Weekly Poll

19 05 2010

In the last Weekly Poll, 46 percent were intrigued by a Alex-Chase pairing on One Tree Hill. Almost equal amounts–28 percent and 26 percent–didn’t want it or were mixed, respectively. There were similarly close results in the Gossip Girl poll, where 49 percent want to see Dan and Serena reunite and 41 percent don’t want to. Another 10 percent were mixed. A whopping 72 percent weren’t digging the Javianna storyline on 90210, believing Navid would be much better. Just 9 percent thought Javier was a good fit and 19 percent doesn’t want Adrianna with Javier OR Navid.

I most likely won’t be doing a Weekly Poll during the summer hiatus.

Stay tuned for individual show surveys to evaluate the season and then a survey pitting each show’s results head-to-head.

You can check out last  year’s evaluation in the meantime.



One response

20 05 2010

On the topic of the Jenny-Chuck storyline, I felt both entertained and disgusted, so I guess I’m torn…but because I’m torn, I’m still trying to process it! Did you see this article about the storyline on Jezebel? http://jezebel.com/5541707/gossip-girl-is-very-confused-about-sex

I thought it was fairly thought-provoking, and the author brought up several of the reasons I felt strangely about the storyline: it seemed pretty clear that the sex was consensual, though Jenny *is* only 16 (which is pretty much the borderline of consent in most states–but Chuck is, what, 19?). And yet Eric, Dan and Blair seem to act like Jenny was raped, though Blair then turns around and is blisteringly tough on Jenny (a crying 16-year-old…) for having sex with her boyfriend (when it has already been implied that he has been slutting around pretty heavily since their breakup).

The chapel scene with Jenny and Eric kind of raised red flags for me because Jenny consented to the sex and knew she was losing her virginity, and although she’s young I feel like it’s not quite fair to blame Chuck for the whole thing (or allow Eric to believe Chuck raped/”took advantage of” her), especially when she knows exactly what he’s like. And I can feel my skin crawling for even saying something like that because it sounds like victim-blaming and excusing rape-y behavior (WHICH I HATE), but I don’t feel that Jenny is necessarily a victim here–of anything but her own terrible judgement. Because, really, if she wanted her first time to be special why would she willingly waste it on Chuck?

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