fail

  • Previously On: Josh makes a sex tape, someone is blackmailing the film, Alex is upset about the tape, Josh tells a friend he didn’t mean to blackmail them, Alexander wants to tell Brooke about being with Victoria, Skills came home for Lauren, Skills realizes there’s something with her and Mouth and punches him, Miranda is being deported and Grubbs proposes, Katie buys Quinn’s portrait of Clay, Clay tells Quinn Sara looks like Katie, Nathan tells Jamie that Haley is sad but will be fine, Haley cries alone at night
  • This is reportedly the show’s 150th episode, as discussed in my interview with James Lafferty.
  • Nighttime. Right where we left off?
  • I don’t think so.
  • Nathan is alone in bed, though.
  • Haley is at The Ruins, which is where Lydia’s funeral was. (Among other things.)
  • She throws a rose into the water.
  • Wonder what time it is exactly.
  • Clay’s beach house.
  • He and Quinn are sleeping in bed together.
  • A figure is outside the window.
  • Brooke and Julian are in the bathroom.
  • He’s in a bubble bath and she’s sitting on the edge of the tub.
  • Q1: Welcome to Brooke’s spa. Hope you enjoy the stay.–Brooke
  • Julian plays with the bubbles. She joins. It’s cute.
  • The phone vibrates.
  • It’s Julian’s. Something about the film.
  • She’s concerned that he hasn’t relaxed at all.
  • She tells him sleeping doesn’t count.
  • Q2: “I need you to take care of yourself because I want you to be here for a long time.” “I will.” “Well, Brooke’s spa will always be here to help you recuperate.”–Brooke and Julian
  • He pulls her into the tub. They kiss.
  • Millie! She’s back!
  • In Alex’s hotel room.
  • Alex is telling her about Victoria and Alexander.
  • And Alex and Josh.
  • Sleep-over?
  • Where has she been, though?
  • Alex also adds that Skills “punched out Melvin.”
  • Millie seems shocked and confused as Alex walks out.
  • Miranda tells Grubbs it’s illegal for them to get married.
  • Grubbs says it’s not if the feelings are legit.
  • He tells her to take the night to think about it.
  • Hm. So maybe this is the same night?
  • I’m totally confused.
  • Alex walks down the hotel hallway to get ice..
  • She spots Josh kissing a guy in the elevator.
  • She drops the ice bucket, which Josh hears and turns around.
  • I think they are both shocked.
  • 90210 promo
  • Next day, I guess.
  • Nathan and Haley in kitchen.
  • He’s singing along to her song “Flying Machine.” Aw.
  • He notes that she’s up early.
  • Apparently she has a video shoot or something.
  • He tells her that she’ll do grea,t like always.
  • Jamie comes in and tells Nate to have a good run.
  • He leaves and Jamie asks what’s for breakfast.
  • She pours Chinese food into a bowl and walks away.
  • Okay.
  • Brooke and Victoria are talking about Alexander.
  • Victoria says Brooke is just offended by the age difference.
  • Brooke says she’s only offended by their PDA at the gallery.
  • Q3: Oh, please. Cougars are in now.–Victoria
  • Alexander enters.
  • Q4: Have fun with your cub.–Brooke
  • Josh knocks on Alex’s door. She opens and tries to close it.
  • Q5: You’ve got 30 seconds. You’re used to working in that time frame, right?–Alex
  • She says he’s a jerk and she saw him kissing a guy.
  • He asks if she’s never done something she didn’t mean to.
  • He begs her not to tell anyone.
  • Cut to her telling Julian and Paul.
  • They’re kind of disbelieving.
  • Paul says regardless, he and her cost them $2 million dollars.
  • She seems to just be bummed that there won’t be a wrap party. Old Alex is back?
  • Quinn tells Clay how weird it is how Katie looks.
  • She asks him why he didn’t tell her sooner.
  • He says with Lydia being sick, it didn’t seem as important.
  • They both hope she’s harmless.
  • He makes a joke about her being psychotic.
  • Quinn is not laughing.
  • He says he will make calls to find out more about her.
  • He apologizes for not telling her about it sooner.
  • Millie knocks on Mouth’s bedroom door, saying she heard he had a rough night.
  • Mouth is looking at a photo album. There’s a photo of him and Skills from high school.
  • Millie says she wish she knew him then.
  • She asks if he wants to talk about it.
  • He says he didn’t plan on this happening.
  • But he likes her.
  • She says he should tell Skills that.
  • He thanks her for the advice.
  • She thanks him for all he’s done for her.
  • Q6: “Can I ask you a question?” “Sure.” “Do you ever miss me?” “Of course.” “Thanks. That means a lot to me.”–Millie and Mouth
  • Miranda comes into the studio. She’s in a bad mood.
  • Says she didn’t sleep.
  • Grubbs asks her to dance. “Practice for the wedding.”
  • She says she can’t marry him.
  • He says they dance well together and it’s a start.
  • She says they need to focus on the album and they don’t have much time.
  • The music is good, she says, but he needs to find the words.
  • Mouth walks into some place we’ve never seen!
  • Junk and Fergie’s apartment?!?!
  • He asks to talk to Skills, who is playing videogames with them.
  • The guys excuse themselves.
  • Mouth says Skills is his best friend.
  • He and Lauren were just hanging out. They didn’t plan this.
  • Mouth picks up the video game controller.
  • Skills slams his down and leaves.
  • Aw. This is sad.
  • So much history here.
  • And I see both sides.
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • Mouth is in his apartment now.
  • Brooke’s here to check on “her guy.”
  • Aw, I miss their friendship!
  • He asks her if after he got punched, he saw Victoria and Alexander.
  • Q7: “Not as scandalous as two best friends fighting.” “Or as scandalous as going to prom with a black eye from your best friend.”–Brooke and Mouth
  • Yay, reference to the past! And Peyton mention!
  • Brooke says that during that time, it was Mouth that told her not to let their current issues get in the way of their friendship.
  • It was a great exchange. Wish I got the whole thing.
  • Q8: If it wasn’t for P. Sawyer, I never would’ve met Julian.–Brooke
  • True.
  • She says she doesn’t know much about guy code.
  • He says it’s the same as girl code.
  • He tried to talk Skills. He’s not having it.
  • Brooke’s phone vibrates. The message says “Brooke Davis caught with boy toy” or something like that.
  • I guess the sex tape is out with Brooke’s name on it instead of Alex.
  • Lauren goes to see Skills as Junk and Fergie’s.
  • He asks how she could do this.
  • She says they had broken up.
  • He says that was only because of distance.
  • Q9: But not a day went by that I didn’t think about you.–Skills
  • She points out he never called or kept in touch really.
  • She says she came to tell him to stop being a jerk to his friend.
  • He concludes that she’s choosing Mouth.
  • She says she’s not choosing anyone but this version on him isn’t helping.
  • Miranda is telling Haley about Grubbs and then the plans for her music video.
  • Haley completely tunes out and then walks out.
  • Haley goes to he trailer. She’s given a 5-minute warning. Then it’s camera time.
  • She gets into her car, the one that Nathan bought, and drives off.
  • Alex goes to see Paul.
  • She apologizes for the sex tape and says she knows he and Julian put a lot into the film.
  • He says the video is yesterday’s problem.
  • She put great work into the film.
  • But that doesn’t matter if no one goes to see it.
  • He asks how many openly gay leading men there are.
  • Alex says it doesn’t matter.
  • He says he hopes it doesn’t but they can’t afford to take that risk. Julian can’t afford to.
  • Julian goes to see Josh.
  • He tells Josh that he has until tonight to give Paul his money back.
  • Josh plays dumb.
  • Julian says he’d have Josh arrested if it wasn’t for the film.
  • Josh said the extortion wasn’t his doing.
  • He just wanted the tape to get out.
  • He said his ex-boyfriend is blackmailing him.
  • He rather have one bad film that his sexuality rock his career.
  • Brooke is talking to Victoria and Millie about the sex tape.
  • I guess they aren’t going to address where Millie has been. I guess rehab but still. Ugh.
  • It seems like the biggest scandal of the week until something else happens.
  • But we (the viewer) don’t know what.
  • Nathan is at TRIC. He’s supposed to meet Haley.
  • Grubbs doesn’t know what to serve him.
  • Miranda has him off his game.
  • Nathan says that happened with Haley.
  • Grubbs drinks some whiskey.
  • He says Miranda is shutting him out.
  • Nathan says Haley used to hate him.
  • Miranda comes over, asking where Haley is.
  • Nathan says he’s wondering the same.
  • Clay is on the phone with someone.
  • He’s trying to find out why Katie was dismissed from her tennis team.
  • Cut to Katie touching Clay’s portrait and then knocking it to the ground. The glass shatters.
  • Is she in Quinn’s gallery? How? Looks like it.
  • 90210 promo
  • Aw, Skills and Jamie reunited!
  • They’re at a restaurant.
  • Jamie orders a ton, saying he only had leftover Chinese for breakfast.
  • Skills asks Jamie how much he missed him.
  • Jamie says he know someone who missed him more.
  • Lauren.
  • Jamie says she was sad when he left and she must be happy he’s back.
  • Skills says things are different now. She’s moved on.
  • Jamie asks what that means.
  • Skills point-blank says Mouth, his ex-friend, stole Lauren from him.
  • Q10: Well, you stole Miss Lauren away from me first and we’re still friends.–Jamie
  • Touche, Jamie!
  • Brooke tells Julian says she has bad news and really bad news.
  • Oh, my bad. The thing Brooke got earlier was about Brooke and Alexander, not the sex tape.
  • People mistook Victoria for Brooke and said Brooke has a boy toy in Alexander.
  • But now the sex tape, with Alex and Josh, is on the Internet. (That’s the really bad news.)
  • Julian goes to tell Paul.
  • Paul says he knows. He sold it.
  • Julian is shocked and pissed.
  • Paul says it was Alex’s idea.
  • Skills goes to CoB. He needs to talk to Millie.
  • She asks if it’s about Mouth and Lauren.
  • She says she knew about it.
  • Skills asks how she’s dealing with it. I missed what she said.
  • Q11: I just missed my life here.–Skills
  • He says it’s hard starting over in some place new.
  • Millie says it’s hard starting over period.
  • Q12: “Lauren was my girl.” “And Mouth was my guy. But we took them for granted. I guess we made our beds and now we have to sleep in them.”–Skills and Millie
  • That’s a fair point.
  • Grubbs starts to write lyrics as he watches Miranda from afar.
  • Haley is at home, looking at a photo of Lydia and her and one of the sisters as kids.
  • The phone rings.
  • It’s Miranda, wanting to know where she is.
  • Miranda says she’s waiting for her.
  • Haley is confused. Waiting for what, she wants to know.
  • Miranda reminds her of the video shoot.
  • Haley says it’s just music and doesn’t seem to care at all.
  • Miranda says they are spending a ton of money on this and she better get back to Tric.
  • Haley says she’s cooking and hangs up on her.
  • Miranda tries calling back.
  • Haley puts her phone in the drawer.
  • Clay is meeting with Katie’s roommate.
  • She says Clay isn’t just the issue.
  • Katie isn’t taking her lithium.
  • Her behavior gets pretty crazy and he should be careful.
  • Quinn finds the picture smashed in her gallery.
  • Jamie comes into the kitchen.
  • He’s excited to see her cooking Lydia’s soup.
  • He knocks over the bowl of flour mix and Haley snaps, sending him to his room.
  • Haley starts to clean up as Nathan watches.
  • Haley is cleaning up still when we come back from the commercial.
  • Nathan asks what happened. She just walked off the set and it’s a big deal.
  • He tries to help her clean.
  • He says he’ll call them and she should just go relax.
  • She says she doesn’t need help. She just wants to be alone.
  • He says it’s going to be okay and she reiterates that she wants to be alone.
  • She glares at him and he looks at her and keeps walking.
  • Brooke is getting lots of calls from the media. She has no comment.
  • Alexander says he wanted Victoria to happen but not so publicly.
  • Victoria says they are sorry.
  • Brooke says she doesn’t understand why they didn’t tell her.
  • She yelled at Paul for no reason.
  • Why keep it a secret? Are they ashamed?
  • Alexander says he’s not ashamed.
  • Brooke says she doesn’t care as long as she doesn’t have to “see” or “hear” any more.
  • They agree to that.
  • Brooke asks if they’re okay with this being public now.
  • They say they are.
  • The phone rings again.
  • Q13: Hello, TMZ! That was actually my mother, Victoria Davis.–Brooke
  • And she spells Victoria. Too funny.
  • Grubbs is recording with Miranda. She’s a busy gal.
  • She realizes the lyrics are about her. Aww.
  • It’s about them dancing well and he wishes she would stay.
  • It sounds really nice. As all his songs do.
  • Alex tells Julian she has something of his.
  • She gives him a watch. I guess it was his.
  • She thanks him for loaning it for her wardrobe. Did we see this at some point?
  • She says it helped her during filming.
  • He says she came a long way, which is why he doesn’t get why she helped Paul release the video.
  • Q14: You saved my life, literally. It was the least I could do. I needed to let you know that I believe in you, too.–Alex
  • I almost kinda sorta want to see them together. DON’T KILL ME.
  • Nathan goes to see Jamie.
  • He asks if mom is still mad.
  • Nathan says it’s not him. She loves him and always will.
  • They start to do a puzzle together.
  • Q15: Let’s put this thing back together.–Nathan
  • Has so many meanings!
  • More Grubbs singing. Miranda is smiling, clearly flattered.
  • He stops. She says it’s missing one thing.
  • She walks into the room and kisses him.
  • Is this the first time we’ve actually seen them kiss?
  • Quinn puts Clay’s portrait aside.
  • She hears the bell ring on her door and yells that she’ll be right with them.
  • She walks into the main room and it’s Katie.
  • She’s holding a piece of glass and asks if there was an accident.
  • She says she’s hear for Clay…the photo of him.
  • She had originally that it could be shipped but she wants it now.
  • Quinn says it was already sent per her original instructions so she will have to get used to being without him.
  • Quinn’s phone rings. She steps into the other room.
  • It’s Clay. Quinn says Katie is here.
  • Clay explains that he spoke Katie’s roommate and Katie is unstable.
  • Q14: She’s about to see how unstable I can be.–Quinn
  • Clay tells her not to do anything. She just needs to close up and leave.
  • Quinn says she will. She hangs up and there’s Katie.
  • Q15: I feel sorry for you. Can’t you see how sad he is?–Katie
  • Quinn says she should go and leave them alone.
  • Q16: “You’ll never be Sara.” “Neither will you.” “We’ll see about that.–Katie and Quinn
  • Katie leaves.
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • Mouth is playing videogames alone.
  • He gets a message on the screen. Skills, where he is, has invited him to play.
  • They talk via headphones.
  • Q17: “I’m sorry I hurt you.” “It’s just part of the game, bro.” “You know what I mean. You there?” “Can we just play for a while?” “Sure.”–Mouth and Skills
  • Aw.
  • Haley is starting at the pool.
  • Nathan comes up behind and kisses her head.
  • Q18: I miss her.–Haley
  • Nathan says he knows but focusing on the music will help her.
  • Q19: “What if it doesn’t?” “I’ll be here.”–Haley and Nathan
  • Alex is watching a news video online about her being a whore because of the sex tape.
  • She goes to talk to Josh. She says from now on, they are pretending to be together.
  • She’s sick of looking like a slut and it won’t look as bad now if they are officially together and she made the tape with her boyfriend.
  • Julian comes home. Brooke is pouring wine.
  • Q20: To my boyfriend, Julian Baker, who survived a day of sex, lies and videotapes.–Brooke
  • She takes off her robe. She has a bow covering her chest.
  • He undoes it. It’s hot.
  • They kiss. It’s sweet and romantic.
  • Lauren comes over to Mouth’s.
  • She has cookies. She says when she’s upset she bakes.
  • She says she’s sorry. She never meant to come between him and Skills.
  • He says he doesn’t know how to handle this.
  • She says she doesn’t either but she just wanted to him.
  • He says he does too but he can’t do this to his friend and he’s sorry.
  • She nods and looks sad.
  • Haley unloads groceries, including alcohol.
  • She grabs a glass and makes a martini.
  • She sits down at the piano and can’t seem to play it.
  • She goes to put the glass down and spills it.
  • She intentionally knocks a candle down and with the alcohol, it sets the piano on fire.
  • She just sits there and watches it.
  • At the gallery, Quinn tells Clay that Katie isn’t going to go away.
  • And she thinks this is just the beginning.
  • Katie is watching Clay and Sara’s wedding video!
  • How? What? Why?
  • And I wish we actually saw that.
  • Nathan runs in and sees the flames.
  • He pulls her away and puts the fire out with a blanket.
  • He asks if she’s okay. She doesn’t answer.
  • He asks what happened.
  • She says she’s going to go call her mom and walks out…
  • …out of the house.
  • Preview: Clay asks Katie what she’s doing in his house but she says she’s Sara, a police officer asks Clay if he knows the woman standing on the bridge, Clay says it’s his wife, Haley stares at the pool, she’s on the phone with someone and says it gets worse and worse every day, cut to her jumping in the pool and her voiceover saying once you do that, there’s no going back


EPISODE 3.20: It’s A Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World

  • Previously On: Jenny raids Lily’s medicine cabinet, William is going to stick around, Blair meets girls at Columbia, Jenny and Serena fight over Nate, Nate kicks Jenny out, Dan and Vanessa fight over the writing program, S tells Nate about Lily being sick, William says his plan isn’t working and he needs another prescription or the authorities won’t be pleased to hear what the person is doing
  • The title is a play on the movie “It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.”
  • Serena and Nate share coffee and kiss and canoodle.
  • Dan and Vanessa are getting ready for school at the loft but clearly not getting along.
  • Q1: It’s sad we’re all strapped to fortune’s wheel. Nowhere is this truer than the ever-changing landscape of love. As one couple enjoys an upswing, another is plunged downwards. But top or bottom, don’t get too comfortable. One thing you can rely on is that the wheel will keep on turning.–Gossip Girl
  • So by the ep’s end, S and Nate will be in ruins and V and Dan will be better?
  • Serena apologizes for being MIA a lot.
  • Nate asks S if she rather move back home so she can be around Lily more and help her more.
  • Q2: And have to see Jenny’s lying face in the morning? No, thank you.–Serena
  • A girl leaves Chuck’s room.
  • Q3: Judge away. Shame turns me on.–Chuck
  • Nate offers pancakes to help cure his hang over.
  • Um, okay.
  • Chuck holds up a baggie of drugs, saying the cause will help him more.
  • Vanessa tells Dan it’s been days and things are still weird.
  • Dan says they need rules. They need to know what topics are off-limits.
  • V says that until the program is over, it should be off-limits.
  • They set some rules I can’t keep up with. Bottom line…
  • Q4: The only things we can talk about openly are politics, Jersey Shore and where we want to eat.–Dan
  • He asks if she wants to have breakfast with his dad.
  • She says she can’t. She has something…related to the unmentionable topics.
  • Jenny and Eric are brunching at the penthouse with Rufus.
  • Serena asks Rufus if he is using cooking as therapy.
  • Serena makes it clear to Jenny that she is in her way.
  • Lily comes in. Everyone is very attentive.
  • She says she only needs people to treat her as they always do.
  • Q5: Charles has the right idea. If he was here, then I’d really worry.–Lily
  • William comes in.
  • Rufus asks what he’s doing here.
  • Serena says she invited him.
  • William examiners Lily’s lymph nodes. Right there and there.
  • Rufus is uncomfortable.
  • William says he’s being honored at NYU (I think?) the next night.
  • Serena says she will be there with Nate and Blair.
  • Lily says she and Rufus will, too.
  • Eric makes a face at Serena and says their dad left when he was two.
  • Serena says he needs to give him a chance.
  • S asks Rufus to move over so there’s room for William to sit.
  • Awk!
  • Blair is walking on Columbia’s campus.
  • She seems quite enamored with it.
  • She calls Nate and says she wants to watch his lacrosse game.
  • Um, since when does he play lax?
  • And there’s still snow on the ground!
  • She says she just needed to get away from NYU.
  • She goes on a rant about the apartment some classmates want to get with her and it’s clearly not up to Blair Waldorf standards.
  • Nate kind of blows her off, but not meanly.
  • She runs into the girls she met a few weeks ago.
  • They say they have to go, though, because they just landed an awesome apartment–and it is very Blair Waldorf, it sounds.
  • Q6: I never thought I’d see Blair Waldorf on the Upper West Side.–one of the girls
  • Unless, Blair is transferring, they realize.
  • They say NYU is so beneath her.
  • Blair says it’s true, she is transferring.
  • Serena is talking with William.
  • Jenny is there. Kind of butting in.
  • Serena says she wasn’t into the party scene growing up.
  • William says she’s made some good choices. Bad choices can follow you.
  • Jenny starts telling a story about her “friend.”
  • It’s clearly about S, though.
  • Lily, Rufus and Eric walk over.
  • S says she has an announcement.
  • She’s moving back in because she wants to be with her mom.
  • She tells Jenny they’ll find her another bedroom.
  • William says he has news too: he’s subletting another apartment in the building.
  • Q7: Better watch out, Humphrey. They say love makes a family but on the Upper East Side, everyone knows it’s real estate.–Gossip Girl
  • 90210 promo
  • Rufus is on the phone with Dan.
  • Dan apologizes for being late.
  • He asks Rufus how he’s doing with William around.
  • Rufus says William is just her doctor and *he* is her husband.
  • Rufus says he gave a recommendation for Vanessa’s internship with CNN.
  • Dan says he doesn’t  know about it because it’s against their rules.
  • Rufus says she might want to talk to her about it, since it’s in Haiti.
  • Dan abruptly hangs up.
  • William asks Eric if there’s a girl he’d like to bring to the event tomorrow.
  • Q8: Actually, I’m gay. So if I was going, which I’m not, my date would be Elliott.–Eric
  • William says that’s cool and he should bring
  • Q9: I’m sorry. The window for that closed sometime between my 12th birthday and my suicide attempt.–Eric
  • So glad they brought that up!
  • Eric says going through that taught him that he doesn’t need a father.
  • William says he knows he hurt him but he wants to get to know him on his terms.
  • Q10: Serena may want a relationship with you but I don’t.–Eric
  • Serena takes Jenny’s clothes out of the closet.
  • Jenny starts to yell at her.
  • Rufus comes in and wants to know what’s going on.
  • S says it’s her room.
  • Rufus says J lives there now and S can take Chuck’s old room.
  • Q10: No, that room is haunted by Chuck’s depravity. Jenny can take it. I’m sure it won’t bother you.–Serena
  • S and J start to argue again. J storms out.
  • Q11: How many problems does Jenny have to cause before you realize that she’s the problem?–Serena to Rufus
  • Dan meets V at the coffeeshop.
  • He asks if she applied for a documentary internship in Haiti.
  • She says yes and she just found out she got it.
  • He asks when she was going to tell him.
  • She says this morning until he put it on the “do not talk” list.
  • She says things were so much easier when they were friends and they could talk about “things.”
  • Dan asks if that’s what she wants to go back to.
  • She says she doesn’t know and he storms out.
  • Lily and Rufus are talking about them having a full house lately.
  • She agrees that S should take Chuck’s room.
  • Rufus asks if it’s possible William wants to get close to Lily.
  • Lily says no. She’s the one that kept him away all these years if he couldn’t keep his promises.
  • She says if he wants to get close to the kids now, she won’t stand in his way.
  • Lily kisses him and walks away.
  • Rufus calls Holland (!) and says he needs a favor.
  • Blair is telling the girls how NYU sucked.
  • She gets a text. They get excited.
  • Q12: It’s like watching Lady Gaga set fire to a piano.–one of the girls
  • Blair says it’s from Serena. Something about Jenny and arguing over rooms.
  • The girls tell Blair to meddle and get involved.
  • She doesn’t want to.
  • Q13: Besides, I had a recent trouble with real estate disputes.–Blair
  • Q14: I told you. Blair was over the minute she became a student at NYU.–one of the girls
  • They call Blair out on not doing something when she totally would have in the past.
  • Blair says she doesn’t have anything on Jenny.
  • One of the girls does. She knows Jenny sold drugs a few weeks ago to her boyfriend.
  • Gossip Girl says something about Blair making a comeback but she needs to keep making hits or something.
  • There’s a promo for a contest with GG and Starbucks. Look it up online, folks.
  • Jenny calls S out on telling Gossip Girl Jenny is a drug dealer.
  • Serena says she didn’t.
  • Jenny says Blair must’ve done it for her.
  • S says she can’t control Blair.
  • J says she and her dad are finally in a good place.
  • Q15: Are you really lecturing me about lying to my dad?–Serena
  • Jenny says her dad knows who she is. But Serena is lying to her dad because she’s too scare to tell him who she really is.
  • V goes to see Dan. She says they need to make these decisions together.
  • Dan says he supports her going.
  • Q16: I rather lose the job than lose you.–V
  • Dan says she won’t. She has to go.
  • V says the time apart is too long and she just wants to be with him.
  • He asks if she’s sure. Is she making the decision for herself or them?
  • She says it’s for her.
  • He says okay and they should celebrate.
  • She says she can’t because she owes it to CNN to tell them face-to-face that she’s declining.
  • He suggests tomorrow night instead. She agrees. They kiss.
  • I bet she changes her mind. Just like Susan did to Brandon on Beverly Hills 90210!
  • Blair gets a text. I miss what it said.
  • Nate spies Blair and asks what’s doing here.
  • Q17: Does Serena know you’re trying to pull off plaid?–Blair
  • Nate says he expected Chuck to go back to his old ways when he and her broke up but not Blair.
  • He knows Blair told Gossip Girl about Jenny being a drug dealer and it’s not true.
  • He says what B is doing is the equivalent of Chuck sleeping with every call girl in the city.
  • She hides her shock at this.
  • Q18: What’s wrong with cheering myself up with a little denial and a Gossip Girl blast or two?–Blair
  • Nate says that’s fine as long as she makes it right with whomever she hurts online.
  • He says Chuck hasn’t gone to see Lily at all.
  • One of the girls was totally eavesdropping but pretends not to be.
  • Blair goes to see Chuck.
  • She sees a bra and moves it away.
  • She kind of makes fun of him for it.
  • Q19: If you’re here to mock me, I’m not in the mood. Unless you have a punishment in mind.–Chuck
  • Blair reminds him that they broke up.
  • Q2o: You lost Bart. Elizabeth betrayed you. And you’re terrified of losing Lily, too.–Blair
  • Chuck says he doesn’t need psychology lessons from a freshman at NYU. If she was at an Ivy, maybe.
  • Blair’s phone beeps. Gossip Girl says Blair was spotted pretending to be a Columbia student when she’s really a zero at NYU.
  • Blair leaves and calls someone. Amelia. (Who?) And says she’ll take the apartment. Which one? I’m so confused.
  • Serena is dressed for William’s event.
  • Rufus asks if Eric is coming.
  • S tells him not to act like he cares.
  • She just spoke to her father.
  • The condo board or whomever denied his application.
  • She asks him if he had anything to do with it.
  • Q21: I know you and my father used to hate each other but that was a long time ago.–Serena
  • Lily asks what’s going on.
  • S tells her what Rufus did.
  • Rufus admits it.
  • He says he did it to protect his marriage.
  • Lily says all she see is “jealous run amok.”
  • S tells Rufus not to come tonight.
  • She and Lily leave.
  • Blair is at the event. I guess it was at Columbia, not NYU.
  • The girls come up and tell Blair she doesn’t belong. “No fake students allowed.”
  • William tells Serena and Lily he needs to go say hi to colleagues.
  • They spy Chuck across the room.
  • Lily looks happy to see him and says to S she’ll be right back.
  • Q22: Do I want to know what you had to promise him to get him to come?–Serena to Nate
  • Nate says it wasn’t him. Blair doesn’t admit it was her, either.
  • Lily says she knows it’s hard to see her sick because of his past but…
  • Q23: I’m not going to lose you. I’m here for you. Every step of the way.–Chuck
  • I really love their relationship. Like really.
  • Q24: I feel great. You better be prepared for a lifetime of family brunches because I’m not going anywhere.–Lily
  • They hug and he looks SO happy. My heart has totally melted.
  • When Lily walks away, Chuck and Blair look at each other.
  • Dan finds Jenny at the loft.
  • She says she bailed on the event and rather watch a movie with him and V.
  • Dan says V isn’t coming but he’s game.
  • He asks if this has to do with the Gossip Girl blast.
  • Is is true she’s dealing?
  • She admits she was, while she was dating Damian but not anymore.
  • Dan says Rufus will find out and it’s better if she tells him.
  • Jenny says that’s a suicide mission.
  • Q25: If you want him to have faith in you, Jenny, maybe you should have a little faith in him.–Dan
  • Jenny says she will dig out a dress and go to the event.
  • At least it’ll be crowded so there will be witnesses. LOL
  • She asks if things are okay with Vanessa.
  • I miss what he says but Jenny tells him to have a little faith, too.
  • Serena asks William to talk.
  • She says that she lied earlier about being innocent.
  • Q25: I’ve had a pretty wild past and I’ve been part of more than one scandal.–Serena
  • He says he doesn’t care about any of that.
  • She says she was scared that once Lily gets better, he wouldn’t want to stick around if he knew the real her.
  • Q26: Honey, I want nothing more than to be part of all of your lives again.–William
  • He says he’s trying to figure out how big a role he can play without on stepping on toes.
  • S says she loves Rufus but he (William) is her dad, not him.
  • Q27: Aw, Serena finally has the perfect relationship with her daddy. But will her dream come true be Rufus’ worst nightmare?–Gossip Girl
  • 90210 promo
  • Promo for Chicago on Broadway, which currently stars Matthew Settle (Rufus).
  • Blair can’t a drink. She says she’s being tortured.
  • She rants to a guy next to her.
  • He says he knows her name. He read her application today.
  • She’s confused.
  • He says this isn’t their policy but e-mails go out tomorrow so…
  • Q28: Welcome to Columbia, Blair Waldorf!–the guy
  • He shakes her hand and walks away.
  • She’s dumbfounded.
  • Q29: Woah, you okay? You got crazy eyes.–Nate
  • Q30: Oh my god. I can’t believe he actually did it. Months ago Chuck joked about applying for you. Said you had too much pride to do it. NYU was a mistake for you. Looks like he actually did something right for once.–Nate
  • Wow. David kinda sorta did that for Dylan on the original 90210.
  • Rufus didn’t go to the event and neither did Eric.
  • Eric tells Rufus that he shouldn’t trust William and that Rufus is better for his mom than all of her past husbands combined.
  • Elliott walks in. Eric is surprised to see him.
  • Elliott says his dad (William) told him he was free tonight.
  • Q31: It’s okay to be mad at him, Eric, but it’s okay to let him try to make it right, too.–Rufus
  • Q32: “Okay, I’m headed out. With me luck.” “You don’t need it. You’re the one for her.”–Rufus and Eric
  • I wish we saw more of their relationship.
  • Rufus walks in as someone is giving a speech.
  • Holland comes up but he brushes her aside.
  • Lily is surprised to see him.
  • He says he doesn’t care about earlier. He just wants to be with her. They kiss.
  • William sees from across the room.
  • Jenny is there now, too.
  • Jenny tells Chuck it’s amazing how good Lily looks.
  • Chuck says Lily is the picture of  health. He’s realizing something is up.
  • William takes the podium.
  • Everyone applauds.
  • Q33: I had another speech prepared for you this morning but then my beautiful daughter Serena came to me and she was so honest and brave and it made me realize I needed to be honest too….I never quite realized til now that the greatest sacrifice was of my family….I made the biggest mistake on my life walking out on and I will do everything in my power to make it up to you, to make it right again. Because I love you.–William
  • Q34: My, oh, my. Did Dr. Van Der Woodsen just make a public pass at someone’s wife? Looks like this doctor without borders needs some boundaries.–Gossip Girl
  • Lily tells Rufus he was right about William but he doesn’t need to worry.
  • Rufus says she needs to find a new doctor.
  • Lily says she understands that he doesn’t trust him but he should trust her.
  • Rufus says they can table it for tonight and just go home.
  • A girl confronts Jenny and calls her a bitch.
  • The drugs Jenny sold her didn’t get her high. They gave her an infection.
  • Rufus overhears.
  • Jenny says she can explain.
  • Rufus says they are going home…to Brooklyn.
  • Dan goes to V’s dorm room.
  • She wants to know what couldn’t wait. She has to meet the CNN lady.
  • He wants her to take the internship. She shouldn’t make the decision based on fear.
  • Whatever happens, he says, they’ll figure it out.
  • She kisses him and thanks him.
  • He says he has stationary for her. So they can write hand-written letters.
  • She starts to cry that she’ll miss him so much.
  • He says she won’t if she misses the meeting and tells her to go.
  • She smiles and leaves but Dan is not happy.
  • Q35: Listen carefully, S. If Holland has a tale to tell, listen carefully. Her upstairs neighbor has been coming downstairs.–Gossip Girl
  • Q36: I heard what you said in your speech and if you want to fight for mom, you should do it.–Serena
  • Jenny uses BING (duh!) and searches “cancer.” Way to be vague, J.
  • Blair goes up to the girls and says they had misinformation.
  • She will be attending Columbia in the fall.
  • They ask if she wants to live with them.
  • She says she doesn’t live with he help.
  • Q37: You wanted to see a Blair Waldorf take-down? Cross me again and you will.–Blair
  • Blair texts Chuck “Thank you.”
  • Jenny calls Chuck. She says she’s not a doctor, obvi, but there’s something not right about Lily’s medicine.
  • At home, Eric is telling Lily about Elliott.
  • Serena and William walk in. S thought William could join them for coffee.
  • Eric says it’s okay.
  • The phone rings. Serena gets it. It’s Rufus.
  • He asks for Lily. Serena says she’s really tied and she’ll let her know that she called.
  • Eric thanks William for setting up his date with Elliott.
  • Lily asks who called. Serena says it was Blair.
  • Ugh, S. I can’t believe you did that after Jenny just did it you. Awful.
  • Q38: She says family are the people who will always take you in. But what if instead they shut the door? Or even worse, let someone take your place. Whattya say, Serena? Who’s your daddy?–Gossip Girl
  • Preview: S tells Bl that she thinks Rufus cheated, Nate says the only way to clean up a mess is to find out the truth, Holland tells someone that they really need to speak to William Van Der Woodsen, Serena tells William she needs to know the truth.

Those are my thoughts. What’s yours?



16 responses

4 05 2010

I’m not digging this Haley s/l. As someone who has, unfortunately, had to go through losing my mother, it just rings so over-dramatic (yes, I know this is a drama). She has gone from grieving to being mentally unstable in less than two episodes and I would only buy it if she had a history of mentally illness. People go through this every day, and very few actually have a breakup with reality. That’s just my .02.

4 05 2010

The Brulian bathtub scene reminded me of the Naley bathtub scene from season 3… it was cute.

4 05 2010
Joe and Sara

Omg!!! This episode was the best episode of gossip girl in a long time:) Chuck and Lilly’s scene and Rufus and Eric’s scene was great but Rufus and Eric’s was bit to short.Jenny and Serena fighting was cool. Blair and Chuck were acting their age so that was awesome. Blair the bitch is back!!! Daddy VDw is interesting. Love the family conflict with the VDw’s vs Humphrys. However, there could of been less Danessa. Other than that the episode was brilliant and vintage gossip girl.

4 05 2010

i LOVE your blog, i cant believe how you report all this from LIVE tv
and i love ALL the shows you cover. Impressive. And thanks, really…

4 05 2010

I’m pretty sure Julian loaned Alex his watch when she was self-conscious about her scars in 7×13. It was to help her cover them, I think.

Also, I think the OTH writers have something against Haley’s instruments. First it was Nathan destroying the keyboard in 2×13, now this piano fire. 🙂 All that aside though, I’m a little worried about Haley…

4 05 2010

I think that they could have made Haley’s storyline better, I mean her reaction to the mom’s death. I wanted her to be bitchy andstuff but she’s just acting weird to me.

4 05 2010

Sane: I’m kind of with you, kind of not. It did seem a bit melodramatic but it’s not impossible. Either way, I’ll give props to Joy’s acting and that’s about it. Not a good storyline, IMO.

Alyssa: I was thinking that, too. It was cute…but sort of bothers me as it’s just another “repeat” and we’ve had soooo many this season.

Joe and Sara: *Loved* the Lily/Chuck and Rufus/Eric scenes. Best part of the episode for me. And you’re right, the Rufus/Eric one was a bit short. I hope we’ll get some more. I don’t have any siblings but the Serena-Jenny fight seemed so “sisters” to me. I liked it. I don’t think bitch Blair really went anywhere. Sure, she’s been sad the past few weeks but Blair has been quite a bitch to quite a few people this season. Danessa…I don’t know. I don’t know what to say about them. And maybe that in and of itself says something.

shivangi, thank you so much. I’m humbled by our comment. I’m not sure how I do it all either but makes me feel good knowing people like you are reading.

Trai: I remember Alex being concerned about her scars but I must’ve missed/forgotten the watch part. Thanks for the info. Interesting theory about Haley’s instruments, lol! I think we can be worried about Haley but need to put it in perspective: I don’t think the show is going to do anything permanently detrimental to their main character.

Wes: I don’t if I rather see Haley being bitchy. I just feel like–and unfortunately this is also true of other things this season–the storyline isn’t jiving with what we know from the past.

4 05 2010

OTH: I really like Bethany Joy’s acting, but that storyline totally bores me. And Josh is gay–lol. Figures, huh? I thought it was a nice twist. That Katie/Clay stuff is so ridiculous. Come on! That’s just…ugh. Seems so fake. I really like the person Alex is becoming. I dont have really anything much to say about Victoria/Alexander….its just boring. (I say that too much.) Same with the Mouth/Lauren/Skillz drama. Man, that is dry. Next week’s promo didn’t thrill me, nothing I’m looking forward to. When I saw Haley jump into the pool, I rolled my eyes. GG:Jenny irks me! What is her deal? It doesn’t help that Taylor Momsen seems like her twin IRL. Why did she try to seduce Nate–I’m lost. (OT, her extensions are gross) I wonder why she leaves in the season later. Dan/Vanessa: I knew once she changed her mind about the internship she would change her mind again because she was already confirmed as one of the female leads who were leaving. I miss Dan and Serena! I do not like D&V as a couple. And i didn’t know Chuck and Lily were close. Thats so sweet!

4 05 2010

Alexandra: As someone who could not stand Alex at the start of the season, she has come a long way. Do I wish there was less focus on her? Yes. But I do love Jana Kramer. Jenny irks me, too. She tried to seduce Nate because she wants him for herself. I’m not entirely certain Jessica won’t be in the first few episodes back next season. Her character may just be away for the summer and the media spinned it as a lead leaving. Even so, Jessica/Vanessa isn’t in every episode anyway to begin with so it’s not a big change. But spin spin spin, says the media. I love Nate and Serena but I’m a big Dan and Serena fan, too. I wonder who will truly be the “endgame.” They don’t spent a lot of time on Chuck and Lily but I love it when they do.

5 05 2010

I’m kind of thinking/hoping we will get a proper Dan/Serena/Nate triangle next season. I feel like there is a lot of potential there, especially now that Nate and Dan have become such good friends and although I ultimately would like to see Serenate together I want some relationship drama, pining, lust etc. … it kinded of urked me how N and S were just together when we got back from hiatus and how cool Dan was with it.

5 05 2010

I was irked by that, too. I wanted to not only see reactions from Dan, Vanessa and Blair, but also had S and N finally got together. Where we started at 3.13 was not where we left off at 3.12, and though I guess it saved them time, I felt a bit cheated. I am such a sucker for pining and lust. I think I would very much like to see a Dan/Serena/Nate triangle but I worry about how they’ll do it. (And how the Dan-Serena stepsibling stuff will be handled again.)

5 05 2010

this haley thing… is SOOOO weird!
I dont understand why Haley is getting mad at Jamie for stupid things.. and pushing Nathan away.
And to be honest. if Haley were to become an alcoholic. I wud think that is really stupid cuz like.. when Nathan had his drinking problems.. we saw her watch him in disgust… of it..
SO i dunno.. One Tree Hill for me.. is getting quite boring..
like.. example… Brooke.. and Julian.. are FINE!!!???!!!! LIKE?? thats weird.. considering that the last 10 episodes have been them.. at each others throats.. JUST.. like her and Lucas before…
AND… haley and Nathan storyline.. isnt believable..
Quinn and Clay.. are like the only ones with a proper storyline..
AND.. like.. wtf??? Grubbs… and w.e her name is?? LIKE.. thats SOOOO weiirdd

Im not liking Serena… there showing this side of her.. that is kind of different.. I dont like that she doesnt appreciate Rufus.. and she is tryin break Lily and Rufus up!
I dont get the Jenny storyline.. ??…??… HOW? does she figure there is somethign weird about the medication? she dealt drugs.. does that make her an expert pharmacist???
I LOVED the BLAIR.. and CHUCK… storyline.. i felt it was nice… it was a discrete and captivating way to get the audience to watch..
SERENA and NATE???? wtf? does she not realize regardless of EVERYTHING.. nate still chose to spend his time with Jenny.. and even though Jenny tricked him… i still think its weird.. that Nate and Serena… are okay. again??…
Dan… and Vanessa?…. im getting sooo tired of them.. they have the same problem EVERY episode… and besides.. they are SOOOOO isolated.. from everybody else… in the show…
Lily and Rufus.. was a good storyline.. cuz we havent yet seen tht love triangle.. with William… I just dont like how Serena is getting involved..

put some excitement.. into it… they arent in highschool.. they shudnt be fighting over a girl… and.. throw a stump into Brooke and Julians relationship.. cuz so far we have seen that their professional lives are where the obstacles occur..

5 05 2010

Ev, you don’t have to apologize for being cynical or critical. You are entitled to your opinion and we welcome all opinions here. =) While I don’t like the Haley storyline, I think they are trying to show that she is not in the right mental state due to her mother’s death, hence her weird behavior. And while I’m happy Brulian is back together, I don’t like that it took Brooke apologizing for them to get to this point, since Julian had things to apologize for, too. I’m not sure what makes Quinn and Clay’s storyline proper to you. Regardless, I don’t care much for Clay and I care even less for Quinn, plus I’m tired of the psycho storylines and I think this has ruined the Clay-Sara storyline, so I’m not happy with at all. As far as Grubbs and Miranda go…just a waste of screentime. I do agree the writing has gotten lazy for OTH (which is one reason why I think it shouldn’t be renewed). I can sort of understand the little girl in Serena wanting nothing more than mommy and daddy back together so she can have the true nuclear family she never had, I don’t like her behavior. Besides just being unrealistic, she’s not being fair to Rufus or her mother, really. No, Jenny is not an expert pharmacist. But she took Lily’s pills and gave them to that girl. And that girl had a bad reaction to them. Which indicates that Lily’s pills weren’t what the label said and what Lily thought they were. Thus, Jenny is realizing something is wrong somewhere. I guess S has forgiven and forgotten with Nate…but not with Jenny. I kind of understand it, kind of don’t. Dan and Vanessa are getting tiresome, precisely for the reasons you said: repeat problems and isolation from everyone else. I’m kind of tired of Rufus/Lily drama, too, though. I feel like it’s been non-stop since the show started.

5 05 2010

Yeah, that OTH phycho storyline ruined EVERYTHING. Its completely ridiculous and unrealistic. Clay is lame and now that you mention it, so is Quinn. WHY did they waste their time on a boring character like her? GG: Now that I realize it, you’re right, Dan and Vanessa are very isolated from everyone—they do not have much interaction w/anyone but each other. As I said b4, I was a HUGE Dan and Serena fan, even for someone who barely watches Gossip Girl. I miss them, they were sweet and awesome to me. I don’t like Serena and Nate at all, it all just seems so cheesy…They just remind me of each other? I dunno, they are just weird.

5 05 2010

Hmm, I never thought of Serena and Nate being similar like that. I do kind of see it, though. She and Dan were definitely more opposite.

10 05 2010

None of u are true OTH fans in my opinion, I love the show so much, I just want it to stay on tv…The Haley thing is a little extreme, but they are trying to make a point of her depression and her being out of character. I love that Brooke and Julian are back together, Brooke deserves to be happy she has been thru a lot; I’ m sure they will put her back into something dramatic eventually, but I think she deserves a break!…I’ am coming around to Alex’s character, she is actually trying to be a good person thanx to Julian. Victoria & Alex, I like it, it’s different but Love comes in so many different ways, and if they are happy who are we to hate on them?! As for Clay and Quinn, I like them both they are more calm characters but the storyline is not boring, its just a different kind of romance and throwing the supposed “Sarah” in the mix makes it crazy interesting. I want to see Quinn kick her a** ! I think Mouth and Lauren should be together. I Love Skills but he messed up, he lost his chance. This is real life (yes its a show but still) , not high school; be with who u want to be with, dont feel bad about falling in Love with someone. I want Grubbs & Miranda to be together, it could be like “The Proposal”, marry him so you guys can date!…Last but def. not least, JAMIE; I love that little boy, he is the best character and actor on the show, there’s too much to say about that little cutie( I want to name my future child after him lol)…Also I do miss Lucas & Peyton, I love them but I just think their storyline is finished, they have been thru so much together and apart, their happily ever after is complete 🙂

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