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19 05 2010


Please tell me that we’ve seen the last of Javier on 90210. I want Adrianna and Navid to stay together! — Amanda
MICKEY: You’ll get your wish — for now. As long as Adrianna can turn a blind eye to Navid’s shameless whoring around Bon Temps, Navianna will have its moment in the sun. But don’t forget that Ade is going on tour with Javier this summer, so there’s a pretty good chance we’ll see him again in the fall. At least that’s what pop star Diego Boneta, who plays Javier, told us.

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Hm, we were kind of left with a cliff-hanger last night: would Adrianna go on tour or not go on tour? Is this our answer?



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19 05 2010

The Javier plot was silly. Did it really take that just for Navianna to come together again?

19 05 2010

It was silly, and if they were going to do it at all, I wish they waited and did it sometime in the future. I really don’t get why they just didn’t have Giadrianna continue along and still build to the Navianna reunion.

19 05 2010
Mark O. Estes (theanticritic)

I agree with both of you. The way they hyped up Giadrianna was reminiscent of Alex and Marissa on The O.C., which fell flat as well, but not as badly as the Giadrianna storyline did. I was left with a sorta bitter taste in my mouth after the finale last night…

19 05 2010

It was somewhat reminiscent of Alex and Marissa but I liked Giadrianna more. They hyped it up and I was presently surprised at how it developed…and then it crashed and burned, leaving that bitter taste in my mouth. Didn’t quite have that with the finale, but I wasn’t happy with it either.

19 05 2010

Serge Menken would MAKE her go on tour.

19 05 2010

LOL. I’ve assumed Serge was fired years ago, is now bald and living in a trailer somewhere.

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